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0% segmented in 0:49 lolz. finished a run for fun. will be working on the run until i get 0:47 obviously.
Can't wait to see it.
It happened! Dancing

I finally got my first 0:48 h - here my exact splits: I finished 50 sceonds earlier than my previous PB.

From the top of my head I can't really think of any real major mistakes that cost me like a whole bunch of time, although there is still room for improvement. I missed one speed booster trick on the second Sector 4 visit, the golden pirate room was a little bit messy, got hit here and there, and I didn't pull off the Omega Metroid quick kill - although I recoverd quickly.

On the other hand I had really good RNG luck - mostly kind-hearted eye doors, 5 wasted Zazabi jumps, nearly perfect Serris, one phase Yakuza and so on. I've probably even beaten some of the bosses faster than ever before (Ridley, Nightmare). The only potential big time saver are still double core missiles - I can pull of them off pretty regulary in the first 20 minutes of the game, but after getting supers, ice and diffusions I may get only one or two in the whole rest of the game, so if I wanted to lower my time by any means, I'd have to work something out about this.

The only downside of this run is that my streaming and recording devices still haven't arrived yet and I can't see any real purpose anymore to work on another any% run, because I probably won't beat it anyways, which is a pity. But I still might go for another 0:48 to have at least one run recorded or maybe I'll move on to the 100% category - we'll see.
But I'd love to join some Fusion races in the future though, so let me know if you're planning anything in this regard
:O gratz on the 0:48!!! PM me your skype and I'll add you to the fusion skype group
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Jimmyfosho: 2013-08-30 09:07:47 pm
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forever seeking the answers.
I finally finished a any% run without dying
(says 1:02... stupid camera phone)

splits ( I have no idea how to make my splits bigger in height, I can only find the way to make it wider...)

I'm looking forward to improving on the any% category.
yeah you can't really make the splits any "taller" persay, at least with wsplit (llanfair you can, but uh, that doesn't really make the numbers bigger; only makes more space in the graph and below).

gratz on the PB regardless! go for sub-hour HYPE
forever seeking the answers.
sub 1 hour achieved! (I should really get something better to take pictures with lmfao)

(4 etanks)

just on the top of my head things to I need/need to improve on in this run
1. EYE DOORS WHY DO YOU HATE ME? (I got like 3 beams for almost every eye door)
2. I really practice the emergency in sector 3 segment more... (I have to get the recharge everytime :( )
3. Round 3 Serris (I think) gross
4. 10 jump Zazabi
5. missed the shinespark through that thing underwater (after getting the Gravity Suit) so I wasted a lot of time having to go back and go through the longer way
6. Improve my BOX part 2 fight
7. Improve Ridley fight (almost died holy f)
8. Get the optimal way of killing the regular SA-X down perfectly (I can only do the straight shots, not the diagonal ones)

I will be grinding out these things so I can have a better chance at getting them in a single segment run.  The road to a good time is a tough one.
that's 0:59 right? i can't read it lol. Gratz <3
forever seeking the answers.
yea thats a :59, I'll figure out a way to get a clearer picture next time.
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Secretkey: 2013-09-02 08:08:23 pm
New category for me:

Never done a SS 100% run before - I started at a 1:19 h and shaved it of till I reached the 1:10 h. And geez - Fusion with 100% is hard to run aiwebs_019 I wouldn't have expected it to be that more difficult than any%, especially with the clean up potentially ruining the whole run at the very end of the game. It's still fun though!

- very good execution before the clean up began. I saved about 1:30 min only because of playing better compared to my PB.
- double core missiles - Dang! I'm finally getting the hang out of the super, ice and diffusion ones! Don't get me wrong: I still won't finish the bosses with tripples, but I pulled them of at least once in each fight, which alltogether saved a bunch of time.
- finally got the shinespark in low Sector 4 where you get both the missile and powerbomb container along the way. Crazy how much time it saves!
- Crumble blocks in Sector 6 - got the Powerbomb Container on my very first try with a spring ball hop. Never happened before, probably won't ever happen again. It gives me so much trouble!
- FINALLY some good Powerbomb management! :D

- overall RNG: bosses like Yakuza, Serris and Zazabi were rather slowish. I suspect, I could save approxemately like 5-10 seconds on each these bosses.
- two missed shinesparks during Sector 3 clean up - wasting overall at least 10 seconds.
- Freakin' Powerbomb container at the crumble block shaft (with the flying turtles) in Sector 2 - I hate this damn room so much and I don't know why it's giving me consistently so much trouble! It's either the Sector 6 or this one (and sometimes even both) which screw up my runs - so scary! Again, this was at least like 10 seconds of failed attempts.
- Omega Metroid fight - don't know what happened. Lost 10 seconds.

