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red chamber dream
no thanks
I remember as a kid not getting through victory road in red and blue, and then in gold and silver beating the elite 4 was a huge deal to me. like I distinctly remember where I was when I finally beat it for the first time. Ever sine then though, beating the games isn't too rememorable. Except for in heartgold/soulsilver since I beat in while on vacation to Hawaii while watching Scarface.
red chamber dream
i hear that's a good movie
also just got back from a halloween party. Out of the people there, there were 8 of us who had bought the new pokemon. 6 out of 8 bought Y, 5 out of 8 chose the fox, and 7 out of 8 chose squirtle as the gen 1 starter.

Nobody chose chespin as their starter
and yes scarface is fucking awesome dude. It's like 5 hours long though or something
red chamber dream
i don't mind a long movie as long as it's good
red chamber dream
oh lol it's not even 3 hours :P
wat. Okay maybe we were watching the director's cut or something. There were at LEAST 3DVDs in the box
we didn't finish it actually and we had to have watched it for about 3 hours. Unless we were just super close to the end and didn't know it, but we never saw the scene where he says SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREND
red chamber dream
yeah that's at the very end i think

go word of mouth
oh well we were probably like 10 mins from the ending then, lol
red chamber dream
meh that should all fit on one disc anyway
I'm sure one disc was behind da seens and soundtrack

and other two was director's cut?  or maybe it was just widescreen and 3:4
red chamber dream
sweet, i'm perfectly leveled for the e4 - my pokes are all at 63 and the first opponent pokemon is 63

glad i turned that exp share off ... turning it back on now though
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arkarian: 2013-10-20 03:43:23 am
red chamber dream
ok, so i totally didn't see

diantha being the champion

coming. guess pokemon can still surprise me after all!

music during the champion battle is awesome btw
Huh, that's interesting since I managed to peg the champion and evil team leader pretty early. Or at least suspected it. Pokemon's been doing that kind of thing for ages now so I guess I'm naturally starting to look for that kind of pattern with its characters. Part of what made BW so cool was how they shook things up a bit in that regard.

And yeah, there's a lot of great music in XY. Some of the best in the series if you ask me. All the major battle themes are awesome.
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ryu: 2013-10-20 04:00:45 am
i'm dumb, i just clicked that spoiler without thinking.

glad i turned that exp share off

did the game become more fun that way? i've already thought about doing that as well when i get the game, but i'm not sure if it really helps if the game is truely as easy as people are saying.
red chamber dream
yeah, i'm glad i did it even though the e4 was still a total pushover. swept the champion with my underleveled (lvl 61) yveltal, lol. but turning it off after the seventh gym at least made some of the later battles a bit more interesting. also, changing the battle style to set rather than shift was nice for the e4 too. i also imposed a no item use rule on myself during battle which makes things more fun.
There were some moments that slipped me up even when I was 5-10 levels beyond where the game expected me to be, so really it comes down to your team's layout as always. But yeah, even with that in mind I'd say it would probably be more interesting if you were closer to their level. I mean there's still going to be a lot of trainers with unevolved Pokemon and teams consisting of 1-3 for a good portion of the game so nothing you do is going to change that. But at least you won't be absolutely demolishing pretty much everything as badly as I started to towards the end.
red chamber dream
haha that's great ... snorlax's sprite slowly wakes up over the course of the series

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Prime Hunter: 2013-10-20 04:16:46 am
Doesn't hurt that you have a huge variety of awesome Pokemon to choose from throughout the game to create a team of powerhouses if you choose to. There's a lot of quality to be found in Kalos if you decide you don't want to stick with just the gen 6 Pokemon.

And wow I was right. This is the first time Snorlax has been on its feet before when it's not attacking, isn't it?
red chamber dream
>get fennekin from shauna after beating game
>it's modest
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arkarian: 2013-10-20 05:13:34 am
arkarian: 2013-10-20 05:13:19 am
red chamber dream
well lol, mewtwo was surprisingly easy to find in that cave ...

ok game freak MUST have fucked with the capture rate because i just caught him with my first ball thrown, a dusk ball ... now i don't have anything left for my master ball lol
Yeah I was expecting a Cerulean Cave kind of deal with both Mewtwo's location and the 3rd XY legendary, but they each get a single room. Oh well. At least Mewtwo gave us this awesome remix.

I got a Mild (+Sp Atk -Def) "Alert to Sounds" Mewtwo that I've already maxed out thanks to Super Training. First Mewtwo I've actually done something with beyond catching him since before RSE came out if I'm not mistaken.
red chamber dream
i got jolly ... fucking dammit

oh well, at least it'll have great speed, and still better spatk than anything else in the game