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JaySee: 2014-10-30 10:41:32 pm

Overall, I feel this was a lot sloppier run than my other PB, so I'm guessing my Imago Cacoon and Charlie fights are what helped me PB this time, as well as dropping one missile and one super tank.  Twitch decided it wanted to mute the first 19 mins of this run, so we'll see how an appeal goes.
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samthedigital: 2014-10-31 06:56:31 am
samthedigital: 2014-10-31 06:55:39 am
grats on sub 50 jaysee

26:53/39:12 25%
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Axodo: 2014-11-01 10:56:15 am
Great job for your PB sam, and you too JaySee ;)
I did a 1:07:24 on 100% SS, I should upload a pic soon =)

EDIT : I just bet it a few minutes ago, it's now 1:04:58 ;)
go get that sub 1 now =)
I will do my best ;)
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LordAlu: 2014-11-02 04:57:35 pm
New 100% PB - 58:45

^ Now on non-emulator goodness ^

Main mistakes were with some bomb jumping, a slow Charlie fight, a poor Mecha fight and missing the first-time charge on escape spark. Really need to grind out my movement skills too. Still, to shave 41 seconds off is pretty nice! :)

As ever, Twitch highlight of the run is here -
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JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:26:42 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:26:22 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:25:21 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:24:51 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:20:48 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-02 10:11:11 pm

PB of Shame - got Map of Shame. Very sloppy. Still can't get escape spark in a run....
added you to the google doc jaysee (reminder that this exists - )
Here is the pic of my SS 100% ;)
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Eagle: 2014-11-07 07:01:21 am
Don't worry too much about the map station, jaysee -- it happens if you're not confident in the timing of the jump.

I followed your stream, feel free to ask if you want help with improving or whatnot :)

On another note, slowly getting into 100% and got a run that isn't too bad.

1:18:44, or 57:33 IGT.
Very small improvement on my SS 100% PB : it was 1:04:58, it's now 1:04:39 =p

it's unfortunately not recorded, but I'll get better than this with the 'new' route eventually

39:22, or 27:08 IGT

Also finished a single segment hard mode run without dying recently - 49:22, or 35:58 IGT. Might upload it but I figure I can improve it fairly easily.
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Eagle: 2014-11-29 10:27:42 am
^ I improved both of those.

Hard any% in 33:14:

Any% in 26:58:

mobius has a lot of videos to update :P
I always update as the runs come out :p
31:23 / 44:52 any% hard
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pyrq: 2014-12-10 04:43:51 pm
Any% SS 30;21,
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samthedigital: 2014-12-20 11:12:59 am
30:54 / 44:22 any% hard


Oh, spidey has a 31:50 segmented any% hard time. You can edit that in if you want whenever you update kirby.
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JaySee: 2014-12-28 01:52:28 pm
JaySee: 2014-12-28 01:52:09 pm

Had saves, no deaths/resets. First 100% completion. I apparently need to relearn infinite double bomb jump because I refuse to do late brinstar cleanup. Easily can shave off 15-20 mins by not failing some rooms many many times.
Good job JaySee. I guess your time will be soon improved. Show us what you can do ! =p
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JaySee: 2014-12-28 09:36:10 pm
I'll find out Friday, maybe Thursday depending on how Super Metroid any% learning goes. Two others and I are racing Zero Mission, M2, Super Metroid, and Fusion 100% back to back on Friday. (Practicing any% SM because all I need to work on for 100% are bosses)
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MickeyGnou: 2014-12-30 06:54:45 pm
Will be improved soon. any% normal

been lazy, finally updated