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Route planning is still going to be a pain, though.  I still don't know how to approach a 100% run in this game.

So no other thoughts on the Escape Run?
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Got to last save of Hard Mode in 04:42:59. After hearing about the final boss being a problem, I didn't find it all that tough. O_o The boss after Super Missiles/Plasma Beam had been a real pain, though. Same for its previous form.
Just finished up another 100% attempt. This time in 5:13:14 using save segments. I think under 5 is possible with better room strats but for the most part, every boss strat worked well. The hardest thing about this run is IMO the Sector 1 clean up after credits. I'm not sure how optimized you can be with the collection route but it can be a pain to work out. Is anyone else working on 100% runs?
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Hitaka: 2010-09-23 10:36:03 pm
4:05:11 25%

God damn it. Next time I'm only getting 4 optional missiles to round out the Bob missile and get 3 supers between Concentrations. I get the E-tanks so on Phantoon I can shoot after every sensemove even if it means taking some hits from the eye flames.

Has anyone got sub-4 through the escape yet?

Wulfgearr, I posted a couple rather long descriptions of cleanup routes a few pages back.
The only thing I did differently on my clean up was waiting to clean up the super missile hill and pick ups around the breeding room. I finished those up last after coming from Bioweapons Research. That hill screws up the whole route.
Quote from Hitaka:
Has anyone got sub-4 through the escape yet?

I came pretty close on the run I just finished, but not closer than you did.

03:57:27 Pt 1, 04:17:54 Pt 2, 7% items.

I do have good news though: The time listed on your file after finishing Phantoon and the escape sequence UPDATES from whatever time you have upon reaching that final save point right before Phantoon's room. I had a 04:09:xx when I got there since I backed out to check my time, and when I got through the end and came back to the menu the time had changed to what I posted above. So it looks like for normal runs through the complete ending we'll be able to determine our final times easily enough from now on.

It's funny though, because I started messing up late in my run and I know a lot of the later boss fights could've been much better on my part. Yet this is my best finish according to my records, so I'm trying to figure out where the difference came from.
5:16:19, normal, 26 percent.
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KingBroly: 2010-09-25 07:04:37 pm
100% in 5:39:41 (4:48:XX before the post-game).  If I didn't get stuck in a few places, it would've been below 5:30.  I also had quite a few horrible boss fights (Ridley, Queen and Phantoon).  I also didn't skip cutscenes (but that doesn't matter).  I think I have very good Biosphere/Pyrosphere routes mapped out (Biosphere one I'm going to have to readjust and try it).  I had 56% or 57% before the post-game, too.  But that might be a bit much.
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Zeke: 2010-09-26 03:07:19 am
Time bomb set get out fast!
Just finished my first 3%, which was also my first playthrough in one sitting. Final time: 4:28:26 before the postgame. (I hope to update that with a final time later, but it won't be tonight; I just went a few rounds with the true final boss, and I can definitely beat him, but it's gonna take a while.)

I think 3% is gonna be very popular. It's a good challenge, but not so hard that it's out of reach for the average player. By far the biggest annoyance is the lack of Accel Charges. Samus' default charge isn't bad compared to past games, but if you're used to a faster one in this game, you'll find a lot of fights harder.
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KingBroly: 2010-09-26 04:07:09 am
Okay, wow at this:  4:05:28, 52%

And I did horrible in quite a few places (died twice, three segments).

First or second ending?
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KingBroly: 2010-09-26 05:55:51 am
KingBroly: 2010-09-26 05:40:45 am
KingBroly: 2010-09-26 05:40:28 am
KingBroly: 2010-09-26 04:24:49 am
KingBroly: 2010-09-26 04:07:51 am
First ending.  It's just the high percentage of item collection that blows me away by it.

100% in 5:13:03 :\  Good thing I copied the save just in case I'd want to try again.  Yeah, Sub 5 hours is possible; probably not on this save file though.  Sigh.

Yeah, not doable on this save file because of one item I missed.  Dang.
Out of Phazon seeds.
5:05:09, 100%, Normal

I have a habit not retrying segments unless they go horribly bad. Sub 5 hours is definitely possible.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-27 06:50:39 pm
3:58:14 15% through second ending. Sub-4 is done.

This is the first time I've ever been the first to break a milestone time and hold the record. Yay. Though I'm sure someone will surpass me before long.

Now I think I'll try sub-5 100%.
niiice, grats.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-27 07:17:08 pm
Hitaka: 2010-09-27 07:13:53 pm
I suppose I should expand upon what I got and did. 5 missiles, 5 E-tanks, and 5 accel charges. The fifth is the one in the main sector that you need the wave beam to get. It's on the way to Phantoon. All the E-tanks are right in your path and were useful in ignoring damage in the Phantoon fight, where I almost died.

