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I just got a new one literally 30 seconds ago to,  it was 42:03. Sorry
Also I did the impossible and u know how at the end of the game u need to do 2 speedboosts to carge the shinespark and get the ballspark to the last room, I got that in one boost without puase buffering and got a perfect armored pirate fight and finished it save like 20 seconds!
I just did the possiblee and died in the final metroid room, 29 minutes real time.
I think both of our messages are hard to understand I meant chozodia
Also I don'time myself on real time, my segments take forever, usually I spend like 30 to 45 minutes for each segment, chozodia takes longer becuase of escape fails.
OH, I see what u meant now, it was a joke but I was taking it as if u misunderstood me P.S If that was not a joke I'm sorry please dont be offended.
I am not exactly sure what you are worked up about, but whatever it is, it's cool :p
The sorry part was half joking.
Well more like 80%
i totally forgot  to put my time here x) :

My time on Single-Segment Any% Normal is 38:26 IGT ;)

btw i didn't do any run since a long time ^^
Hey every on I just got a new pb, 41:17 :)
Quote from Lerd Praten:
Hey every on I just got a new pb, 41:17 :)

single segment i assume?
Always asume segmented with me I'll tell you other wise, it was segment3d also watching the metroid marathon since 7:08 lol now thanks to emptyeye I want to see the game in reverse color pallette
You can put it under single segment if you want though ; )
Segmented Kappa
Hey everyone.

Any% Single Segment 37;37 (dfangs' 28;28 inspired me):
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haaria: 2014-04-17 10:59:45 pm
So I finally got sub 57 single segment although it took me two days sub SDA soon I hope :D and I also plan on recording videos on my laptop soon although in not as good on emulator as I am on console
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pyrq: 2014-04-19 01:33:03 pm
Started practice/runs on emulator and got 36;52 (any% single segment):
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LordAlu: 2014-04-20 10:09:32 am
Afternoon everyone.

I picked up Zero Mission 100% after a Twitch chat with Kirbymastah 3-4 weeks ago and have been practicing for a couple of hours every two or three days when I've had the time. Today I finally finished a full single-segment run (I'd almost always die to Iron Ted on my previous attempts) which has resulted in a in-game time of 1:10:51.

I streamed the run on Twitch and have highlighted it below:

There were a lot of mistakes and poor play (including a bad Iron Ted fight, bad Tourian, lucky escape during suitless and several execution errors) but I'm pretty proud of it for a first complete run. I'm always open to advice or comments if anyone has any too :)

Hopefully that time will be coming down soon! :)
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DivineVector125: 2014-04-21 12:12:25 am
DivineVector125: 2014-04-20 08:01:24 pm
Good job all.
Updated, let me know if i missed anything
Got 28:20 any% SS yesterday. Run was ok I guess, but I lost a ton of time from escape to endgame. =(

Finally sub 29 single segment - pretty good run up untill Tourian. I think I lost around 25 seconds there alone: getting grabbed by metroids, terrible drop luck (had to farm for like 15-20 seconds) and slow MB. Very unfortunate since the end game was spot on again... oh well.
Just gave Single Segment a whirl a couple days ago and got 42:13 im happy with that for now.
Everyone is getting close to or beating my times ;_;