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I can offer a few time milestones. It's been a while since I've sat down to run this game, but I actually just started up another to see if I can get that sub 4:50 100%.

Sector 3 first visit ~1:15
Ridley ~2:30
Metroid Queen ~3:30
Sector 1 clean-up ~4:20

I think it's safe to assume that if your going to make sub 4/sub 5 times, these times are a must to meet. When I get back into it, I'll be sure to make note of the milestones that I find significant.
played through again :P 7% again, seems my postgame was exactly 20 minutes.

First ending: 3:41:34
Second ending: 4:01:34
Heh, talk about being consistent with the estimate. Can't get closer than that. laugh new
Wow, no one beat my time yet? Parax got pretty close though. Honestly I'm surprised still no one else has gotten sub-4 by now.

Those milestones are about what I had. I think I was at 2:33 or so at my post-Ridley save, and 3:39 after the first ending. As for percentage, Accel Charges are a must, and I collected all the energy tanks too, since they're all directly in your path anyway. I don't think any of them cost more than five seconds. I find they help against Phantoon especially, because you can ignore his eye-flames and focus on shooting after every sensemove.
Well, I haven't played the game in over a month, so for me at least I simply haven't given myself the opportunity to try and get sub 4. I'm within about 15 minutes of it though, so if I was dedicated enough and was actually playing the game again right now I could probably make a serious stab at it.

But yeah, it seems a lot of people have already moved on from Other M at this point, myself included. I'll get back to it sooner or later, but for now I have other games that are grabbing my attention.
I could prolly sub 4 if I played through it another time or two... it's time consuming and I don't usually really want to do it though. :/
I like turtles.

Really wish you didn't have to backtrack to get (literally) half the items.
Decided to play again this afternoon after two months of letting the game sit there, and all things considered I'm pretty happy that my time is only 3 minutes slower than my record.

04:20:45 at 3%
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avengah: 2010-12-18 06:45:12 pm
A couple of things that might help people. I'm not about speed running; I like to take my time and enjoy the experience. That said, I've completed Other M about ten times, three of which were on Hard, and my best time was about 6 hours on Hard without trying - and in that run, I revealed the whole map and destroyed every obstacle, etc. to make it "complete". Also, there are only so many Gigafraugs and Fumbleyes in the game - once you kill them, they don't come back, with two exceptions - in Sector 2, they come back when you decide to go to Sector Zero, and they come back after the credits. Once. Then, they'll never come back if you save after killing them all, and the one in the room with the Desbrachian doesn't come back after the credits since the Desbrachian being in the room means other enemies in the room are removed (in most cases, anyway).

Anyway, during the escape sequence, pause the game just before you get to the door that doesn't open straight away (south door in the briefing room which always needs to load during the escape). Pause it for a few seconds and the door will open instantly when you unpause.

Maximum percent before the first ending is 89%, and on my last few games, I've done it. I wanted every item as early as possible. The clean-up route can be optimised by collecting certain things early - apparently, the Missile Tank in the water in the room where you missile the stalactites should be collected on your first visit; it cuts that entire section out of the clean-up route.

That's all I can remember for now, but if I remember more, I'll add it.

...Oh yeah, a couple more things. For the Super Missile door in Sector 1 on the ceiling of the slope with spiky vines you can boost through, charge a Super Missile before you get on the slope, then get on and switch to first person. You can in fact destroy it and still have time to jump over the spiky vines, so as not to take a hit. Then, run to the end and speed boost back up the hill - you don't have to actually run all the way to the top; just run past the grapple point a bit and then go to FPV to grab it.

For the second part with a slope with spiky vines (before a save room), you can destroy the vines by Speed Boost running DOWN the slope. You don't have to jump over them on the way down, so you can keep your speed boost going.
always move fast
9:53:34 - 100%

The game was much more fun than I was led to believe.  Felt like a combination of Fusion-in-3D and Shinobi.  Sure, pretty much every cutscene was laughable at best, but those are skippable now!  All the throwbacks were pretty cool too.  Looking forward to trying hard mode at some point.
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P.JMan: 2010-12-20 05:39:01 am
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Everything Sparky said, and here's for my first 3d Metroid completion: 14:49:45 - 100%.  I'm guessing hard mode is gonna be Ninja Gaiden level, think I'll complete the two Sigma first
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avengah: 2010-12-21 03:24:35 am
I just realised something. I mentioned pausing during the escape sequence so that you don't lose time while waiting for the door to open, but this can be used anywhere! If you hit a NOW LOADING... at any time, it's probably worth pausing for a few seconds. If you approach a door that you know usually needs a few seconds to load, then pause before you reach it. Obviously, this only applies if the game continues while it loads - occasionally, it'll pause while it loads, such as when you're wall jumping up the shaft after Vorash (Blast Furnace), or when you drop a Power Bomb in the room where you fight Fune and Namihe.

Yeah, that time I managed to 100% it in about 6 hours - that attempt was me trying to find out how few items you can collect. When I beat the final final boss with only 3%, I went back and collected everything. In my last few attempts, I've collected everything as soon as possible, meaning my game time is usually closer to ten hours, since I like to take my time and do everything properly.
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Gamma_Metroid: 2010-12-29 11:51:25 pm
After finally getting this game recently, I beat it today - 64% with 8:something after the credits, and 12:21:37 at 100%.

