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Speaking of 100% runs, I just realized I never added my 100% time, mostly because it's about double what everyone else has. But hey, out of the three leaderboard topics that have come up it's the only time slot I haven't put in yet so why not? (And being only 6 minutes out from the top spot is nothing to feel bad about, if you ask me.)

01:44:55 - 100% Segmented

I'm almost certain I could destroy this time if I tried again now and I were to use my any% route as a starting point.
Go for it :) (as long as you do kraid first haha)
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
Just shaved 2 1/2 minutes off of my 100% SS time! Now it's 1:01:21. I'm gonna learn the new routes now and finally get sub-hour.

Thanks again for taking the initiative to create this leaderboard Kirbymastah :)
Gogogo score that sub-hour SWIFTRAGE
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
Mission Complete!!! I just got sub-hour SS 100%

59:51 hell yeah! I think I can finally call myself a bona fide Zero Mission speedrunner. Next up is sub 59, and maybe I'll try speedrunning Fusion too. Thanks Kirby, couldn't have done it without you :)
Congratz! I'll be updating this. Good luck on sub 59!

I should probably get around improving my PB soon... <_<
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stupiddumb: 2013-06-01 03:41:47 am
I watched jaggerg win a race with an in game time of 36 minutes. I then felt the need to post my best time attack of 35:35. Imoutoframen made me aware of this leaderboard so i thought why not add my time? I gotten it years ago and haven't been able to beat it since :( If you need a picture I'll add one by the end of the day.
that's fine. good luck on beating it! :)
Here are a few more for me:

26:43 any% segmented
51:36 100% SS
i like mobiusman and thomaz's times for 100%
I got 54:50 100%!
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kirbymastah: 2013-06-09 07:47:23 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-06-09 07:46:55 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-06-09 07:46:49 pm
53:58 100%. gotta shoot for zx's time now.
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
Sub 54 woohoo!! Awesome job Kirby :D
I made another tie...I guess that means my next time will be 51:36 Kappa
yay i cut the dragonfangs any%. 30:45 any% SS.
Updated mobiusman's new any% PB. I forgot what dfang's new PB was though :S
it was 30:19
Updated with mobiusman's new time (again) and dfang's new times, both any% SS
Didn't Mobiusman also tie my 53:43 100% SS? He said:

"I made another tie...I guess that means my next time will be 51:36 Kappa"

...which I think referred to it!
I'm pretty sure he had 53:58 (tying my time); that's what he said on skype. Maybe I misunderstood though; i'll wait for him to comment :P
yeah, I meant my tie with kirby, heh. I haven't really played 100% since then but soon I'll get back to it and get 53:43 on the dot ZX, don't you worry
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
57:21 100% SS

lol I'd only been practicing segments for several weeks before deciding to do a full run on a whim tonight. I can probably get sub 57 easily if I start to grind out serious attempts.

seriously nice, ramen! why aren't you racing with us??
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
Quote from Mobiusman:
seriously nice, ramen! why aren't you racing with us??

Thanks Mobius :) Racing sounds fun. What's the best way for me to know when you guys will be doing them?
7PM UTC (3PM EDT) is the scheduled weekly race. If you have a time that'd work better for you, let us know (there's a topic about the weekly races)!