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I like turtles.
I loved having as many missiles as I did in late game, though.  For the second
battle, I was able to stay in first person and spam Super Missiles the whole time.  I'm pretty sure I would've had a harder time of it if I only had ten to work with.
Not really. I was able to get him with about 5-6 supers relatively quickly even when I only had 10 total missiles. Either I was just really fast at reloading them and firing them back at him, or else it's not as much of an issue as you'd expect it to be.
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noah-x: 2010-09-11 06:03:20 pm
Yep, you can keep concentrating with no problem between the two walls you use to wall-jump. It only works when he is not shooting things, obviously.
Difficulty: Hard Mode
Percentage: LOL
Time: 4:XX:XX

I'll check my file again.
Did another playthrough, 4:41 16% (about 3:30 real time).  Might try a few more times.
Normal, 4:33:xx, 15%, both bosses beaten. Will do a segmented optimized run next, with morphball rolling, less pickups, and awesome boss fights.
Anywhere, everywhere
100%, 12:37

This game was actually quite a bit better than I had expected. Still nowhere near the greats of the series, though.
I like to go fast!
5:31:32 on hard was my last save time, 20 minutes more than that I suppose. I watch some of the cutscens cuz I thought they all added time to the clock wether you skipped them or not.
Quote from Muteki:
5:31:32 on hard was my last save time, 20 minutes more than that I suppose. I watch some of the cutscens cuz I thought they all added time to the clock wether you skipped them or not.

They do.
Finished my first speed run of Normal. 04:16:32 after Pt 1, 04:38:44 before end of Pt 2. 6% total. (3 E Tanks, 2 Missiles, 1 Accel Charge) The extra missile is because I was going too fast in one of the morph ball areas and ran right into it before I knew what had happened.

Gotta say, that last battle is a lot more exciting when you are dodging attacks left and right and blasting every chance you get rather than standing in the middle and constantly firing without caring about damage.
Does the game fail to show you your end time anywhere except the file select screen?  If so, then you never really know your actual in-game end time after the second ending, right?
After the second ending would be your time if that's where you stopped.  However, cutscenes count towards your play time, even if you skip them.  So while Prime Hunter got ending 2 in 4:38:44, it was probably closer to 3:38.

Be wary of the first epilogue cutscene, though.  You can skip it when you first go to it.  If you stop immediately after it and come back later, it will play again.  It probably costs you time that way.
There's four Accel Charges that are right in your path through the main game. One is the slow-walk bathroom one. The other three are all pretty quick to get. The one in the Ice Beam room, the one in the rock where you fight the tree monster in sector two, and pre-Ridley.

I noticed that when the Queen Metroid swallows you, she drains your health faster in normal than hard, no doubt because in hard you'd be dead before the power bomb went off. Can you get away with just the one Bob E-tank in that part, or do you need at least two? This is more for low% than any%, since the avalanche hill tank costs no time.
Quote from Opium:
Does the game fail to show you your end time anywhere except the file select screen?  If so, then you never really know your actual in-game end time after the second ending, right?

Yeah, that is one of the things that I can clearly say bugs me about the game. There's no definitive end game screen to give you your time and percentage with either ending. (You do get a "rate for collecting items" after the escape sequence, but no time.) Judging on where that final save point is though, I'd assume you only add in about 10-15 minutes tops to whatever time is listed on the menu screen if you include the final boss, the escape run, and the cutscenes. And both times I've played normal, I put in a manual save at the ship after it lands again to check my time and write it down, so I don't think that's a problem with me.

And wow, I completely forgot where most of those accel charges were in this game. The only one I really remembered is the one next to that E-Tank before Ridley. Only reason I remember that one is because the game basically tells anyone not paying attention that things were about to get ugly when you find two items out in the open like that, regardless of the fact that I already knew he'd be there.

As far as the Queen goes, I was pretty close to death by the time she swallowed me this time around, so I think you'd be alright with just one E-Tank.
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KingBroly: 2010-09-14 02:58:36 am
Yeah, I found the Sector 2 one last night.  The Ice Beam room one might be an interesting one to get.  I wonder if you can get it before taking out that Fire Hive.

