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Honestly I don't see why nintendo does have a NG+ option for Pokemon. NG+ it, all the wild pokemon are leveled higher, and by the time you get to the E4 a second time they're all level 100.

I mean sure, they'd have to go through and re-do ALL the gym leader's teams to compensate, but then they could make the game actually challenging.
Closest we've had is challenge mode from Black and White 2. Trainers have higher levels, better teams and movesets for important battles such as the rival and E4, etc. Just looked it up and in round two Iris has a lvl 83 Haxorus as her main which I think is the highest a champ's ever had.
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Or they could incorporate some kind of difficulty selection from the start.  I understand that they'd want to cater to newcomers, or those that just go where the story takes them, so they need to keep the difficulty low, but they should also know by now that a lot of players are experienced players who understand the mechanics of the game well, and are after a challenge.
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arkarian: 2014-05-16 12:11:20 pm
red chamber dream
pokemon's main problem is they stick to the formula so so much. or rather, gamefreak thinks the formula contains a lot more than it does, so they keep putting the same elements in every single game, when they should be changing them up.

there's absolutely no reason to keep making grass/fire/water the starter types, but they do. there's no reason trainer battles need to be just as easy as wild battles, but in every game they usually are. there's no reason you even need to be a 10 year old trainer who fights 8 gyms and the e4, but they keep doing that too. i just want to see a totally different story in a pokemon game.

i look at epic rpgs like ni no kuni and think man, pokemon needs to do something like this, where the scale of the adventure matches the variety of pokemon.
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BioSpark: 2014-05-16 12:29:08 pm
Quote from arkarian:
pokemon's main problem is they stick to the formula so so much.

yeah but, do you know how many people would rage if even one of those elements were changed?
red chamber dream
would they? and is that the reason game freak doesn't do it? idk.
red chamber dream
like are there a lot of people out there who really really want grass/fire/water starters and would be disappointed if game freak ever changed it up? if so those people need to be shot, but that's besides the point i guess.
What would be great is if we could get another story like Colosseum or XD since they did exactly what you're describing and pulled it off well enough. Doesn't have to include Shadow Pokemon but you get the idea.

I mean I still enjoy the games the way they are now, but seeing something different one of these times wouldn't be an unwelcome change.
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red chamber dream
two games i never played because they went too much in the other direction.

ok maybe i'm being hypocritical. i like a lot of the stuff in the main series games so i don't want them to change *too* much, i just don't understand why they don't change enough small stuff. pretty much with every gen you know you're going to get:

a) some new thing like pokemon contests
c) some new "battle building" where you battle a lot
b) some new thing you can make for pokemon to eat
d) minor battle mechanics changes, maybe

and besides those, you're pretty much guaranteed everything else in the game will work exactly like it did in previous entries. and my problem is i don't care about anything of the above things except for d. i want game freak to lay off the mini games, like dressing up pokemon or dance contests or whatever the fuck, and give us a more interesting story (dare i say one that's actually good), make the protagonist talk, make it feel more like an rpg should feel these days. make the story feel more like the anime's does. it was completely lifeless up until bw, and with xy they took another small step in the right direction, but they need to go a lot further.

give me difficult battles, and a revamped item system so you don't constantly have to buy and use potions just to progress. i'm sure game freak could come up with a good solution for this, and it could all be done without affecting the metagame, which has been always been great.

maybe that's just me though.
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I'm not that well versed on all of the types, but is there another group of three that have that circular weakness pattern?  Maybe that's why they don't change it?

