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Hard mode is worth the trial of 100%. And it's all the sweeter if you don't look for hints on the last few items.
I don't think this laptop can handle capturing anymore.  I'm going to try on another computer tomorrow.  But a bigger issue is that the thing might not be capturing audio anymore, so...I might be outta luck :\
Indie Lover
the fatest i got was 5:40~5:55

gonna try another run sometime this week...
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Zeke: 2010-10-26 01:13:20 am
Time bomb set get out fast!
4:29, 46%! Movin' on up, baby!

(Btw, for those who didn't realize, my "so close" post was a joke. I have a 4:55 in that pic, but it's from my 3% game. It was so close to Wulfgearr's 100% record that I couldn't resist taking a pic.)

EDIT: I should've mentioned that that was my first-ending time. I finished off the run later, and got 4:51:16 total.
3:48:47, 13%

Queen P2 could've gone a lot better.
Quote from KingBroly:
3:48:47, 13%

Sick. Nice job!
Aw man, I forgot to put first ending >_<
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Hitaka: 2010-10-02 02:44:21 am
Hitaka: 2010-10-02 02:41:35 am
Haha, oops.

Also, just for reference, if I remember correctly I had about 3:38 after the first ending. So it took about 20 minutes to get to the second ending.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-03 04:00:30 am
My best for getting the second ending is roughly 16 minutes, so perhaps I can do better this time.

EDIT:  4:07:18 to the second ending.  They must add the credits time immediately after you start the final part.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
so i went and improved my 100% time


i had some mistakes because i forgot a few things on the spot and i don't know the best way to pick up some of the items that have several ways to get them. overall it was decent for not having played the game for like 3 weeks. i'll try any% later.
ok I'm confused... for my 3:53 time I wasn't sure if it saved or not so I went and saved on the ship after the credits then checked my time. did that inflate my final time? <_<
The game auto-saves somewhere after beating it so just reset after regaining control (when you get the "You can now use Power Bombs" popup).
I imagine it did inflate your final time since it would have added the time for the post-credits cutscene. If you reset without saving after regaining control and then load it plays that, indicating the save is made right after the credits.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-08 04:08:31 pm
3:58:41 to the first ending, 29%, 25 missiles.  I went with 25 missiles because 5 Supers kills Nightmare 2.

I also died a couple of times for the heck of it (Chameleon grabbing me in the elevator and first Gravity suit section).
You don't need 25 missiles to kill Nightmare 2 before he summons a black hole. You have plenty of time for a Concentration, so 15 is sufficient. That's what I had in my sub-4.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-13 02:39:07 pm
I guess not.  3:26:05 - Hard Mode.

Also did an Escape Run yesterday for the first time in a long time and would've gotten around 2:38 if I didn't get hit on the last piece of debris -_-' I need some work.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Heh -- even though I'm really proud of my latest time, I just realized I never got around to posting it. First ending 4:11:16, second ending 4:32:44. I picked up 36%, which is more than I was planning on... I just grabbed the fastest items, and it turned out there were a lot of them.

Any chance of one of you hotshots (Broly, Wulfgearr, etc.) recording a run? Obviously it wouldn't be SDA-polished at this point, but it would be great to get a baseline, something for future runs to build on.
Unfortunately, I don't have any recording hardware/software. The only thing I can provide is tips and such. Nevertheless, keep it up on that time Zeke. I pretty much dedicated all of September to this game. (I'm unemployed so.. =P) I made sure I didn't have one mistake during my segments, save a few bosses. If everything went according to my standards, I kept it. I never realized how tedious/redundant speed running is till sitting down and giving this game a shot. I hit that home button like, 1000 times. Props to everyone who raped the Primes series. I know I could never accomplish what they've done.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-26 07:27:41 am
Um...I have that one escape run video that's on my YT account that's still a "record".  I can't really record any videos right now since my Wii's disc drive died.  I also had some trouble with my capture card on my laptop.  Since I don't have splitter cables, it made it very hard to play on my laptop since it kept stuttering.

Once I get my Wii back I might give it a shot because right before it died I mastered the CBJ [Ceiling bomb jump].

As for baseline guesses:
Through Queen:  Three hours, forty minutes
Through Escape:  Four hours
Escape Run:  Two Minutes, Thirty-Eight Seconds
I was doing fairly well with my times back when I was playing this a month ago. (Already that long?) My best times according to what I've got written down were a 3:57 past the Queen, and a 4:17 total. (I think my best escape is around 2:19/2:20 left) Obviously these aren't as good as the times KingBroly just posted, but they're still up there.

Based on what I remember, mastering shinesparks and using the morph ball to roll through most of the rooms are important for cutting down time, since it all adds up in the end. Also finding quick ways to defeat enemies and bosses helps too, and I'm pretty sure for all of this we've got a lot of it either written down or in those smaller videos in one of these topics.

Although my best time was also a 7% run, so I wonder even if cutting down on the number of items you're grabbing would help too. I figure with how many you got, some of those had to have added a few seconds even if they are close to the main path. How many items is everyone else getting on these runs anyway? Would be good to compare.
randomly felt like playing through this game today for some reason.

3:46:42 first ending, 4:07:38 second ending. 7%.
Quote from Paraxade:
randomly felt like playing through this game today for some reason.

You know, I gave Other M a break (I'm stuck on hard mode) and decided to play MP3 (Hyper Mode) and wouldn't you know that for "some reason" I put Other M back in to keep playing.

I couldn't help but notice immediately the stark contrast of the 2 games... the Prime games are great and yet Other M is so different that for me at least, it works. I like the scanning in Prime, yet the constant fighting in OM is very addictive and creative (as is the fighting on the Pirate home in MP3). I'm not really saying anything here other than that I also for some reason, like to play OM.
So based on what I've seen a few times now, it seems about 20 minutes is a good estimate for how long the endgame segment of the game takes. I've seen a few of us now with both times listed and having that much between them, although if KingBroly can get 16 minutes through that part, there's still some more optimization we could get out of it from somewhere.
Yeah, I don't think mine was very good. I lost 30 seconds on the escape alone. Who knows how much on Phantoon and the fighting.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-26 09:19:15 pm
A couple of key parts to the Postgame:

- At the start of the game, make sure you put the bridge back up in the first area so you can morph ball across it later (It'll save you 10~ seconds)
- When going up the Ramp at the start, just run then go into Morph Ball after it
- You only need one jump to reach the ice pillar in the water
- When speed boosting through Sector 2 back to the first area, take it a bit long so you can shinespark to the left for distance.  Go into Morph Ball mode afterwards.
- 3 Super Missiles kills the Wall Bugs (Quickest way to beat 'em)
- You can go through certain Wall Bug holes once they're dead.  It's all about knowing where you are without a map.

Also, if anyone wants to know tricks for the Escape Run, here you go:
- When you go across the broken bridge, don't jump over the hole, just fall forward.  This will save you about half a second, then another half a second due to the second jump being shorter.
- When going through the room with the debris (after the 2nd room with gates) take it far to the left.  This way, you skip a couple of jumps.  Saves about half a second.

Everything else is just timing and precision.  If you start going down the second staircase around 3:56, you're not beating my record.  3:59 you'll definitely beat it if you don't mess up.  3:57/8 might.