Also, 100% in under 5 hours is doable, right?
Haven't tried 100% since the first one, although this was only my 3rd playthrough of the game as a whole and only the 2nd on normal. It's possible, but we'd have to know a very good route before anyone could come close. I can definitely see under 6 hours, but 5 may be pushing it just a little, at least if everyone plays at my skill level.
I got 100% in about 6:20, and that wasn't even trying to go for 100% until after the credits.  Maybe 5 hours is a bit ambitious, but sub 5:30 is definitely possible.
Under 5:30 is much more likely, yeah. Still, I'm not the best at 100% so my estimates may not be entirely accurate.
I've never actually attempted a serious speedrun at a game besides Super before.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I may be pointing out the obvious, but you shouldn't worry about your health for the queen, as regardless of your health, you'll be refilled for the Power Bomb section.  On Hard mode, it just drains slower, so you still have time with one energy tank.  You can essentially get to the cut scene part with just 1 health remaining, and still be fine.
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Opium: 2010-09-14 05:15:18 am
Sounds like when the queen swallows you, the game takes a look at your health and begins to drain it a rate which will empty it in an amount of time just slightly longer than it takes to lay a PB.  In other words, who cares how much health you have when she swallows you, just lay a PB immediately.
6:59 100% normal.  That was my 4th playthrough and the time has come down considerably.  Still need to determine which items could/should be picked up before the clean up, and what the fastest clean up route is.  Im still not really feeling the difference in the 'short charge' trick, but looking for the best places to utilize it nonetheless.  I want to see how much I can come up with on my own before I actually watch someone else's run.  I'm also not sure if it's faster to shinespark horizontally in some places because it takes a couple seconds to regain control of samus after she hits a wall and falls back to the ground. 
Quote from KingBroly:
Yeah, I found the Sector 2 one last night.  The Ice Beam room one might be an interesting one to get.  I wonder if you can get it before taking out that Fire Hive.

No, the bomb-launcher thing doesn't activate until you clear the room.

For 100% route, I get everything that it's possible to get as you pass through rooms on the story route, unless it takes a longer time than it would later with better gear. For the cleanup, I do as follows:

Main Sector: Everything is in your path.
Sector 2: Follow the path to the big room just after you get your speed booster, go east and to the room that leads to two nav rooms. Take the upper, then go around the loop that leads back to the elevator to the main sector. Pretty simple.
Sector 1: This one is more complicated, and has multiple possible paths. First I go through the secret path in the room where you get the Seekers, that dumps you near where you got the Diffusion Beam. Get the stuff there, then take the bomb-cannon that spits you out from the puddle in the big room with the waterfall. Take the normal exit north to the three-way nav room, go east first to get that one missile behind the super missile door. Back to the nav room, through the broken door, clean up along the way until you go back to the big waterfall room via the tunnel, grab the Energy Part there. Exit south, take the detour towards Ridley's enclosure and clean up, then go back to the big central round room. Then just go north and follow the linear path to the end and back, stopping at the bioweapon research to clean up. I find it exceedingly annoying that you can't take the shaft to Sector 3 like you did the first time, as it would save backtracking as well as dump you at the beginning of Sector 3 instead of making you backtrack there from the elevator. My only concern with this route is that by going backwards up the hill with the missile above it, you have to speed boost up the hill three times. Going the other way you'd only have to do it once, but that would require a bit more backtracking.
Possible alternate route: Go to the dead end and back first, then from the big central tree room follow same route as the first time to Ridley's room, the three-way nav room, and down to the Diffusion Beam room, then through the secret path to the Seeker room. You only have to speed boost up the hill once, however I think it's a bit longer because you have to walk down the path to the Diffusion Beam, instead of going backwards and taking the cannon back to the waterfall room to avoid walking.
Sector 3: Go to the room where you saved Anthony, backtrack. Take bomb cannon to Ridley's area, go to the big lava room. Space Jump down to the door just below that leads to the tube, go to the end and back, then across the big lava room. Go around and collect stuff, following the normal path back to the big lava room, grapple back to the Ridley area, go back to the elevator. I think going through Ridley's area is faster than taking the "normal" route to the elevator, because that way you have to go up/down the volcano crater.

That one missile that's at the bottom of the elevator after you fight the Seeker guy the third time, is it possible to Shinespark to? I've tried and tried, but either the fence stops me or I slam into the wall just below it. It would save a bit of time to get it the first pass through the room, but I haven't been able to.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
One trick I found with the 100% was in the big room where you fight the giraffe spiders - or whatever they've comicly been named by us - in the swamp like room, where you're supposed to go through the long morph tracks above.  Paraxade's shortcut was in this room.  On the clean up, this is just part of the big long stoopid dead end, where you have to loop back on yourself.  When you enter here, the wall-jump area is off to your left, but you can't really speed boost there, as there are trees in the way, but if you just charge straight forward, achieve boost speed, and then spark left, it plants you right in front of the wall-jump part.
Can you do that and spark straight up to the item that's in there? Energy part or whatever it is?