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arkarian: 2013-10-12 01:35:22 pm
red chamber dream
this thread is for all pokemon xy talk, since i know lots of people will be playing and we don't want to clog the general gaming thread.

anyway, first reviews are up, and they show lots of the game we haven't seen before:

i can't wait for 12 october.
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Too bad the story looks like it will still be standard fare, but everything else looks awesome so it'll more than make up for that in the end.

Is it bad that I still haven't decided which starter I want yet? I was leaning towards Chespin for a while but now I'm starting to go the other way and I might be going with Froakie instead. (I'm assuming Fennekin's final form is Fire/Psychic based on what the other two are supposed to be?)
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Quote from Prime Hunter:
Is it bad that I still haven't decided which starter I want yet?

No because they all look dumb as helllllll.
If you're talking about their final evolutions I haven't seen those yet. Going purely on types and their first two forms at the moment.
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I keep forgetting how they made everything so much visually better. Pretty excited for it. That was probably the most expensive at-counter-purchase I've made. "While you're buying $40 of league cards are there any other games you'd like to preorder?" "Sure here's $40 for the new Pokemon" "X or Y?" "Whichever has the cooler Pokemon, the deer I guess" "but the bird is way cooler" "okay sounds good"

Still not sure if that means I got X or Y
red chamber dream
yeah i'm going with the bird too (y). i always buy the second version (silver, pearl, white) so i figure there's no reason to break the chain now

i actually think all the starters are really cool - probably the best lineup they've ever made. probably going with the water starter because water is awesome and water/dark is even cooler.
I'm going with Y as well. Unless I ended up getting both I've gone with all of the 'warmer' versions so far. (R/G/Ru/FR/P/HG/W/W2) Pearl was the only exception to that because at first I was going to get Diamond but the store was sold out at the time. Hadn't realized the pattern until then either so I'm happy with the result. Yveltal is one of my favorite 6th gens so far anyway so that helps too.

And yeah, that's what's making the starter choice harder for me this time around. Their first forms all seem pretty solid to me and usually there's at least one that stands out from the group.
red chamber dream
first gym leader is bug so finally picking the grass type will put you at a disadvantage

overall the water type is probably the worst choice in terms of gyms because dark isn't good against much of anything, but water is great for defense so it's always a solid choice

i kind of want to wait to see what the starters' base stats are before choosing though, because i don't want to pick a defensively-oriented starter - they suck for the main game ... thankfully it looks like the water type is finally offensive this time around, being a ninja and all
red chamber dream
also did yall see that there's multitype moves now? well, they're still listed as a single type, but there's a fighting type move with "this move is also flying type" in its description ... kind of exciting
What'd you say?
Thanks guys, you've pushed me over the edge, I'm buying a 3DS. Gonna go with midnight purple.

I'm definitely going water type. Not sure whether I'm going with X or Y though, I'll decide when I see them.
red chamber dream
get x and trade with me :D
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If no one gets X, then I'll jump on that grenade.

Is anyone going to Nuzlocke (or similar challenge) their first playthrough?
red chamber dream
hell naw, i'm just gonna play to have fun
What'd you say?
I'm gonna force myself to use 5-6 different pokemon. I tend to use 2-3 in most playthroughs. Aside from that, I'm just gonna enjoy it.
red chamber dream
i typically start with a team of 4 because there aren't many good pokes early in the game (though i hear this will change in xy), then move up to 5 after i'm a few badges in. 5 takes significantly less time than 6, yet still gives you enough options in battle.

then i keep an hm slave in one spot and eventually replace it with the mascot legendary. people who don't use legendaries are chumps—part of the fun of the games imo is using those really powerful pokes.
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That's a brilliant idea, I'm going to adopt it.

I'm the noob who tends to teach my water starter surf. I used to also give it waterfall/whirlpool when I was younger as well. That's definitely not happening this time around.

I'll most likely use the legendary, granted it isn't difficult to catch (dogs in Gold/Silver,) and it'd most likely remain underleveled to keep it on par with other Pokes.
red chamber dream
what's noob about that? surf and waterfall are some of the best water attacks in the game. just be sure to only teach it surf if it's a special attacker and waterfall only if it's physical

those are about the only two hms that are worth using in battle though
red chamber dream
i'm thinking froakie is going to be a physical attacker based on greninja's art, but i guess you never know with pokemon ...
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The thing is, I'd have another water type who also knew those moves on my team. I still remember, my first three playthroughs of Gold, I'd teach Cut to my starter and practically only use that move. It didn't take long to get Meganium up to level 100. >.>
red chamber dream
i picked meganium too because i picked bulbasaur in yellow ... such a terrible choice lol, he's easily the worst of the gsc starters
red chamber dream
that's when i learned that picking defensive starters sucks, since they're going to be your primary attacking poke for a while ... but it doesn't matter much these days since you can get good pokes a few hours into the game
red chamber dream
it's funny because it's true

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Honestly, I never got deep into stats, EVs, etc. Not really sure as to why though.
red chamber dream
you should, it makes the game a lot more fun

well, there's no reason to ev train in the main game, but giving your pokemon moves that work well with their stats is very helpful

the only really important things are to not use defensive pokes as your main attackers and to not give physical moves to special attackers and vice versa
What'd you say?
I'm assuming physical moves are kinda of intuitive. I don't want to have to look up every new move. Watching stats is no problem, obviously, so I'll work on that.