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Nothing too great, but I got my segmented time down to 27:45. Sub 27:40 should be around the corner soon. =O
kirby pls
? something wrong?
any% ss
mobiusman 29:10
secretkey 30:26
darko 30:48

100% ss
mobiusman 53:03

My any% segmented pb is 43:39.  Trying to get a solid single segment time, tourian doesn't always like to cooperate, though.
Updated leaderboards with all the times mobiusman and arxyn posted, as well as my own new MZM 100% PB of 52:34, single segment!
I completed my first any% single segment run just a second ago. The time is 41:33. This is my pb for any%, over 2 minutes faster than my last run.
Just for fun, the item collection is 28%.
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Secretkey: 2014-02-20 05:04:21 am
Secretkey: 2014-02-20 05:04:04 am
Finally hit that sub 30 for the single segment category:

Solid run with some pretty atrocious parts though: I chocked at the Brinstar Super and needed a whole lot of 3 attempts to get it, Tourian was kind of unlucky drops wise (could have been around 10-20 seconds faster with better luck) and my Charlie fight was pretty bad, too (missed two of the symbols). So this could definitely be improved and I'm probably aiming for a time around the 29:3x mark to be happy enough with a run in this category.
I hope I will be joining the sub 40 club soon. Sub 30 seems like an impossible feat. But seriously, congratulations on sub 30!
Did you are interested post hardmode 100% runs?

There is some what i know.
55:25 Spidey Widey (seg)
58:24 Kridly (seg)
1:00:28 Master-88 (seg)
1:00:59 ajbolt89 (seg)
1:04:44 Redscarlet (seg)
1:05:02 Master-88 (SS)
Honestly? Not really- at the moment I'm not even sure, if I wanna jump right back into the game again to learn the 100% route, because there are still other games I'm kind of interested in. We'll se what happens - but If I do, I'd be content enough with focusing on the normal mode only. 
Should be updated. Congratz secretkey on the sub-30! But can you stop approaching my any% time? I kinda want to have time to improve 100% then do any% :P
New PB :D First submission to the leaderboard! 1:04:14 Not an amazing time but better than some.
Congrats again! You should try any% soon, once you have gotten a bit better at 100%. I would like to see how good you are at the category.
updated with kenpoben's time, along with dragonfang's new 100% PB
New Single Segment any% PB:

Really weird run - the beginning was really bad (6 seconds behind), after that my execution got better and better. Only saved 8 seconds in Tourian though (already had a run, where I saved 25 seonds in Tourian alone) and I had one really bad mistake in the stealth section costing me  around 10 seconds. The segment after Charlie was pretty well optimzed again. Sub 29 definitely in my reach - I don't know, if I really wanna go for it though.
dangit screw you for beating my time D:

congratz though! I'm hoping you do go for sub-29! :)
Hello everyone! I just stumbled across the Fusion leaderboards via a reddit thread, and then found this! I've been running MZM casually since I discovered AGDQ2013 on YouTube in December. :) My best time so far is 0:33:34 (SS any%), I don't have a screenshot though, I'll make sure to get one when I beat it! :)
stuff has been getting real lately.

100% ss
53:07 dragonfangs

any% ss
28:33 zx498
28:34 thomaz
Updated. Nice time emlun, good luck with the improvements!

Also holy crap mobius, those any% times
miniature PB from me, 1:13:46 (52:59). still plenty of work to do
Quote from Mobiusman:
miniature PB from me, 1:13:46 (52:59). still plenty of work to do

but SUB-533333333333333333333333333333
Apparently this is the day for miniature PB's:

29:04 any % ss

Was -25 after Iron Ted, but didn't press "down" on the d-pad making me lose the finale shinespark, so I had to travel through that big robot run normally. Could have been a nice 28:4x run -  I don't remember being so pissed at myself for losing a run...
It's ok, I lost a 0:46 fusion any% by not mashing anymore at omega metroid, thinking he was dead.