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shinesparking isn't required to beat the game. pretty sure it's faster to do it the normal way if you mess up, since you'll already be in position to get a speedboost before hitting the blocks
1:12 any% SS. Still fairly new to this, but dang this is fun to run.
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JaySee: 2014-09-01 09:44:35 pm
JaySee: 2014-09-01 06:54:32 pm
Hi. I'm new here. 1:00 any% segmented. Still trying to get a SS.
Current run killers: Sidehopper after BOX1,  Sector 4 after Nightmare, getting grabbed by Ridley way too many times, and SA-X. 
A Washing Machine
G Fucking G
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0:57 any% SS

edit1: 0:55 any% SS. Managed to save two minutes on one split alone. So close to a 0:54, saved 0:02:40 over the other run.
I decided to record using OBS with direct capture instead of AmaRecTv, but forgot to configure the sound, so I have a silent run. Guess I'm not uploading it...
finally got around to updating. Let me know if there are any mistakes!
0:53 Lots of dumb mistakes including spine charging too early twice in the habitation deck..

0 5 3 with many, many mistakes. Floaty glitch after meltdown again and my first nightmare spark after the Recharge room.


1:47 100% segmented. Phazon wanted a 100% race, and I decided, why not? Got trolled on SA-X skip a few times. Didn't know cleanup route or what to grab extra along the way. So kept asking what I needed during the race, until Phazon finished and his family did other stuff. Pretty sure I did the cleanup in the wrong order, but oh well. Not sure if I'm going to try to improve this, I found this kind of tiring...maybe it won't be so bad if I actually practiced this.
Everyone's gotta start somewhere :P
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JaySee: 2014-11-17 11:06:50 pm
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I think my eyedoor beam counter got messed up during the stream. I'm using Simple On Screen Death Counter, and both my increment and decrement hotkeys are set to different letters, so definitely need to rethink my hotkeys. I like to have at least one other stream up while I'm running, I typed some things on that chat during my cutscenes. So I'll have to recount later.

Pretty solid for the most part. Crap Serris. For some reason, I tried to start fighting Nightmare with 1% strats, so that threw that fight off badly. Luckily recovered in time for a clean 3rd phase. Omega fight was weird. I thought I had the right position for the quick kill. I was able to spam my beam to get one color change and to stop one swipe, but then Omega was able to swipe me not long after that. Looking at the video, I think I was a samus foot too far back and noticed the beam wasn't going completely through. Other than that, I had just a lot of random minor sloppiness. At one point, I called Samus a dumb b****, which she got mad at me for and gave me a terrible SB race 20 minutes later. I'm guessing I should be within 20 seconds of 051 now, for as much of an improvement I had to only gain 1 ingame minute, I don't think my text mashing was any different than before.
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JaySee: 2014-11-17 11:06:53 pm
JaySee: 2014-11-17 11:05:08 pm

Amarec crashed on the way to Nav room after Ridley. Nothing too major went wrong. I did mess up SA-X fight and forgot to go for Omega quick kill due to the frustration of finding out I didn't have that part recorded anymore and deciding to try to narrate what was going on while finishing the run.

Just got my first segmented 1%
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How's that for improvement? Okay, so the splits I beat by almost 42 mins was a blind 100% in a race that had deaths, but great improvement. Now optimizations are needed. My controller did spaz out in the middle of sa-x fight, that was weird
dang dat improvement :O
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xoneris: 2015-01-06 10:00:51 pm
Hey Guys Whats up. Being a Fusion runner for a long time. Recently i joined the Skype call and i thought i could also make a account here.

I Run Any% and 100% here are my PB's both Single Segment

A Washing Machine
Quote from JRP2234:

Congrats JRP!
Hi i'm new runner and this is my new personal best today =)
Good job Grayfooxx. Thanks for stopping by last night. I gave you a follow as well.

New hundo pb during a race last night. Safety save before SA-X skip because it was a race, but didn't die (Don't know if you would call it SS or not). Should be able to cut off a minute or two easily, whenever I decide to really grind hundo. But for now, I'm going to get ng+ on my second eng cart and set up practice points on that and my jp cart and grind everything to get sub-50 any% in February.
updated. Nice times :D

you're fine with saving in single segment as long as you don't reload a save
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MickeyGnou: 2015-02-03 10:54:44 pm
Wasn't expecting that at all, run was at +46 at serris.

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JaySee: 2015-02-07 12:58:07 am
JaySee: 2015-02-05 07:29:10 pm

Sloppy start, riddled with lots of dumb mistakes. Need to remember on JP cart, I have to wait to move a little bit longer after getting diffusion missiles since the puffer is further left. I think I did have my best emergency in this run though.

PB in race. 5 deaths total. 2 to mega core-x, 2 to nightmare (fight that killed it was hitless), and 1 to xbox (got hit by the wave beam after destroying the beam core-x
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JaySee: 2015-02-15 12:26:24 am
FINALLY! 0 1 0 1 2 1 2 3 0 0
I've had :49 for a while, just didn't care too much about the leaderboards and didn't take a picture the first time around. I also have a 1:16 100% as well.