Lots of morph ball rolling and shinesparking. I did the first shinespark in the desert room to get to the hologram shutdown console, but I think rather than doing a second shinespark to reach the door, I think it's faster to shoot the crane arm with a single missile and then just grapple to the door. It only takes one missile from the starting position. I did the shinespark to skip most of the stairs in the next big room too. I did the charge shot backblast jump to skip raising the round bridge in that Sector 2 room, and the shinespark to skip one of the rotating cylinders in Sector 2. Ignored the second tree-spider in Sector 1, which is quite easy to do.

Boss fights were pretty clean and quick. Nightmare 2 is a breeze with the accel charges, even with needing a concentration. He throws so many slow-moving balls at you you can freeze his gravity generator within seconds by spamming sensemove. Nightmare 1 also went flawlessly.
I found that for Ridley, it takes six charge shots before he gets stunned and you can shoot him in the throat, so you can tell when you need him on the ground by keeping count.
For the lava whale, charge shots do much more damage than missiles. I think he takes more damage the closer you are, too, because it does a lot more when I shoot him point-blank after fishing him out with the grapple.
Rhedogian was generous with his red-eye laser, for lots of lethal striking him. I noticed that sometimes he starts to do it, but then stops and punches you. I think that happens when you're too close to him.
Phantoon really wasn't perfect. He didn't give me a chance to lethal strike him for some reason. But I checked my time before I fought him and had plenty, so I let it go.
Metroid Queen... the Metroid phase went very fast and I'm not sure how. She earthquaked before I could kill the second one of the second wave, and then I had four to deal with. But they all died relatively fast even though most of the time when I was firing super missiles, they weren't all frozen. This makes me wonder if they CAN be hurt by missiles while unfrozen, and the Seekers that went off when I fired supers on frozen'troids did them in.

And for the escape, I got 2:34:xx, so it was pretty close to the record.

Here's what I didn't do. I didn't do any of Paraxade's horizontal bomb jump shortcuts, or his quick way to get up the long slope in Sector 2. So I definitely didn't get near the optimal time.
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KingBroly: 2010-09-28 01:05:55 am
Rhedogian will cancel his red eye laser if you get too close to him.  It's how I beat him on hard mode until I found out that was his 'missile now' moment.

Record for Escape is 2:36:65.  Trust me when I say those 2 seconds aren't easy to get.  It took me 3 weeks to figure out how to get them.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-28 01:48:23 am
Picture because, why not. Proof is always nice to have and I don't have the equipment to record anything. Quality sucks but you can still make it out.
That reminds me Hitaka. If your going to try for the sub 5 100%, I've tried many paths through Sector 1 clean-up and I found that the most efficient way MAY (keyword MAY) be this pathing. This pathing was taken in real time mind you. First off, start with Seeker Room and grab everything on the way (even the missile tank you speed boost too after the butterfly thing). DO NOT take morph ball shoot, instead bomb jump (only takes ~4-5 bombs) and continue collecting the energy part along the way. Continue through the tunnel and grab the missile behind the super missile door. I usually leave the missile in the room with the elevator drop to compensate for the speed booster missile a little bit ahead. (I wish you could kick climb in order to reach it but you can't) There is a quick path through the Biological Experiment Room (aka Ki-hunter boss room). Run left of the normal pathing to the first branch (position is everything) and shinespark/space jump to the top. Continue collecting everything near the Exam Center etc and drop by Bioweapons Research Center for quick clean up. Then continue onward up the spiral and on your way down the hill open the super missile door. (Also note I leave the missile tank in the room AFTER you first meet Ridley to collect NOW) Speed boost your way back up to grab that then finish clean up. Mind you I've only tested this a few times, but the fastest time I've managed (real time) is ~23 minutes compared to ~24 even ~25 minutes for other routes. Feel free to test it out!
That sounds pretty good, but I think the best route may be to go to the Diffusion Beam area, get the two items there, then go back to the main path where you get the Seekers and continue on. Go up the ramp and into the area with the slope and Ridley's side-area, then go to the three-way nav room. From there take the path towards the Diffusion area, but exit the morph ball tunnel to get the energy part in the waterfall room, then jump down and go back to the three-way nav room and proceed to the Kihunter hive and the rest of the sector.
I hit an unfrozen Metroid with a Missile once.

It bounced off.
They should use Metroids to make watches, clearly.
...They'll break easily in the winter.
Sector Zero Metroid Watches!

2:36:45 on the Escape Run.  I think I might continue this new route.