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4:15:26, 17%

No skips, a couple of failed skips, and bad boss fights near the end of the game.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Hey Paraxade, what do you think the optimal percentage for any % runs is going to be? Is it that 6%?
not really... 2% is the minimum, I don't think you'll really need anything else except maybe a couple accel charges if they're in the way (a couple of them are).
How do you handle the last optional boss on such a low %. He easily eats up 4-5 e-tanks for me. It'd be the only thing stopping me from not doing a 100% run right now.

I got 5:59 100% last night but spent like 20-30 minutes trying to do Paraxades bomb jump where you first fight the tree monster. Still couldn't get it sadly >_<
For the last optional boss, you should just dodge a lot and only shoot when you have 1-2 eyes coming towards you, otherwise you're going to get hit.
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Aruki: 2010-09-04 07:35:08 pm
Aruki: 2010-09-04 07:34:49 pm
3:53:45 8%. Was actually like 2:40 in real time. (started at 4:50 and finished at 7:30)
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it's kinda weird that this is the first Metroid game where the final time of a run is greater than the actual time spent playing it.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I don't understand the logic behind this. But I guess I don't understand the logic behind anything in Other M.

So what time do we use then? Real time or game time? I would guess game time, since that's going to be the most consistent measurement between players. Kinda sucks, though.
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Aruki: 2010-09-04 07:58:49 pm
Second ending: 4:14:25. (took an extra 15-20 minutes)

Quote from Toozin:
So what time do we use then? Real time or game time? I would guess game time, since that's going to be the most consistent measurement between players. Kinda sucks, though.

I think the simplest way to get a time that doesn't include the cutscenes is to have someone manually time all of the skippable ones and then subtract it from whatever time the game gives us... don't think anyone's wanted to go to the trouble so far though, can't really blame them either :P I guess SDA would go by the ingame timer though :/
I'd say real time because game time includes cutscene time even though they're skipped.  I'd say rough estimates for all the cutscenes that can be skipped are about 45-50 minutes (If you compared Wii time to game time).  We also have to determine a stopping point since it most likely includes that first post-game cutscene and saves after that.

Paraxade, what's your best escape run time?  I've gotten the clock to stop at 2:34:XX, but I think 2:35:XX is possible, but it'd be really close.
I've barely played the escape.
It's easier (more verifiable) to use in-game time. The amount of time added by the cutscenes will be the same for everyone anways.  It just has to be known (and hated) by everyone that they decided to make the game that way.
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6:16:03 100%

Obviously the actual time spent playing was significantly less.
Quote from Paraxade:
3:53:45 8%. Was actually like 2:40 in real time. (started at 4:50 and finished at 7:30)
Hehe, I see the reason for that. Other M tries to be bigger than it is.
Just finished hard for the first time with 04:17:39 at the final save. And I forgot to post it, but my 100% roundup of my first game was 10:35:29.

Other than the bosses (that evil flying bug that shows up FOUR times in the game specifically!) Hard mode wasn't that bad overall. (By the way, I'm pretty sure the times don't count deaths like it was believed at one point, since I died a TON to that bug in particular.) That's the same thing that happens to me on any low% run in the series, so at least I'm consistent. Found a few new tricks against some of them that should aid me when I go back to do a speedrun of Normal soon.
The Theater actually shows you quick ways to stun/deal more damage to almost every enemy in the game.
lol no way
So my first finish, I had a  save with roughly 11:23 and 51%. I got 100%, and my save closest to the room you start the ending sequence at, is at 16:35 or so. I just started a hard mode game and skipping the cutscenes is really just great.
100% in 6:07:14 (From my 4:15:26 17% run).
100% in 5:28:04. I finished the main game in 4:14 with ... 58% I think? I can't recall the % =/

Since I'm not great at enemy encounters (finishing them quickly) and this was basically a single segment (as in no restarts), I'm thinking less than 5 hours with 100% using the intended route the game gives you is easily manageable.
First time round, I finished at somewhere between 7 and 8 hours (I'll clarify the time later) with 50%.

I expected more cutscene and dialogue, if I'm honest.
What luck, there's french fry stuck in my beard.
One more quick one, 5:26:52 with 100%.
28% 9:51.  I'd go for 100% or do another playthrough but my wii stopped reading all my wii discs from leaving it on all day yesterday while doing other stuff (had to finish the game on my little brothers wii).

Overall its a pretty good game.  I absolutely hated the first part until you leave sector 1 and almost wanted to just stop playing completely, but it got much better after that.  A bit disappointed by its length though.

Also, lol at skipping cutscenes counting towards your time.
3:58:xx 0% run on hard mode...well, up to Metroid Queen anyway. For some reason the game won't save for me after the credits, so it looks like Metroid Queen is as far as I can go for "hard mode" unless I'm mistaken. I played all day and had a bunch of bad decisions made and some pretty bad boss fights. I bet I can lower it to 3:40:xx without too much trouble. Also, if you are lucky enough, the Gravity Boss from Fusion can be defeated before he uses his black hole attack; this saves a lot of time!
I managed to get Nightmare's second form before the black hole as well through the use of a bunch of super missiles.

And yeah, hard mode ends once you defeat the queen. As someone else suggested, it may have been because they thought the post-credits segment would be too difficult to defeat. (With all of those PB guardian creatures I'd agree - I hate those things)
What luck, there's french fry stuck in my beard.
Yeah, Nightmare's second fight can be done really really quickly, provided you have copious amounts of missiles.