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Someone previously mentioned that for Ridley, when he's stunned that if you want to play it safe, you can just wait for him to go dark then blast him with a super? I was messing around with him today and if you blast him with a super, and then charge a second super, you can get him that way as well (and not get hit). This also means he won't change until the halfway point or whatever (when that short little cutscene happens) and you have enough time to charge a super there as well. I only needed to predict one dark change this way (near the end of the fight) and it made the fight quite a bit faster. It's probably already known by quite a few of you, but I thought I'd share just the same.
You can charge it in third person and then go into first person while holding the charge to shoot it at him, so you don't really need an opportunity where it's easy to charge.
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Quote from Paraxade:
You can charge it in third person and then go into first person while holding the charge to shoot it at him, so you don't really need an opportunity where it's easy to charge.

Yeah, you can do that anywhere that requires a quick shift to first person in order to blast something with super missiles. Very useful for Ridley and Nightmare specifically.

Quote from GreenMamba:
Yeah, Nightmare's second fight can be done really really quickly, provided you have copious amounts of missiles.

It's really easy to get back missiles though using the first few seconds of concentration, so you more or less don't even need to collect missile expansions if you're fast enough at using concentration in the middle of a firefight. It's how I could blast him with supers pretty much whenever I wanted to on hard difficulty.
Anyone working on a 100% route?
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Prime Hunter: 2010-09-06 04:51:05 am
Wouldn't it be easiest to get most of them during the post game content? You can't get 100% without powerbombs, and since the areas where you need them are kinda spread around the entire game world from what I remember, you're going to be traversing a lot of ground anyway. I'm not an expert on 100% in any of the games though, so maybe I'm not the best person to answer that question.
Sorry, I mean 100% going for speed, not convenience. There's plenty of backtracking before PBs, so there are several opportunities for many items. Just wondering whether someone's already working on it.
Yeah, I kinda figured you meant for a speed run. And like I said, I'm probably not the best person to ask for this kind of thing.

Now that I think about the way the game is laid out though, I seem to remember a lot of super missile doors alongside those power bomb areas. Not to mention the amount of shinesparks that are necessary to collect most of them. So for quite a few items at least, you can't get them until mid-game at the earliest once you get the speedbooster, and even then because of the way the story cuts off areas you won't get back to some of them until much later.
I've been continuing my work on the Escape Run, and I got it to 2:34:97 is when the clock stops, so that's roughly 2:25.  The last number's a bit sketchy, but I know 2:35's within my grasps.  Maybe 2:36 is as well, but that might require perfection.
The reason they don't let you do the second ending in Hard mode is because there's hardly any reason to let you keep playing.

A single boss and an escape sequence. I think the point of the Second ending was to get 100% before seeing your completion %. And in Hard Mode, that's pointless.
Yeah, that's true I guess. It's just that, for me, a run of Other M probably won't feel complete unless I do that extra section. At least on normal they'll let you go and finish it, since I don't plan on making too many attempts at hard now that I've done it once. Maybe once I'm better at the game, but not for a while at least since I started to get frustrated at points.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
well, i went though the game to see how it would be like to pick up 100% items. overall i lost time because i didn't know the best way to reach some and most of the ones i got all over the run before the cleanup were slower than getting them at the end.

6:10:08 100%

next i'll give any% a shot.
lol no way
Does anybody know the max % possible before fighting the queen metroid?
It's probably something like 80-90%.  It's not really a question of how much you can get before then since you'll have to go back for 100% afterwards anyway, which will cover almost every room twice.
lol no way
I'm mostly just curious because it felt like a lot of it was just the postgame sequence.
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Opium: 2010-09-08 12:28:03 am
I'm still trying to figure out the fastest clean-up route.  I've played through three times now and the best thing I have figured out so far is that you don't have to fight the secret boss twice, which really isn't that impressive.  I'm not getting times anywhere near some of you guys, so I'm wondering what the biggest factor in the difference is - route choice, or some bullshit thing that has to do with the in-game timer continuing to run while on the pause screen, etc. 

Also, it sure would have been nice if they had named the rooms like Retro did.  Trying to describe where you are is a real pain.
If someone got a picture of all the maps/item locations/restrictions to get those items, better routes could be made.  Some items like the 2 Accel Charges (1 in the Bathroom, 1 before Ridley), the 3 E-Tanks (vent, elevator activation, Ridley) 1 E-Recovery Tank (Gravity area) and 1 Missile Tank (vent) are probably the only ones you should worry about getting because they're obvious to get.

You can also get the missile tank in the Avalanche area by shinesparking (you can get it later with the grapple beam) to save time backtracking.  Maybe the 2 fire area E-Parts as well (both morph ball related).
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Secretkey: 2010-09-08 06:41:46 am
56 %

First playthrough - I am going to pick up 100% and then trying hard mode. After that, I might attempt some sort of "speedrun" - rather called a faster playthrough.

Edit: Btw- what would you consider as a proper ending for any% Speedruns? The credits or post game escape sequence?
I'd say credits because that's where the game officially ends and you can't do post game in Hard Mode.
I said somewhere recently that for me, it wouldn't feel right to leave the game hanging like that when I know there's more to do. So for me anyway, I'll probably keep track of both times but consider the escape sequence the final time for the run.
Quote from KingBroly:
You can also get the missile tank in the Avalanche area by shinesparking (you can get it later with the grapple beam) to save time backtracking.  Maybe the 2 fire area E-Parts as well (both morph ball related).

You don't even need to worry about charging it either since you can get your charge up while running towards the room. You lose maybe 15 seconds getting it if you get it on the way in. Best part being, you're perfectly lined up to grab it this way. That also leaves you open to shinespark to the door on your way back the first time and save a little bit of time. Not much, but every little bit helps.
The escape sequence will likely be a separate speed run.

I expect the divisions to be:
Normal High%/100%
Normal Low%/
Normal Any%
ZSS Escape sequence
I feel like I've tapped out as much as I can out of the ZSS Escape Sequence.  Unless there's some major break/trick that I've missed/not seeing, it won't be getting much faster than I've gotten (2:34:97 remaining).
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Quietus: 2010-09-09 08:14:30 am
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
sabata, there is usually no high%; only the any%, low%, and 100%.

I get the impression that a lot of the faster runs are going to depend on repetition of combat, as it seems that once you know each enemy's pattern / weakness, the entire game can probably be done without getting hurt by enemies.
I included High % because apparently it's impossible to get 100% before you fight
Metroid Queen
No high percent. Only 100%. You'd have to do the post game, but, honestly, its better.

I think there should be a good ending for any percent. You have to fight minimum three of the Desbrachians (Evil Butterflies that kick butt). Cutting out those fights by only doing the ZSS Escape would be lame.