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Quote from Prime Hunter:
Interesting way for them to put in a standardized low percent with how they handled hard mode. At least then you won't accidentally pick one up or be forced to grab any that could be in the way. (If there are any like that.)

there's at least 1 "bob" etank near the start for normal mode. at least enemies do the same damage in hard mode here.

edit: i tested more about the clock and it looks like it doesn't include cutscene times at all. i was thrown off because i forgot about the training session when i recalled what i did when i started the file before saving.

there's something else that differentiates normal from hard mode. in normal, if an enemy deals you a blow that would kill you, you stop at 1 HP and then need to receive another hit to die. in hard, you die right away if the hit is enough to take away all your remaining HP.
Ouch. I'm suddenly getting flashes of some of the SM hacks I've seen/played where enemies are even more deadly than the ones in Fusion are. Well, we wanted a hard Metroid game, right? I think we just got one.
I like turtles.
I didn't want a hard Metroid.  I wanted a non-linear one.  But I digress.

I'll probably end up at least attempting a Hard Mode run at some point.
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ouch, i don't want to fight nightmare on HARD... the metroid other M one makes the fusion like a walk in the park....
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Ridley is a bitch to beat in hard mode. almost all his attacks are one hit kills. the fight where i beat him was practically perfect (i wish i recorded it)
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I think that hard mode idea seems really cool. It's nice to have some of the team ninja-level hardness still in this game.
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kesvalk: 2010-08-30 10:39:46 pm
kesvalk: 2010-08-30 10:39:04 pm
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even some normal enemies have attacks that take more than one energy tank, like that, thing, on sector 1 that chews you with his butt...

it remembers me of giginox from MH tri...
Merry Christmas
Ok, I just completed. Over 10 Hours. Item Collection: 21%
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lol, i completed with 51%

lowest score of items for the entire series for me (counting first time plays)
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hmm i think there will be a problem with hard mode runs.

i just finished my run and the game didn't save like the normal mode file to let me do the post game stuff. it also didn't give me a final time since the final time is displayed on your save and this one is only up to the very last save before the final boss. looks like hard mode runs will need to be timed manually because of this (unless watching some cutscene triggers the game clear but i beat the game again and watched the final cutscene and still, same result)

btw, i have 3:57 at the very last save.
Quote from Turtle:
I didn't want a hard Metroid.  I wanted a non-linear one.

Yeah, I can agree with that. All of us wanted a non-linear game, but at this point it's hard to see Nintendo doing another game like Super, Prime, or ZM again with the way the series has been evolving over the years.

And maybe I'm thinking of something/somewhere else as far as difficulty goes. Could've sworn that there were quite a few people around here who wanted a harder Metroid than we've had with the more recent installments. As for me, I welcome the added challenge as long as it doesn't interfere with how fun the game is in the end. I'll take a fun game that's easy over a challenging game that frustrates me to no end and prevents me from enjoying the experience any day. From what it sounds like Other M should be a good balance of the two, at least on normal difficulty.

And that's really disappointing if that's the case with hard difficulty, but we've gotten around it before with the original Metroid so if we have to we'll time ourselves again.
Wouldn't you only need to time from the last save to game clear, then add that to the time your last save states?
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Quote from Prime Hunter:
Could've sworn that there were quite a few people around here who wanted a harder Metroid than we've had with the more recent installments.


The one thing that might not disappoint me!
My time and item & after the final ending.

10:23 100%

As for hard mode my time was 3:40 before the last fight. I really wanted another difficulty level since it's a Team Ninja game.
Quote from PizzaBoy:
Wouldn't you only need to time from the last save to game clear, then add that to the time your last save states?

Yeah, no big deal. That would be all of what, 20 minutes tops? I won't know until I get the game in about an hour or so.
I wonder if the time adds up everytime you retry a part where you died.

I mean I don't know if the time adds up if you restart from a checkpoint and from a save station. Or only from the checkpoint.
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i don't think it adds up. i died a lot against Ridley and Nightmare and yet my time was under 4 hours at the last save (i played for over 8 hours according to the Wii's game log)

the hard mode here is the kind where you want to keep trying until you kill the boss because it feels that you just need to know his pattern good enough to win. at least that's how i felt.

yeah, adding up the time it takes to do the final stuff to the time at the save would be the best option. it's just that it would be the first time something like that is done at SDA since they disregard the timer for games that don't give a final time. i guess we could try the final sequence in normal mode skipping the cutscenes to see how much it takes and compare the final time the game gives you to the manual timings.
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way to go and spoil everyone uchihasasuke! how about put a spoiler tag?
Got the game earlier today, just finished it... 7:58:41, 35%.

Pretty short. Overall, I liked it. Better than I was expecting from the reviews, still feels like a Metroid game imo. Spoilery stuff:

Didn't realize that one boss was Nightmare til reading through here lol. Queen Metroid fight was fun, but the ending was pretty anticlimactic overall... I was expecting to go through something like Tourian and fight Mother Brain and then Adam ruined it :( Sucky that there wasn't even a final boss. Also those parts where you're supposed to look at something really tiny onscreen were total shit. The one after Lyle died took me a really fucking long time, like 30 minutes or so. Aside from that the only thing that was really frustrating was getting lost in the Pyrosphere at one point because the map was so difficult to read, and the final "fight" right before the ending - kept running out of missiles when I tried to use Supers, and when I decided to try switching to normal missiles the game absolutely refused to let me lock onto the right enemy. Really annoying.

Gonna go for 100% now and maybe stream my next playthrough if anyone's interested in watching - I have a much much better streaming setup now.
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kesvalk: 2010-08-31 10:00:47 pm
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i can't believe you didn't reconigze him, i mean, you played fusion right?
i had a lot more dificulty recgonizing phantom, he is too big here, and i only recgonized him because of the blue fireballs

and yea, the "find the tiny mark on a far way wall, that have absolutely no importance" thing is really bad.
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Aruki: 2010-08-31 10:03:05 pm
well I recognize him now, just didn't at first. yeah I played Fusion, not in a long long time though.

... tbh I barely recognized any of the bosses. aside from queen metroid. i gotta play through again...

and agreed, i don't understand why they kept that in the game if they playtested it even one time.
Don't tell me you barely recognized Ridley?!? aiwebs_016

Does anyone feel that phantoom might play a larger role than we thought? I mean the GF were able to reproduce Mother Brain's Wavelength to control the metroids and in post-credit stuff. He must have sensed the wavelength.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
erm, i thought people posting in the best times thread had beaten the game already. sorry if i spoiled anything but i didn't think i'd need that here.
Meh the thread title doesn't have a spoiler warning so it's probably better to use tags for a while.
I've already encountered a few physics glitches. I've got a feeling that Other M will be ripe with secret world opportunities.