I definitely thought the game was much better than what I expected.  My main problems were the long cutscenes that got tiring fairly quickly and the lack of options.  Near the beginning I looked for a brightness setting because I could barely see and later for a way to turn off the hints.  Otherwise, I thought it was a lot of fun.  I'd say the most frustrating boss fight was the one in the Biological Experiment Room(?) in Sector 1, with the purple kihunters and shooty thingies.  That took way too many tries.  I really liked the references to Metroid Fusion; the second I saw Nightmare, a sense of dread started up, but he ended up being reasonably difficult and a pretty fun boss.

Sometimes I felt like I had too much direction (too many map objective markers, or too many tutorials), and other times I felt like I needed more (a couple of the search parts, the Metroid Queen).  The search sections were not as hard as I remember people said they were.  The two that stick out as being too vague are the one where you find the furry white thing, and the one where you're looking for a green splotch on the ground after you fight the purple monster (I also thought it was very clear it was some form of Ridley).  The one with the furry thing became much easier after I realized I was looking for what was making the noise.  As for the Metroid Queen, I didn't think it was obvious you had to kill the infant Metroids before fighting the queen.  On my first try, I froze a few and tried missiles, beam shots, and bombs, and decided I had to kill the queen first.  After figuring out I had to use super missiles, I died once trying to bomb my way out of the queen's stomach because I didn't know I could use power bombs yet.  I also found those duders you fight that come off the walls with power bombs waaaaay overpowered.  The only viable way I found of killing them was running away as you lay a power bomb, then spamming super missiles before they can get to you.  If I missed, and it got closer to me, there was no way I was able to survive.  And one last gripe... half the time when I fell in lava I literally couldn't get out, leaving me either to wait and die or reset the game.

Anyway, what I noticed with Phantoon and not so much with the other bosses was that while he was difficult, and I had to try several times, he was still fun (although on my first try I didn't realize you had to "scan" him before you could do damage) to fight.  They should figure out how to do this more often.

So there's my "short" review - overall a very good game - I didn't start onto it with very high expectations though....
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i decided to play this game just before the year end to refresh my memory before i try doing 3% and for any% practice.

i didn't check the time after the first ending so i only have the second ending time and %

4:32:05 19%

overall i felt comfortable with the items i got, though i wasted too much time in 4 energy parts for 1 extra tank. i'll cut that for the next run. missiles i don't know since i had to concentrate quite a lot of times and i grabbed 6 missile tanks. i guess i could reduce that with practice. i'm definitely keeping the accel charges.
I recently just beat this game.

10:17 100%
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
I really enjoyed the queen fight, I knew what to do straight away at every point, even the power bomb bit. As soon as I laid that power bomb, Metroid II just came to me; that was my favourite moment in the game.  For those guys who come out of the power bomb walls, it's only a few charge beam shots and you can lethal strike; you can avoid all its attacks by rocking the d-pad with a charged beam
Yoshi is back
woah, 100%? really...thats nice, I'm playing it now and I'm currently in Sec. 3 right after fighting that what ever its called on ground, man that was a killer, now I'm going thru lava? really, this is not what I expected, for me a somewhat easy challenge.
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Wulfgearr: 2011-01-19 10:24:52 am
So last night, I had a craving for this game. 5:06 100% single segment. I've still got it! I'm proud of myself. This game seems to have died out in the Metroid series unfortunately. I didn't expect it to last very long tbh.
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DaveBatista: 2011-01-20 08:02:52 am
DaveBatista: 2011-01-19 11:46:44 am
DaveBatista: 2011-01-19 11:45:58 am
Yoshi is back
Lol, I had a feeling to say this through every Metroid game, in the ending. Here it is. Why does EVERY Metroid game, end in something exploding or blowing up? MP1: Escape from Chozo Artifact site, Reason: its gonna blow up.
MP2: Escape from plant Dark Ather. Reason: It&#39;ll blow up after DS3.
MP3: Escape Planet Phaaze, Reason: It will blow up.
And now, Other M: Yet to be confirmed for me, but yet again, It's gonna explode!

It seems to me, that nintendo likes explosions.
It's the obligatory event in most visual forms of entertainment that blowing up = cool/epic/noise/knife edge ending.
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Prime Hunter: 2011-01-19 01:03:31 pm
Only time I can think of where there's no escape sequence is in ROS. Every other Metroid game has one in some form or another. Even Corruption has two times where there's a timer set against you, even if they aren't exactly escape sequences like the others.

It's a Metroid tradition at this point, kinda like having Ridley show up in almost every game for whatever reason he chooses.
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DaveBatista: 2011-01-20 08:06:20 am
Yoshi is back
Haha, I get it now, Explosions = good, so everytime you see an explosion, In real life, just point and say "Nintendo did it!" Right? and Yeah, the timer when you have to make it thru Phaaze, and when you have to keep 8 GF Troops alive. That was my fav. part, where as I had Nova beam :)

EDIT: Yes, Behemoth, this month is going fast.
When in doubt, blow something up, everybody loves it. No, actually don't do that.

Good, thought it was just me. 20th January = What. The. Fuck !!!
Yoshi is back
Haha! I agree to the blow-up something, but you might kill people, including yourself.
No, it's not the 20th, 21st now :P
It'll be the 22nd tomorow, now THAT will be amazing !

Also, inadvertantly killing yourself is all part of the fun.