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Archived M2K2 Forumview full index
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Talk about the classic NES adventure here.
15184 posts
585 threads
Short, but sweet? Discuss Zero Mission tricks here.
38447 posts
1047 threads
Everyone loves Metroid Prime. Discuss Sequence Breaking or speed running it here.
423 posts
29 threads
The series expands its horizons with this title for the DS.
5045 posts
219 threads
Discuss Samus's dual screen, competitive adventure here!
16184 posts
619 threads
Discuss the sequel to Metroid Prime here.
11081 posts
299 threads
Discuss the Wii's conclusion to the Prime trilogy here.
1682 posts
70 threads
Return of Samus still has a loyal following. Discuss your monochrome adventures here.
636 posts
4 threads
Another Metroid II remake.
18459 posts
596 threads
Still being broken! Discuss this groundbreaking game here.
8042 posts
115 threads
Discuss Samus's action-packed and melodramatic adventure here.
10376 posts
329 threads
There may be no true Sequence Breaking here ... but there's still plenty of fun to be found in Fusion.
10725 posts
80 threads
View, discuss, or get help with the repository of finished fan-made games based on Metroid titles.
23684 posts
557 threads
This board is for general hacks and fan games discussion, speed run talk, or sharing your project in development.
25919 posts
710 threads
This board is for general Metroid discussion. Post about anything related to the series here.
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