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I'm working on my fangame "Metroid:
So many secret passages I had no idea exist.
gratz to haaria on a any% SS PB of 30:45!!
I got 27:52 any% segmented a few days ago. Can still be improved a lot but it's cool I guess.
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Botwoon: 2013-11-24 08:21:37 am
Can I delete my post? I meant to post in the "post your time, percentage, and difficulty here!" Thread, but posted here by accident.
It doesn't really matter too much, don't worry about it :)
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SaMhuS: 2013-12-23 10:56:09 am
SaMhuS: 2013-12-23 09:30:16 am
SaMhuS: 2013-12-22 11:22:44 am
SaMhuS: 2013-12-22 11:22:27 am
Hey, just finish my second run and I got a 47:51 (Normal)
No AWS yet so still slow :)
I hope more PB for the future !
(Honnestly I don't know if emulators are authorized for leaderboards : /)
Edit : PB to 42:38 with AWS !
Emulators are fine since we go by in-game time here. Gratz on the PB! :)
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Thomaz: 2013-12-23 02:47:37 am
I got a 52:51 (I think, it might even be lower but to be sure, let's keep it at this) segmented 100% a few months ago, but never mentioned it here apparently. =P

Also, I improved my SS any% time by 1 second. <___< So 29:07. God, such a bad time. =(
wait, you run this game thomaz? jk :P Gratz on the improvements regardless!
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SaMhuS: 2013-12-27 05:10:14 pm
New PB (40:06) , miss the sub 40 ... I'm just disgusted x)
God ... WR is so far !
Nice improvement though! :O

And don't worry, nobody is close to spidey's times, except sam in any%
Hi guys, I'm here to post my time in Single-Segment Any% Normal : I made 35:13 =)
SS Normal Low% in 47:19. Overall a bad run, had saves, some playing around, etc. Just posting because...because.
See you post low-% times too.

My own best 9% normal time is 41:35 (segmented)

Though my only recorded run in youtube are 43:19.
LOL Kirby. Im not want are nitpicking, but you post my 9% time 41:39 its wrong

Correct time is 41:35.
Fixed. Let me know if there are any other mistakes! If I didn't make mistakes, then nobody could beat my PBs obviously ;)
Small PB. Horrible run, especially Black pirates fight. At least sub 29. =P

SS any% 28.59
I got a 29:24 in SS any% today. I still want to improve it by ~15 seconds (especially since this one wasn't recorded) but it feels like good progress!
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Mobiusman: 2014-02-07 06:36:18 pm
Mobiusman: 2014-02-07 06:36:10 pm
53:03 / 1:13:55 in 100% (rta route). I can taste the 52. I can taste it.

edit: also, since darko doesn't post here, he got 30:48 any% ss today!
I'm on a roll, 29:10 any% SS
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MASTER-88: 2014-02-08 12:57:26 pm
MASTER-88: 2014-02-08 12:55:45 pm
59:00 (100% SS)

Only new PB after 7 years. Though only 7 seconds improvement over my previous.

Lol i see you are posted it. You are fast man Kirby.
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MASTER-88: 2014-02-08 02:38:57 pm
BTW I pick up one mistake here

Segmented Any% Normal

26:43 spidey-widey

27:36 samthedigital
27:52 thomaz
28:47 dragonfangs (SS)
28:50 transcience
29:20 zx497 (SS)
29:23 Eagle
29:24 mobiusman (SS)
29:28 kirbymastah (SS)
29:34 GameCube04
29:45 JaggerG (SS)
29:55 master-88
29:55 bartendorsparky
29:56 mobiusman (SS)
29:57 Moctroid
30:45 haaria (SS)
31:27 Master-88
31:38 secretkey
33:20 prime hunter

31:27 is not my best time. Its still 29:55. This 31:27 was my test run in this year. Thats seems you are posted those both times your list. I think you can erased my 31:27.
fixed. thanks for letting me know!
Time for a huge update of mine:

Did a segmented run that I'm pretty happy with (7 segments)

And then I did a first serious single attempt and got a 30:26 - I will probably improve that soon though.
Awesome job Secretkey. Sub 29 is not easy task. I think its might be more easier try SS runs next.