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Welcome to the scene Erethor, that looks like a pretty solid time for a first serious run.

Feel free to do whatever route you feel comfortable with at first, most routes only have a few seconds of difference anyway. You'll be improving a lot more than that by just getting better at the game.
kirby pls

mobiusman 53:42
extremesp1tf1r3 1:01:xx can't actually remember
erethor 1:20:25
didn't know about these updates D: time to update
I've added any% hard lists, so if you have any single-segment or segmented times, feel free to post them!
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samthedigital: 2013-08-25 01:34:34 pm
My single segment time is 33:39 and my segmented time is 32:17. I'll try to find everyone else's times. I think for now though we should just have one category for any% hard because not many people run it. On another note you have transience listed twice in any% ss normal.

35:52 Master-88 (segmented)
46:26 Master-88 (ss)
38:57 JaggerG (segmented)
36:23 kirbymastah (??)
34:00 ajbolt89 (segmented)
36:03 transience (segmented)

Transience probably has a 35, but I have to dig it up >_>;;.
Hi ! I come back with a brand new time : 1:13:23 (100% SS) !
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samthedigital: 2013-09-02 04:57:28 pm
samthedigital: 2013-09-02 04:47:52 pm
samthedigital: 2013-09-02 04:46:44 pm
Nice job. It's too bad no one new is playing any% though >_>;.

On that note I just got 33:20 any% hard ss. That was such a terrible second half though it's sad. I got trolled in two rooms and had to play it really safe...

Aaand 33:12 any% (37%) hard ss. This was also a bad run. It was recorded too, but it's not worth uploading. I think I can get sub 31 with a good run, but whatever.
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haaria: 2013-09-08 09:40:09 pm
any% single segment 35:28
any% segmented 32:58
100% single segment 1:04:05
I'm still trying to improve and gonna be learning fusion also
late to respond, but gratz haaria! Great to see new ZM and fusion runners! good luck on future PBs!

I got a 58:41 on 100% single segment normal mode. Finally sub 1-hour!
sub-hour HYPE :O
gratz to ramen on a new 100% SS PB! 55:10!
guess he's too lazy to post here, but sam got 52:03
I sent kirbymastah a private message. I haven't gotten a new time since 52:04 though.
dragonfangs got 29:07 in any% btw
I wasn't aware of this :( gratz dfangs!

Watching it again it doesn't feel like a low 29 though, meh.
so i have been grinding out any% and 100% my new times are:
100% segmented 59:42
100% single segment 1:01:05
Any% single segment is 32:13
i don't see myself doing segmented any% ever again lol
nice times! good luck on the improvements :)
gratz to dfangs on 28:47 in any% SS! :D
gratz to mobiusman on cracking 30 minutes in any% normal!
Okay, so because people were suggesting it to me and I'm kind of getting back into running MZM again, I'll just post my (terrible) times:

any % segmented: 31:38 h
any % SS :              33:07

It's still a very long way till sub 30...
ok here to post my new times
any% ss 31:19
100% ss 1:00:01
sub 30 any% ss is really close for me now and so is sub hour 100% ss
will be posting my new times again soon :-P
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Metroid Man: 2013-11-09 03:57:14 pm
I'm working on my fangame "Metroid:
How the hey is thirty or less minutes possible?

Anyways, my best time ever for an any% run is 48:27 on normal mode.
Hard mode 100% in 1:03:18.
I was going to do a 1% run, but I lost my game just before I was going to start it.
Quote from Metroid Man:
How the hey is thirty or less minutes possible?

By being good and using the correct route and strats :P

Two videos of sub-30:

The current WR, by spidey widey, single segment:

dragonfang's Pb, which was made pretty recently :D