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red chamber dream
btw aegislash is honedge's final evo, both defenses are 150 and its ability switches its attacks and defenses when it attacks (so it effectively has 150 atk, spatk, def, and spdef)
red chamber dream
just caught a brave honedge so i've got three members of my team now
Holy cow that's a nasty ability.

Just to clear things up I went and checked Serebii's pokedex page. I'm going to assume it's accurate since the games have been out for a day.
69 new Pokemon: 650-718. Probably includes any potential event ones as well. Kinda disappointed in that since it means they pretty much showed off everything in the months leading up to this point.
Club 27 Goals
I swear I remember reading about how there was a total of 70 new pokes. I guess that isn't many but I hope that it at least means they had a lot of ideas and trimmed out a lot of the fluff this time around.

Also looks like I'm buying a new 3DS charger, goddammit. Will hopefully get to play tomorrow.
Club 27 Goals
Oh 69. Got ninja'd. I was close thoug
red chamber dream
but ur forgetting about mega evolutions!!!!!!!1

for real, the only reason i play new pokemon games is to use the new pokemon. so far i haven't bothered catching many old pokes because i don't see a reason to.

that's why i liked black/white so much - all new pokes ftw.
red chamber dream
but that said, i really like the gen vi pokes, and the game feels pretty meaty so far - i'm 9 hours in and still only have 1 badge.
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Prime Hunter: 2013-10-13 03:02:45 pm
Yeah that's got to be the longest stretch between the first and second gym ever. I got my 2nd one last night (also at around 9 hours) and my team is already approaching 30. I've got the ones I wanted already too which is nice. Hooray for my Jolly "Proud of its power" Tyrunt. grin new

Quote from arkarian:
for real, the only reason i play new pokemon games is to use the new pokemon. so far i haven't bothered catching many old pokes because i don't see a reason to.

I haven't caught too many at this point either. I've only been grabbing ones I feel like picking up, such as Kangaskhan, or ones I've either never gotten or rarely catch, such as Seviper. Speaking of which, hordes aren't limited to a single pokemon type. Had an amusing encounter with 4 Seviper and 1 Zangoose and they all started attacking each other and spamming Swagger at themselves and my Honedge. I'm just glad they were all level 7 rather than the high teens like I was at that point. Could've been a lot worse.
red chamber dream
yeah i picked up a dunsparce because dunsparce is awesome, and i just lucked out and caught an eevee on rt 10 while looking for a hawlucha ... man are those things hard to find. already caught a female one with a neutral nature so perhaps i'll have to settle for that.

also need to go back and get a helioptile on rt 9 ... think heliolisk would be a good addition to my team. i always like to use an electric type, and electric/normal should be interesting.

for the fossils i went with amaura or however it's spelt. yes, tyrunt is a t-rex, but his typing awful and i want to use a better dragon poke. that said, aururos's typing is probably even worse, but he looks cool and has a neat ability. but i'm not going to use him anyway.
red chamber dream
Whoa! A horde of Nosepass appeared!
What'd you say?
I used a honey to encounter a horde of Zubats. Supersonic + Leech Life is a bitch.
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arkarian: 2013-10-13 04:21:30 pm
red chamber dream

aww yeah got my adamant hawlucha with "likes to fight" ... time to track down a good helioptile

i really like that there's so many choices of good pokes this gen. i'm having a really tough time of deciding who to pick ... will have one more free spot after heliolisk that i'll probably want to fill with a dragon type, then i'll probably dump hawlucha for yveltal when i get him
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Prime Hunter: 2013-10-13 04:25:44 pm
Yep, I got a horde of Zubat in the cave when passing through at one point too. Had to be done. (Gah, hearing five of their cries go off at once...)

And yeah Hawlucha seems really cool now that I've seen it for myself. Still going to use my Pancham/Pangoro though since it's one of my favorites from this gen and he's been doing pretty well now that he's caught up with the rest of the team. This EXP Share makes it SO much easier to keep the team around the same level. I love it.

Haven't seen an evolution in ages though. I'd have thought that I would have seen at least one of my guys evolve since they're all starting to break into the 30s at this point. I know Chesnaught/Talonflame are close by though based on how the previous starters and birds have worked.
red chamber dream
yeah i would have gone with pangoro if yveltal weren't a dark type. don't need two of them, and the 4x fairy weakness is also a little frightening. but he's damn cool, way more so than scrafty.
red chamber dream
trying to decide which dragon type i want ... dragalge looks pretty cool and his typing is interesting (dragon/poison). poison would cover his fairy weakness but then again it makes him weak to ground and psychic lol
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arkarian: 2013-10-13 05:45:10 pm
red chamber dream
finally got modest helioptile, and with the ability i wanted (sand veil) and decent ivs too

btw i find it funny that the darkest skin tone you can choose makes you look latina rather than black ... yet there's a gym leader who does look black
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arkarian: 2013-10-14 01:08:55 am
red chamber dream
so hawlucha's flying press is a pretty cool move ... 80 base damage, only gets fighting stab but it does fighting and flying damage, so it's nice against fighting pokes and certain other typings, like steel/grass (fucking ferrothorn) and fighting/dark

honedge evolves at 35 btw
Club 27 Goals
And of course gamestop is closed the same hour I get off work.

Tomorrow is my work-Froday though so plenty of time.
Well you will have plenty of time to catch up to me this week since I won't get a lot of time to play between now and Friday afternoon.

I've gotten up to the NE side of the map past Route 14. Team is in the low 40s now, but still no evolution for Pancham and Tyrunt yet. Wish I could find the move deleter soon because I've had to miss out on some decent moves as a result. (Pancham was the only one who could learn Surf on my team... what?)
What'd you say?
How are your teams looking?

27 Frogadier (p)
26 Charmeleon (p)
19 Helioptile (np)
26 Fletchlinder (np)
22 Tyrunt (np)
26 Floette (p)

(p) = Planned to be in my final 6.
(np) = Not planned to be in my final 6.
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arkarian: 2013-10-14 07:34:03 pm
red chamber dream
42 greninja (p)
42 floette (p)
42 doublade (p)
43 hawlucha (probably)
39 helioptile (maybe)
39 linoone (np)

Quote from Poision Envy:
And of course gamestop is closed the same hour I get off work.

Tomorrow is my work-Froday though so plenty of time.

you realize other stores sell the game right?
Club 27 Goals
yeah but I had already put down like $30 towards it at gamestop like 4 months ago.

But yeah, I'm completely blown away with how they use the 3D environment to move around and the graphics and everything is really much higher than I originally expected. It's also really neat how they used the original sound effects of things like walking into the wall and such.
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Prime Hunter: 2013-10-15 03:13:56 am
My team at Laverre City:

44 Chesnaught (P)
43 Talonflame (M)
42 Pyroar (M)
41 Pancham (P)
40 Doublade (P)
42 Tyrunt (P)

20 Inkay (M)

I was originally going to go with just one of Talonflame/Pyroar and have Inkay be the last member of the team, but I've had a hard time deciding between the two up to this point so they both stayed on. I've debated on checking out some of the other Kalos Pokemon I've seen up to this point but I haven't tried any of them other than the 7 listed here.

And yeah, I know my team is kinda unbalanced compared to the two of you.
red chamber dream
hey gotta use the pokes you like
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arkarian: 2013-10-15 03:48:03 am
red chamber dream
man i've been in lumiose city for like the past two hours, there's so much shit to do there when returning from the power plant

still sitting at 4 badges, haven't gone to fight the lumiose leader yet

also this is a great thread