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Beat my 100% time yesterday. 4:51:17
Yoshi is back
Niceeeee. Your doing great Wulf, See if you can beat 4:30:00 Razz If you do it, I would give you a Klondike bar.

Behemoth: LMAO! I would imagine, Step 10495: HOW TO KILL YOUR SELF!
                                                Just blow something up so the cops didn't know it was you
                                  In case of a fire, just run! right into it!
Thanks Dave. I just started up another run last night. Right now my goal is sub 4:50. Sub 4:30 is insane lol.. Sub 4:40 is probably the best it's gonna get.
Yoshi is back
;p, ok Try your bestest-est-EST and you'll get 4:30, it's insane but WRing :) I think is WRing, Not sure but, yeah, ok, for you 4:40 will getchu a Klondike bar.
4:42:59 100%.
Would YOU try to cut three minutes from a speed run for a Klondike Bar?
I would. I took a few sloppy segments cause I was tired of getting unlucky.
Yoshi is back
Good job Wulf, You can do it! Klondike Hills is 3 minutes away! Applause

sabata wants the bar too, thats why he replied to your time :P
14:09:41 100%
05:18:14 Hard Mode

First time on both, so neither were really speed runs.
If you guys are interested, there are a couple of runs up on YouTube. 100% and Hard more. Both are pretty good.
Yoshi is back
Well, I almost beat Other M on wednsday, but last night my dad was stupid and dropped the Wii on the floor, Halijuah. Now, we have to wait for repairs where as the wii won't play ANY game disc's at all. ?Just when I was at Phantoon T.T Overall though,, my favorite boss was Nightmare and my favorite place to be was...well, Either the Bio-weapons research lab (where you fight Metroid Queen) Or Sector 3 (Ridley battle) THANK GOD ANTHONY COMES OUT ALIVE! :)
Yoshi is back
Finally beat it. Dad got the Wii fixed, brother bought Epic Yarn. My time was 9:33:42, lame right? I didn't get 100% cause I'm lazy and because I got trapped into the fight at Phantoon. I got 73% instead :P
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ryu: 2011-05-04 09:57:17 pm
ryu: 2011-05-04 09:56:53 pm
first time through

8h 27m 49s, 45% according to title screen, 61% according to ingame stat (what's up with that?okay yeah, it's the total for the main sector)

i liked the gameplay enough to have finished it in two sittings within 14 hours, cutscenes were of course pure garbage.

like, i liked metroid better when he was a robot
Quote from ryu:
like, i liked metroid better when he was a robot

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ryu: 2011-05-09 06:53:39 am
4h 38m 43s hard mode (at last save point)

i'm not sure i want to start a low % run now. i'd like to give phantoon a shot on low %, but everything else is bleh by now.
I'd say do it eventually, even if it's not for a few weeks/months. A 3% Phantoon battle is pretty awesome due to the quick reflexes it requires to beat him.
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MASTER-88: 2011-05-10 03:18:46 pm
Quote from Prime Hunter:
I'd say do it eventually, even if it's not for a few weeks/months. A 3% Phantoon battle is pretty awesome due to the quick reflexes it requires to beat him.

For me phantoon was easiest boss entire game IMO. Even my first attempt i lost very little amount energy against him. I just used screw attack breaking blue bubbles make fight super easy to beat. I never used sense moving. I just totally suck with sense moving.
What'd you say?
Finally beat it:

I'm assuming that is completion time, as it never showed me it. That, or it's the time on the final save. At least two hours of my time was "what the fuck do I do now?". I blame that on this being my first 3-D Metroid game though (I will go back and play the Prime games, I just need to get them first.)

This game reminded me so much of Fusion, and I don't just say that because of Nightmare's appearance. This game also seemed to progress so frustratingly slowly. Item collection seemed rather pointless due to the ability to recharge. I also miss item pick-ups from enemy kills, but oh well. At least this game seems like it'll be fun to 100%. One last thing, what the fuck was with the Metroid Queen?! You were never told you were able to use powerbombs, you just had to guess. I died at least 8 times there alone.

