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Yoshi is back
I'm getting this in 2 weeks for my birthday. I'll come back and post my time when I completed.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
So the purpose of you posting in the best times thread is..?
He'll probably edit his post with his time.
I'm pleased that I am not getting times that are nearly as good as some of you guys, because that just tells me that there is much more than meets the eye (my eye, to be more precise) in terms of speedrunning.
This game's probably going to have a very small range between casual and serious speedrunning.  I still have a feeling the Wave Beam can be gotten early though.

No progress on the Escape Run for me yet, but I've got a good feeling about this weekend.  2:35:XX is going to be the cap for this I think; at least until another Nintendo system comes out which will improve load times.  The doors easily cost you 3 seconds during that sequence.
How can you get Wave early? As far as I can tell, you need the Speed Booster to activate the scene where they put the glass walls up (by coming out the door at the top of the cliff where the avalanche eventually happens?) and you can't open the morphball tunnel to get in the back way until after you get the Wave (to shoot through the capsules and hit the switch in the room with the power bomb door).
At the start of Sector 2 there's a vent on the left side of the room.  Can't seem to get up there though.
I think you only come out through that vent, not sure if you can enter it.
lol no way
When you have spacejump you can jump up to it.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
that vent is closed on the other side with the puzzle that requires wave so it would be useless to come backwards.
100% Normal 14+ hours. First playthrough. I had trouble finding a couple items. Yeah... my hard mode time will be fifty times better.
5:14 (about 4:30 real time) 21%.  The 2nd playthrough was much more enjoyable without those damn cutscenes.  I forgot where to go a few times and most fights were slow but overall a decent run for only a 2nd playthrough.
3% in 4:10:00 (2 E-Tanks, 1 Missile Expansion).  I'm pretty sure that's the lowest % you can get in this game.  I ran out of missiles quite a bit, too.  It's not what I'd call the "ideal" speedrun.  A run with a couple of Accel Charges would make it go a lot faster.  Heck, even one would.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Is low % even a sensible category here? You've got no % (hard), any % (which will be the lowest possible %), and 100%. I don't see the need to divide low and any.
red chamber dream
seems like getting a few missile expansions might be worth it. i'm only a few hours in though.
I don't really know to be honest.  I was just putting it out there to see what was possible.  I'd say 5-6% would be adequately faster.  I'd say 2 Accel Charges are a must and 1 more Missile.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Accel charges are only worth it if they're right in your face, I'd say. Sensemove more than makes up for slow charging. And any missile pickup is a waste IMO. Concentration fills you up so fast it's retardedly easy to find time for it.

Once you play hard mode you'll see how little you miss missile expansions. E-tanks are another story though.
Well the two I'm talking about are:
one in a bathroom in Sector 1 on your way to the Diffusion Beam, requiring you to open a door and one before Ridley, which will probably result in getting an Energy Tank
.  I ran into a few situations where enemies would just not attack, so I ended up having to spam fire.

Accel Charges would mildly help for the energy switches, but the trade-off is probably only good for one.  You'd also get a quicker charge for Quick Speed Boost, which would be a plus in a few situations.
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Toozin: 2010-09-11 04:50:48 am
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I guess it remains to be seen if the trade-off is worth it. I'm not convinced the times between any and low will be significant enough to separate them though.

is that slow walk through the bathroom that's out of your way really worth it?
If you don't get that one (or another one I'm drawing a blank on soon after), there's probably no point in getting the one at Ridley since there aren't a whole lot of energy switches between that and the rest of the game.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Also it should be noted that you can charge on the move for a lot of those charge panels. Holding 1 while switching to first person maintains your charge. You need to get a bit flexible/creative to reach B, but it's very doable. This also applies for super missiles.
I know you can, but there are going to be a couple of spots (elevator shafts for one) where you probably won't be able to do that because of enemies either getting in the way of a shot or knocking you off.  Also, Accels will help with Supers/Seekers.
The accel charge in the room where you find Maurice's body is pretty close to the main path too. Dont remember where the last three are. Not sure they're worth it, but personally I usually grab a couple extra energy tanks at least (there's at least two that are very close to the main path, and they help you not die, so). There's no way missile tanks would ever be worth it though. :/
Do Accel Charges help with Concentration/Speed Booster?
Don't think so.

As far as those charge panels, you can hit some of them without going into first person at all with a well placed Charge Shot. Depends entirely on where the panel is in relation to the camera of course, but if you've got a clear shot at it there's little reason to go into first person to get it.

Oh, and I agree 100% regarding hard mode Toozin. Would have loved to have more energy, but 10 missiles and instant restoration of said missiles is all you'll ever need, even in high action sequences like the late game boss battles.