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JRP2234: 2014-05-04 07:37:16 am
JRP2234: 2014-05-04 05:16:08 am
JRP2234: 2014-05-03 11:14:17 pm
A Washing Machine
any% SS
Well this happened in a speedbooster race.
I cant believe how fast I got a 48.
I went nuts after powerbomb saving so much time.
whoa. now spidey can no longer be lonely in the 0:48 club ;)
50 -> 48 :D

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Bellumetpax: 2014-05-13 06:55:15 am
I'm new, go easy on me
Hello everyone.  Umm...I'm new here, I didn't know about these forums until just recently.  I've been running Metroid Fusion 100% for a couple months and watching videos and stuff.  This is my current PB, but the run was disgusting and I have a lot of room for improvement.

I'm bad at introductions, sorry *runs and hides*
Nice dude keep it up! ^_^
Always nice to have new people around BloodTrail.
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Zelkys: 2014-06-03 05:41:39 am
Zelkys: 2014-06-03 05:41:38 am
Zelkys: 2014-06-03 05:41:37 am
French Metroid Prime Speedrunner
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PhazonKnight: 2014-06-16 05:27:28 pm
1:00 Any% and 1:21 100%
I'm new, go easy on me
Decided to start doing any% as well.  Here's my best so far.

It's nice that any% is shorter, but I think I prefer 100%.  any% seems more...stressful, I dunno.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Maybe it's the lack of etanks. It depends on your standards, really. Kirbymastah professes that 100% is a LOT harder than any%, because the time-saving strats in 100% require much more precision, but if you're just looking to simply beat the game reliably and are complacent about time-loss, 100% isn't so bad. You miss a shinespark and lose 10 seconds, but you get it eventually.

Also, I say all the time that I'm more confident racing 1% than I am at any%. Just because nobody survives more than 50% of runs, so if someone's better than me on a technical level, I have a higher probability of beating them since it's more than saving frames that matters.
how can you say 100% is less stressful with the clean-up -__-. it's literally a 20 minutes choke fest
It depends on whether you think that a chance of death or losing a lot of time is more stressful I guess.
As for just completing runs without worrying as much about speed, yeah any% would maybe be more stressful since the chances of dying or running out of ammo are a lot more evident than in 100%. For higher-level speedrunning, though, any%'s the easiest category to optimize, whereas 1% and 100% are both more difficult, for different reasons.
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Bellumetpax: 2014-06-08 10:47:56 pm
I'm new, go easy on me
Yeah, I'm not about to get sub 1:10 in 100% any time soon, so losing time doesn't bother me too much.  It's annoyng to be two minutes ahead just to lose it all during clean-up, but honestly missing a shinespark multiple times in a row doesn't make me as tense or as stressed as running out of missiles or sitting on my last Etank.
And speaking of sitting on my last Etank....

I'm never doing 1% again.  Ever.  That was awful.
Oh, and by the way, that was not Single Segment.  Not even close.  I don't think I'm physically or mentally capable of doing it single segment.
So are these problems associated with only being able to do the real low% category instead of the fake 1% category?
Kirby asked me to post my times here.  I haven't run Fusion since about 2006, but I'm looking to get back into it; my bests at the time were 1:16 SS any% and 1:26 segmented 1%.

For obvious reasons, I don't have screenshots :P
Me: Any% :56
KentaKurodani: :58 Any%
Gunert: 1:05 Any%
Clueless222: 1:00 Any%
All Single Segment
Glad we are getting some more people interested in Fusion.
Segmented Any%: 1:16

Not bad for a second playthrough Very Happy Though I forgot where I was supposed to go way more often than I thought I would, lol

Sorry about the awful image quality; I haven't gotten set up on Gameboy Player yet and all I had was a phone camera :(
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Antylamon: 2014-07-28 02:39:51 pm
1 0 6 (Still segmented any%)

(user is banned)
sometime back in 2005 i did a 0:58 any% segmented. i posted an image of my time in the forum back then but i don't have that image anymore. i also did a 1:39 100% segmented back then.
1 0 7 SS any%

I had no idea completing my first SS run would feel so great ^.^

Though I'm still kicking myself for losing minutes on Habitation Deck, X-BOX, and the lower AQA spark (the one just before Diffusion Missiles) each... is there anything besides practice which could help with that? >.>

No pic because I can't access my computer atm
Not knowing exactly what went wrong at each part, I don't know if my advice will be helpful, but I'll try anyway...

Is the habitation deck shinespark up the left shaft what gave you trouble? If so, I might recommend just dropping the shinespark for now and getting up the shaft by freezing the stretchies. While this is slower, it's not really an enormous time loss, and it's one you likely won't be feeling until your times are in the low 50s. Alternately, you could try a bit of pause buffering... if you manage to pause right as your speedboost breaks the first speedboost block, then you can safely just hold down as you unpause to hold the speedboost. If you pause a bit too late and break both speedboost blocks, then you should probably just continue on by freezing the stretchies.

If your habitation deck troubles stem from the stretchies in the room on the far right, then I recommend not doing stretchy strat. :P

For the shinespark in AQA, too, I'll recommend some pause buffering. I buffer here because I'll occasionally hold down too early and lose my shinespark because I get hit by the enemy shortly afterward. If you pause right as you run into that enemy (you'll know that this happened if you hear the noise of the speedbooster destroying an enemy as you pause), then you can just hold down while you unpause. If I do this successfully, then I don't have any troubles getting the shinespark afterward.

Not really sure what to recommend for X-BOX. :/  In my first playthrough of Fusion, I took forever on this fight because I didn't know about the hidden rungs at the top of the room. I don't suppose you've overlooked those? :P
I basically recommend what spidey suggested: learn to climb the dark shaft quickly with ice missiles. It doesn't really hurt to pause buffer and go for the shine though, as long as you don't shine too early and NOT break the speedboost block.

If you miss the AQA spark, it's not worth trying again. Just do the rest of the area normally (run from the right side to the left side, break blocks, then go on the lower path).
Thanks for the advice, both of you! :D

Habitation Deck:
I went for half of stretchie strat, then climbed normally from there. I actually get it pretty consistently, even if it is tricky to get the jump without power gripping.

Most of my troubles there came from freezing the top stretchie just after it retracted completely. Jumping off the platform trying to get him to extend again didn't help either >.>

I missed the spark too, but the climb wasn't too bad. I'll take your advice about pause buffering it

Yeah, I agree, pause buffering this one would be a good idea too

I can't even tell if it's possible to beat X-BOX without using the rungs XD

...Sparking isn't the normal way to go through there?

I wish I knew that earlier ._.
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spidey-widey: 2014-08-07 12:16:32 am
...Sparking isn't the normal way to go through there?

I wish I knew that earlier ._.

I actually forgot that you could proceed through the area the way kirby described, lol. Yeah, definitely do that if you fail the spark. :P

The X-BOX fight is definitely possible without the rungs, and it's remarkably safe... but also very slow. Like, speed-wise, it's probably on par with doing the Nightmare fight using the "circle" strategy. If you're curious, the way I went about this was to just charge up my beam, and then jump and shoot diagonally downward as BOX ran toward me. It's likely quite possible (and faster) to do it by shooting missiles downward at it too, but that would require skill that I definitely didn't have in my first playthrough, heheh.