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is the girl hot? that's all that matters ofc
red chamber dream
ofc! i picked the chick with the darkest skin ... she looks latina rather than black lol
red chamber dream
super cute though
wait, there are options now?
red chamber dream
yeah three skin tones
red chamber dream
man exp share is so overpowered in this game lol ... all my pokes are like 15 levels above every trainer and i haven't grinded at all
did they actually increase the amount of experience it gives?
red chamber dream
your battling pokes gets full experience, then every other poke in your party gets half what your battling poke got
red chamber dream
really easy to keep all your pokes around the same level that way, and it quickly brings up any underleved pokes you've caught
wtf that's way overpowered
it used to just be half and half or like 2/3 1/3
red chamber dream
yeah lol, you can turn it off if you want but i'm addicted to leveling
Everyone's been getting the same XP regardless of level as far as I can tell too, so they changed it back from how BW handled it. Doesn't matter now that we're outpacing the opponents if we aren't getting penalized for it XP wise.
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O...kay, I wasn't expecting that. They knocked Fire Blast's power DOWN from 120 to 110 for some reason. I wonder if Blizzard, Thunder, and other similar powered moves were effected the same way. I can't afford them right now to see if that's the case.

And now that I see it, wasn't Thunderbolt 95 power before instead of 90?

Oh man, let the metagame rage. Just found Hidden Power. It's now set to a flat 60 power and according to the description changes its type depending on the Pokemon that uses it. If I'm understanding right, that means IVs no longer influence what type and power you get from it, which if this is true is going to break so many movesets it's not funny.
red chamber dream
nah i think it's still ivs, but that would really blow if it's not
Yeah I was just thinking about that and it wouldn't make sense for Chesnaught to be forced to have HP Grass as a grass type. Probably still tied to IVs as before and the description simply threw me off.

Guess Talonflame got lucky because she's HP Water and has one of the higher SP Attacks on the team, so if I could fit it into her moveset it could be put to good use. The rest either can't use it well enough or else got bad typing out of it.
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Prime Hunter: 2013-10-17 03:05:13 pm
Just a heads up to everyone: A save corrupting bug has been found that's linked to saving inside Lumiose City. Supposedly people have found a way around this already so hopefully this method works if any of you run into the bug.

Quote from Reddit:
Step 1: Load your game.

Step 2: As the game loads wait for the music to start.

Step 3: Mash the home button until it works.

Worked for me after about 5 minutes.
Yeah I love how OP the new exp share is, it's great
red chamber dream
meh i never saw a reason to use hidden power in the main game really

Quote from Prime Hunter:
Yeah I was just thinking about that and it wouldn't make sense for Chesnaught to be forced to have HP Grass as a grass type. Probably still tied to IVs as before and the description simply threw me off.

yeah the games have always been pretty vague about what some moves/abilities actually do, you pretty much need a guide to really know what's going on
talk about diˈliSHəs

red chamber dream
yeahhh swimmer♀
red chamber dream

caught yveltal with my first ultra ball
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arkarian: 2013-10-18 12:47:09 am
red chamber dream
love how it lets you send a pokemon to your box to get him in your party immediately ... just hope it doesn't have a bad nature
red chamber dream
holy shit it gets a move called oblivion wing ... special flying attack, 80 damage, restores hp by half of damage done

afaik that's the highest base power damaging + restoring move in the series
red chamber dream
cool, gentle nature (+spdef -def), i'll take it