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What'd you say?
That is a good idea, but good luck finding everyone's PB dates. Mine: 4/20/09. That was a great day...
hmm... for ones we don't know the exact date on we could say 'long ago' or something ambiguous like that
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Prime Hunter: 2013-06-18 12:29:26 am
I've got mine since I keep all of my runs recorded in a database:

Any % -  03/22/2007
1% -      11/17/2008
100% -  11/25/2012
New PB 2:45 AM 6/21/2013

horrible boss fights though... so sad.

Gratz on the PB birdy! Go for the sub-hour and catch up to aftershock!
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kirbymastah: 2013-06-25 11:04:47 pm
1 0 6 -
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
The king's once interminable reign is now in jeopardy. Who will obtain the legendary 1:05 and win the Game of Thrones?
congrats on 1:06
Quote from Im_Out_Of_Ramen:
The king's once interminable reign is now in jeopardy. Who will obtain the legendary 1:05 and win the Game of Thrones?

I'm not going for 1:05 until I can start recording again. AKA not until after the summer. I'm probably not gonna do any serious 100% attempts anymore; probably a few SGDQ practice runs (with my swag route), but otherwise I'll probably do fusion any% to get 0:46
Congratz to totozigen on a fusion 100% PB of 1:30!
Gratz to Birdybirds on sub-hour any%! 0:59!!
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spotnick: 2013-07-22 07:12:11 pm
Heyy guys. Been off fuison for a while. After watching esa I wanted to speedrun again. So after a couple tries I got a 0:52 any% SS pb :). Also I have been checking in now and then to check peoples times. Grats to BioSpark for his 46. And a huge grats to Kirby. you have improved so much. go get the wr :p


Segmented Any%
nice! :) Will add now!
Finally got 49. horrible run, but yakuza felt like giving me the run :p
got 111, and had some fun.
1:11 100%???? :O
1:11 any% Kappa
After watching kirbymastah's run on SGDQ 2013 I kind of started to speedrun Fusion again - thanks for that Wink

I finally downloaded the tools from speedrunslive, so it's the first time I'm making splits and evaluating my times, which is a pretty neat thing Very Happy
I did three runs today, but the best I got was just a solid 0:51. I guess I will have to watch videos of the 0:48 / 0:47 runs to see what new timesavers have been discoverd in the last two years, since I lost track of those. And I really need to improve my boss strats - cleary good Fusion times are defined mostly by the boss fights. I still pulled of exactly zero double x core missiles - can't do the trick, so there is still a lot of room to improve here Confused Practice time, I guess and hopefully figure that out. But yeah, I'm glad, I'm back Very Happy

Btw: I already got a 0:50  any % in a SS run- (see here:, so I guess the leaderboards can be updated.

Getting a 0:49 would be such a huge thing for me...looking forward to the next runs :)
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kirbymastah: 2013-08-06 01:45:08 pm
0:50 dang :O

You can probably watch my 100% save-state run for reference since boss strategies are all basically the same as any% besides nettori; many room strats are all the same as any% as well.

Thank you very much :)

I'm just watching your tutorial right now in hope for some advice on the double core missiles, but I will definitely watch your 100% afterwards for the boss strats (congrats on your 1:06 run btw!).
GOT IT! Very Happy

I was pretty suprised, because overall it was a solid run, but with terrible eye doors luck, 10 zazabi jumps, two phase Yakuza and a rather bad Serris fight - and unfortunately still no Omega Metroid quick kill. But up from Nettori it went pretty smoothly with good boss fights (except the last one) and I landed up with about 26 seconds ahead from my PB time.

Here are my splits btw:

So, what's next?
With a smoothed out first half of the game, better boss fights against Serris and Yakuza and with a lot of luck I should be able to get a 0:48, but it will probably take such a long time, so it's definitely not something I'm aiming for. From here on I will simply be happy with beating my PB