All in all, I understand the disdain held for this game, but I don't share it. I doubt I'll replay it often at all though.

Oh, and apparently, this is a "very old thread", lol.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Tyjet66:
One last thing, what the fuck was with the Metroid Queen?! You were never told you were able to use powerbombs, you just had to guess. I died at least 8 times there alone.

Hahaha I was waiting for this. The few times the game doesn't hit you over the head with the solution to a problem it decides to just not tell you anything.
What'd you say?
Yea, seriously. Did they not have an outsider playtest this before releasing this, or what?

I'm currently working on 100% I can't seem to figure out two items in Sector 1 and one item in Sector 3. We'll see how far I can get without assistance.
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Tyjet66: 2012-12-01 02:35:24 pm
Tyjet66: 2012-12-01 02:17:17 pm
What'd you say?
Alright, I'm getting to the point of getting sick of running around. Here is what I need help with:
Main Sector (84%):
From the main elevator, go two rooms south. The item I can't find seems to be either above or below that elevator. I can't locate it though.
There is also an item in the room with your ship that I can't grab. There is an orange door locking it. I'm assuming it's unlocked during the escape sequence, but I'm not sure.

Sector 1 (94%):
Starting from the big room with the spiral center (just north or the main elevator), go west to that navigation room. Two rooms after that, there is a slope that goes down. There is a door above that slope that I can't break open. Missiles and powerbombs do nothing, and I can't lock-on long enough for supper missiles. I've tried shinesparking it, as well as stopping on those small pink plants.
At the far north-east navigation room, go one room south. I can see a missile tank in front of another door in that room. I can't seem to figure out how to get to that door though.

Sector 3 (95%):
From the main elevator, take the east path. One room after the first navigation room there is a room with two lava pools and two grapple beam points. I can't seem to figure out where the item is in this room.

So, it seems I could only figure out 95% by myself, and with a short time frame.
What'd you say?

My completion time is absolutely ridiculous. There's also no way I'm going to even attempt hard mode, at least not any time soon.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Congrats. Hard mode isn't so terrible, since you get automatic check points at the start of every boss fight in case you die. Just make sure you're standing still as you sense-move.

Just finished Normal in 2:50:11 RTA, 4:06:36 in-game. 20%. I'm sure I can break 4 hours eventually. Supposedly TheOnlyOne has gotten 2:29 RTA, so I should talk to him some time. I made some huge mistakes, including a death near the end of trying to save Anthony, but still, 21 minutes to shave? :^/
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JaggerG: 2013-06-03 08:10:26 am
JaggerG: 2013-06-03 07:27:39 am
JaggerG: 2013-06-03 07:26:53 am
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Did a single segment any% run, 13% (skipped the sector 2 etank, reserve tank and the last accel charge). 2:47:22 RTA, 4:03:28 in-game, 2 or 3 deaths. Still 5 minutes behind Hitaka? :^/ I made several big mistakes, but gosh...

Missile tanks I intend to get in the future:
-in the really long morph tunnel leading to the stairs before the first giant millipede encounter
-suspended from ceiling heading to biosphere
-under the stairs beneath the first snake-in-super-suit thing in sector 3
-under a frozen tree root in sector 2

Obvious etanks:
-first one
-morph tunnels above second treesaurus
-forced one in sector 2 before landslide

Obvious Accel charges:
-Dressing room
-Ice beam room
-Maurice's body
Quote from JaggerG:
Missile tanks I intend to get in the future:
-suspended from ceiling heading to biosphere

Obvious Accel charges:
-Dressing room
-Ice beam room

I'm pretty sure I know where the two accel charges are, but where is that missile tank? if it's in a better spot than the one I usually grab (middle of the grapple room in sector 1 that you follow the Deleter through) I think I'll start getting that one instead since it's before Ridley. Otherwise the rest of the items you listed are the ones I always tend to grab because it's almost harder not to.