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Congratulation for your great times guys !.=)
I come to update my time in SS any%, it was 35:13, it's now 34:17.
Hop sub-34 will come soon ! =)
Just did a 100% SS for the first time in a few years.  I lost 3 minutes somewhere.  Considering trying to beat it.  This game is a masterpiece.
After many weeks abroad without playing, an afternoon of derusting nets me another PB.

1:04:41 IGT

Completely forgot to take a screenshot of it, so Twitch broadcast will have to do below:

The first 2/3rds of the run were pretty poor to be honest, leaving me far behind, yet somehow I managed to pull it back to -35s on collecting the last Power Bomb, only to throw it all away missing the Energy Tank spark, running out of Supers against Iron Ted and then not quite getting the Exit Spark.

Still... PB!
So, I PB'd again today.

1:03:15, a whopping 1:26 faster IGT. There's still a fair bit of time I can make up too, as early in the run I was -30 but Ridley (as usual) had other plans and I came out of there on +11. Pulled it back to end the game on -1:40, but it could easily have been a 2 minute saving.

As usual, you can watch if you're interested on Twitch here:
(user is banned)
i did a 1:02:xx Any% segmented around 2005
I think that Kirbymastah is only adding times under an hour for any%. If not though put random numbers instead of xx. It looks prettier =).
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Eagle: 2014-08-02 07:38:29 am
Slight improvement:

29:01 any% single segment.

Ugly run though
eagle, what's your stream so i can catch it?
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Eagle: 2014-08-02 12:32:43 pm
Here you go.

I stream pretty sporadically though
Another PB today:

Should have been much faster - I had a stonking Ridley area, hitting the Unknown Item at -1:14. However I then proceeded to completely balls up the Mother Brain fight, eventually escaping in the ship on even time. Still, managed to claw 33 seconds back to hit the PB but I'm honestly upset at that :/

Twitch was having kittens so the video is split into the four parts below:
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Eagle: 2014-08-10 04:42:53 pm
Finally got the sub 29 today: 28:50. Some of you saw it on stream.

I may upload the VOD one of these days.
Any% single segment 31;04
I got 52:41 with rta route
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Axodo: 2014-08-26 04:03:16 pm
Oh my God, I'm so happy ! I did a very nice run (well, for me it is =p), so I improved my PB on any% SS from 34:17 to 31:53.
I didn't think I could do it, but here I am. I am still so far away from great times by Eagle or Kirby for example, but I'm very happy for what I have done =)
I got 52:21 with rta route!!!!
Nice! It's cool to see you still pushing your time down further. Since you're more RTA-oriented, what was your RTA?

(Now I want to do a 100% run)
Thanks spidey. The RTA was 1:13:05, even lower than I expected. The discrepancy between routes is pretty silly. (you can see the run here if you want)


Other than losing 10 seconds between Unknown Item I and Speed Booster and a further five before Hi-Jump, this run was all green and gold - I ended up 3 minutes ahead RTA and shaved 2:40 off IGT. That Sub 1 hour will be mine!

As ever, you can watch the run here ->

P.S. Sorry for making you cry Mobius :P
go for the sub-hour!!!!! You can do it :D :D :D
Quote from kirbymastah:
go for the sub-hour!!!!! You can do it :D :D :D

I will be! I made a large mistake in Ridley, falling down the shaft before the Super Missiles and two Missile Packs, and had to shinespark back up. The timeloss there coupled with the time I lost earlier should be enough to make up the 15 seconds I need for sub 1 hour. :)

30:52 on Any% Normal. I feel pretty good about sub 30 soon.
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Axodo: 2014-08-20 02:35:35 pm
Axodo: 2014-08-20 02:35:35 pm
I guess you didn't see my post. Could you please update my time on any% SS to 31:53 ? =)
Small improvement. 28:45

Quick screencap from the vod:

(Here is a proof of my PB, can you please update it to 31:53 ? =)
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Eagle: 2014-08-27 09:42:20 pm
Eagle: 2014-08-27 08:58:12 pm
Major improvement:

EDIT: Better video.