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Starting to get worried that Pancham hasn't evolved yet at level 47 or so. Tyrunt finally did at 46 which seems completely random for a fossil but I'll take it if it means he gets access to Head Smash through the move relearner. Finally found her and the move deleter in the current town I'm in. Now I've just got to find more heart scales for Talonflame so I choose between Flare Blitz and Brave Bird.
Club 27 Goals
so I heard a rumor that there's a pokemon that will only evolve if you're holding your 3DS upside down

I know, I know, this sounds like a "MY DAD WORKS FOR NINTENDO HE TOLD ME" kind of rumor but still.
Broke down and went to check out what Serebii says:
I could've had Pangoro at level 32 if I had another Dark type in my party? What? Time to go get Inkay for a level or so I guess.
red chamber dream
wow, can't believe the prima guide doesn't have a pokedex in it and furthermore they're not going to release one ... wtf
pokemon sounds wayyyy too complicated now. glad i didn't buy a 3ds. i can't keep track of the hundreds of pokemon anyway.
red chamber dream
it's not any more complicated than it used to be, aside from the new type ... just nicer looking
red chamber dream
i absolutely love my 3ds xl though ... really nice piece of hardware and lots of good games
i just didn't enjoy white that much. dunno if it's just because i'm older or if i genuinely didn't enjoy it as much. i definitely feel nostalgic about the older games, but i don't think that's the reason
red chamber dream
hmm yeah dunno, white was and still is my favorite game in the series
gold forever <3
red chamber dream
ok yeah, silver is my actual favorite due to nostalgia, but i think white is the best game so far
red chamber dream
have to say, the music in xy is fantastic, maybe the best in the series
red chamber dream
i'd really like to see them do a game with orchestrated music though
i'm tempted to say that i don't like the new games because of the 3d. i guess i have a thing for sprite art
red chamber dream
well nothing wrong with that
red chamber dream
i've always been a much bigger fan of 3d games than 2d though personally
like in caves when the camera zooms out it doesn't look that great
red chamber dream
ah yeah well all that shit is much better in xy
though i have no clue what x/y looks like
red chamber dream
there's still some stuff that looks weird but it's a big step in the right direction
i might play it one day i guess, definitely not buying a 3ds for one game though
red chamber dream
hey there's other good 3ds games, granted not many, but they do exist
red chamber dream
i played a little bit of luigi's mansion and am really enjoying that so far, got mario 3d world for my birthday too so looking forward to checking that out
red chamber dream
tbh my favorite part about xy so far is being able to customize your outfit