In fact, I've just had a look, and it looks like it'd be quite easy.  The first one I checked was Psychic > Fighting > Dark, which is another loop, so I'm assuming there are loads more.
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arkarian: 2014-05-16 02:30:21 pm
red chamber dream
yeah, there's several. ideally i guess it would be a trio without any immunities, like dark is immune to psychic in your case.
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Yeah, but it's still clear that it's possible, which was your point.  They could potentially even have more than three starters, but we may be asking for too much.
red chamber dream
poison-grass-ground haha
red chamber dream
would be pretty cool to get a good poison starter though, poision can be a great type with the right combo (or even alone)
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I guess if they did it, it'd likely make more sense to use newer types, to make the idea even more refreshing.
red chamber dream
don't think fairy combos with anything unfortunately
red chamber dream
oh wait haha fairy-fighting-steel

that would be pretty bad ass actually
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Yeah, that's not a bad mix.
Wait, they actually made a new triangle that works perfectly AND includes Fairy in the set? I'm surprised they didn't include this somehow. Now I want to see what they could do with it for the next games. Even if you have them being the secondary types for the starters it would still be better than nothing.

After reading through your explanation I can see where you're coming from about everything else. Other than HG/SS with the Pokeathlon I've completely ignored most of the mini-game and contest like events since those don't interest me at all either. Personally the post game is where I think the series needs the most work if we're going to analyze this a bit. Once you defeat the E4 these days all that's left is maybe some new areas to explore, a few extra legendaries, the battle areas, and if you're lucky a second round E4 to face. There's got to be something beyond this they could do to keep us interested beyond just the metagame.
What'd you say?
Complete the Pokedex, bro. You gotta be teh very best.
What'd you say?
Pokemon that don't evolve until level 50 are irritating.
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red chamber dream
i really liked what bw did in only letting you catch new pokes until after e4. a good start would be for all the games to do that. then you'd have a nice goal of catching the 100-150 new pokes during the main story, which is much more attainable than catching 1000+. i'd like there to be an in-game reward for doing so, too. maybe a special move for your starter poke, or a one of a kind mega evo stone.

this is one of the reasons i like gen v so much - i actually wanted to catch all the pokes i saw because they were new. in xy i hardly caught anything because it was filled with old pokes i don't care about.

some good endgame content could be stuff like special challenge battles with weird rules. my favorite new features in xy were sky and inverse battles; i'd love to see them expand more on that and make it a large part of the endgame. can think of all kinds of battle types: monotype, no items, high gravity, vgc rules, etc. would also give you lots of opportunities to use the multitudes of legendaries you get in every game now.

pokemon's best and defining feature has always been its battle system, so gf should focus on that. couple it with an interesting story and they'd have the best pokemon game yet.
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I'd like them to feature more options for what to display and not to display.  Thank fuck they let you turn off battle animations, but I'd also like it if they gave you an option to go straight into the fight once it's done the battle flash (or whatever it's called).  There's nothing more irritating when you're trying to catch a certain pokemon, or if you're trying to grind, than having to wait for the wild pokemon to appear, then having to wait for your trainer to throw a pokeball.  I know it only takes about five seconds each time, but when you're trying to do something specific, it starts to feel like it really drags on.  Also, a feature where you can do something like 'hold B', so that if the wrong pokemon appears, you can just run without battling, rather than have to wait, throw a pokeball, then select run.  Again, it's seconds, but it grates after a while.

I'd also like an option to allow easy captures.  I know this wouldn't be for everybody, but to me, pokemon is about building your team, not capturing them.  I'd like to be able to turn this option on, and it'd mean that if you want a pokemon, you can just throw a ball, and it'd catch it.  Taht way you can get on with what you actually want to do.  I know this certainly wouldn't be for everybody, but having the option wouldn't hurt.
What'd you say?
Quote from Quietus:
I'd also like an option to allow easy captures.  I know this wouldn't be for everybody, but to me, pokemon is about building your team, not capturing them.  I'd like to be able to turn this option on, and it'd mean that if you want a pokemon, you can just throw a ball, and it'd catch it.  Taht way you can get on with what you actually want to do.  I know this certainly wouldn't be for everybody, but having the option wouldn't hurt.

From someone going for a full Dex, I would not want this to be available.
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As I said, horses for courses.  For some, it's all about the thrill of the capture, but I'm just after getting a party together, and playing through the game's main story. aiwebs_004