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Yeah, if you watched it the whole way through I think you'd easily see the time saved being on the order of 20 seconds. And 20 seconds is pretty big seeing as my time is 27:24 with a (tentative) goal of sub 27.
I can see 20 seconds being saved for sure, but I think that most of the time will be saved by just playing better and not because of new strats =P.
I would actually guess that a little less than half of the time saved will be due to better play; the 27:24 has a few yucky bits, but it's mostly quite well done (assuming my memory is somewhat reliable). I suppose time will tell, though.
32:26 any% hard single segment

There is still work to be done, but it's a start at least.

Your 27:24 isn't exactly sloppy by the way, but it definitely could be 30 seconds faster =P.
Fucking sick time Sam. Did you have any videos your hardmode? Im not are see any hard runs im interested know your route here.

I think you could got 30.xx segmented with heavy manipulated tourian.???
I have my run on twitch. I have a real recording of the run too, but I need to wait before uploading it. Sorry about the quality of the recording. I couldn't do anything about my internet dying too =x.

If I'm lucky sub 30 might happen, but it would take a lot of effort and a stupid amount of rng to pull off. For example I would have to pray for a super drop from a red rinka.

If you're interested in doing a run yourself you can do Ridley first too. It's not fun to have 3 supers for Tourian, but it's still possible to get a really good time that way too.
Any% single segment 33;50:
Any%, single segment, 38:29, played on emulator.
updated, along with sam's wtf 27:34 for any% SS
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samthedigital: 2014-05-18 10:38:28 pm
Yeah, I'm kind of happy this wasn't any better since it was literally just supposed to be a no reset practice run until I got some recording equipment. I failed acid worm skip, and then I missed hbj two or three times, but otherwise the run was really quite solid honestly.
New PB in 100% today - 1:08.25

Had a pretty good start until Ridley. I missed the first energy tank (where you jump over the hole) so I decided to drop into practice mode. Messed up some more with the double missile room and the room with the collapsing trail, then when I eventually made it back to practice the jump after beating Imago, I missed the jump AGAIN. Had to go around the left to get it :P

Somehow my end game was pretty good, including my Ridley fight, and I end up PBing by two minutes o_O

Anyway, all streamed on Twitch as usual:

Sub 1 hour please!
Scratch that one, another PB in the same day :D

1:06.34 :)

Still loads of room for improvement. I missed the Energy Tank jump in Ridley again, ran out of super missiles at Iron Ted, missed the ball spark entry to Tourian and the ball spark escape from the ship, took three attempts to get to the twin missile room in Ridley and four attempts to get down to the last Energy Tank too.

Twitch recording:

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samthedigital: 2014-05-23 07:50:15 pm
I absolutely need to stop doing practice runs, but whatever. 27:22 any% single segment
Casul world record. Calls it "practice".
I need a capture card badly and have only been doing runs to make sure I don't get rusty. It's stupid that I'm getting good times in runs like these <_<;.
So there's no recording?
nope =(... The run is beatable at least though.
Hey, cool! I figured this would probably happen eventually, since you seemed to be doing tons of runs (while I was busying myself in ways unrelated to speedrunning). Guess I have to improve my run now. :P At any rate, good job.

I did an any% SS recently soon after the hard mode run, and I got 28:48. It was bad lol. I'll probably be getting more seriously into it again soon.
100% PB, 1:05:01

Still so many mistakes in there, gah!! MUST IMPROVE!

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samthedigital: 2014-05-26 02:49:17 pm
samthedigital: 2014-05-26 02:33:16 pm
samthedigital: 2014-05-26 11:42:36 am
Kirby made the update, but I'll post anyway. I got a 27:19. It was rather sloppy until Tourian, and I didn't really have good Tourian luck. I somehow managed to save time over Spidey's run in a place where I would have never expected to: Chozodia >_>;. I have the video recorded this time, but there isn't any sound. That's really frustrating =/. I really need a new capture card.

Also, my twitter is samthedigital and not kirbylover69. Thanks a lot raphael.

is the video
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JRP2234: 2014-05-28 11:57:10 am
A Washing Machine
I am so bad at this game.  this is my first SS any% run and can be easily improved by 8 minutes. I might come back to this game once I get a 0:47 in fusion.

Edit: I did another run and got a 36:28 any% ss
Hi !

I finally reached my goal, i just did a 28:53 any% single segment, here's a picture of the final screen :

Thanks sam for the double missiles setup ;), indeed, it is easier

i've done all the major tricks 1st try, i did a better job in Tourian : in my previous runs i would use all my super missiles no matter what the drops were, but alternating missiles/super missiles seems a better option (less time refilling before mother brain)

I don't know if i could do a lot better with my current strats, but i'm really, really proud that the training finally paid off! My hands were shaking at the end ;)
Congrats! that's an awesome time. We'd love to see some recordings from you :)
Thanks Mobius!

Unfortunately i don't stream at all, i don't have any equipment yet, but i'd love to be able to stream someday!

I was wondering if skipping the 3rd E-tank (when leaving Ridley) was really worth it, i should try runs with only 2 E-tanks though.
Congrats on the sub 29 loic.
As for getting energy tanks, you should only get two really unless you feel that you die too much with three. The only reason I get a second one is because I am bad at the Ridley fight and don't want to die there. Otherwise I would just use one etank.