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Man's reach should exceed his grasp
57:05 100% SS

It's so cool to get two new pb's two days in a row, but I'm a little disappointed that this run wasn't a sub 57. My biggest mistakes were super missile mismanagement in Tourian, taking a lava swim while fighting Mother Brain, and an embarrassing Charlie fight. My cleanup was probably the best I've ever had though XD

And thanks for the info ZX. I won't be able to race today, but in the future 3pm EST on Sundays sounds like it'll work out great :)
28:39 any% ss

It was a really poor run. If anyone cares I had 1:59 at hives, 5:31 at Norfair, 8:38 at Ridley, 12:09 at Kraid, 15:15 at Tourian, 17:54 at escape, 22:14 before charlie, and then there's my end time. Last boss and escape were terrible because I messed something up in a room and it had a chain reaction, but whatever, it's still a personal best =).
nice PB! :)
SUB 30!!!!!!!!!!! GOT 29:28 WOOO
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
Congrats Kirby! That's awesome :D
Spidey got a new record of 50:58 for 100% Single Segment. WOW.
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
57:02 100% SS

Got this pb in my first ever race. Thanks to everyone for inviting me along and being so awesome. The Metroid speedrunning community is full of wonderful people, and it's a pleasure to play this great game and talk about it with you guys.
Nice! :) and in a race too! Gratz <3
ramen you sweettalker <3
gratz to sam for beating mine and mobiusman's times for 100% SS <3
zx is a jerk for beating my any% time with 29:20. Gratz to zx!
Heh, thanks. Having taken more or less a summer long break from ZM and my PSP in general, my trusty callous had wore off and now my thumb is in agonizing pain after playing ZM for a day... but it's a pain of victory :)
plz. I want to retire from zm any%. LET ME RETIRE IN PEACE. STOP MAKING ME WANT TO IMPROVE D;
Just pick up low% and then we can put up that leaderboard ;)
too many people beating my time... Gratz to dragonfangs on 29:26 any% normal SS!
Sam is 22 seconds away from spidey's any% SS record! he's closing in!
dfangs got 54:16 in 100%! HYPE
gratz to ramen on cutting the SDA with his 55:49!!!
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Got a 57:52 100% last night ^_^
jagger with dat sub-hour :O
52:58 in 100% YES YES YES YES YES
ZX proceeds to beat my time a day later. that jerk #Kappa
57:51 darko
1:03:26 extremesp1tf1r3

100% SS, in a race today TriHard
Hello everyone, I'm new in speedrunning ZM... I started speedrunning with Fusion (any%), but then I found out that I prefer Zero Mission, so here is my time for my first real run (after a lot of training and route learning) :

1:20:25    100%    Segmented

It was supposed to be a single segmented run, but I raged and quit... so it has became a segmented run. In fact, it's a 2 segment run.

I don't use the last known route because I'm bad without the long beam, so I use the best route known with early long beam (as well, I don't skip acid worm, ....)
I had a lot of difficulties against Mecha Ridley, I died 5 times...

I love this game so much, I think I'm gonna continue my training and try to do best times ^^.

Sorry if my english is bad... I try to do my best :).