So, 1:09 is definitely in my reach and I'll try to get it, when I'll have time for Fusion again. For now I kind of want to enjoy some other games (Rayman Legends waiting for me), but I could get back at the end of the month, I guess.
Btw running this category made me respect your , BioSpark's and Kirby's, 1:06 h runs so much more Applause
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kirbymastah: 2013-09-03 12:26:00 am
Nice job :D

EDIT: also secretkey, do you stream?
I definitely intend to - I bought a capture card (which is working, but I have some sound issues that I need to figure out first) and I imported a splitter device from the US which will arrive in late september here in Europe, so it will still take a while, but I'm kind of pumped to at least record and rewatch my runs, so yeah Wink
It'll be awesome when you finally get on twitch!
forever seeking the answers.
:57 new pb
(I just remembered that my 3DS could take pictures... so readable quality hooray!

my Serris fight was awful and I got like no double missiles this entire run.. bittersweet pb overall
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JamJam: 2013-09-17 10:09:52 pm
JamJam: 2013-09-17 10:09:41 pm

-53 second pb, still a ton of stuff that went wrong(BOX, zazabi, yakuza), but  a pretty solid improvement
1:09 100%, probably lost over two minutes on cleanup lol, but a good run up to that point
Quote from JamJam:
1:09 100%, probably lost over two minutes on cleanup lol, but a good run up to that point

Gratz on the PB! You've tied dfangs and jaggerg, woo :P

Yeah, cleanup is pretty rough. Still good to hear improvements though; good luck!
And now tied me, too, I guess ;) Finally got a 1:09 h 100% myself this very morning!

Metroid Fusion 100% run

Dang, this run was an emotional roller coaster ride! I lost 44 seconds alone on one of the Ripper's room in Sector 5 - I even needed to reload it. I kind of gave up at this point, but still wanted to finish it...and was surprised how much time I still could save! After that it was pretty much just highs and lows, altogether making it the strangest run I've ever got...

- good RNG luck overall - got 11 Eyedoor shots, 5 Zazabi jumps and a 1 round Yakuza!
- pretty good boss fights overall I'd say - especially Ridley and Nightmare
- smoothest Clean Up I ever had! No missed shinespark, crazy strat in the Zazabi room, 2 attempts for the crumble powerbomb in Sector 6 and even first try for the powerbomb in the Ripper room in Sector 2, which never happend to me before. Saved about 53 seconds overall during the Clean Up!

- double missiles during the second half of the game. I mean, I'm not good at this trick but no doubles at Yakuza whatsoever? Come one!
- biggest mistake: turned the Ripper room on the first visit of Sector 5 into utter garbage. Literally. I screwed it up so much that I even had to reload the room. After that I was so unfocused that the rest of Sector 5 and the meltdown were sloppy, too. Again: lost 44 seconds only because of that.
- did get sniped during the important shinespark in lower sector 4 - since I got it on my PB I lost about 17 seconds here because of that.
- horrible final boss! I don't know why but SA-X decided to be resilient and swallowed around 10 missiles - after that I screwed up the Omega Quick Kill (again...)
- sloppy sector 1
- tons of other small mistakes (falling down, missing wall jumps etc.) - I'd time it around 30-40 seconds of small mistakes adding up.

So in conclusion: I should definitley be able to get a 1:08 h - even 1:07 h seems be theoretically possible, but a 1:08 h will probably be my final destination. If it wasn't for this one mistake in sector 5 I would have already gotten a 1:08 with this run, so I'm a little bit underwhelmed, but that's okay. I might take a break for 100% and grind any% more again, because this will be very helpfull at later 100% runs, too.
What up guys, finally got round to creating an account on here...

Been learning any% because Kirby bullied me. Current best time is a 0:58 although it doesn't count as I died to the SA-X post Yakuza and reloaded :(

I'll try to update with a proper time soon!
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kirbymastah: 2013-10-26 12:46:12 am
kirbymastah: 2013-10-26 12:46:12 am
jimmy got 0:55 any% PB! gratz to him!

Will he cut the drumals? then aftershock? :O
47! would have been like 5 seconds off if I didn't fuck up omega, but as it stands it probably about 15 off 46. really clean run.
congrats jammy!
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kirbymastah: 2013-11-01 01:01:52 pm
nice one jam jam :P

EDIT: Now I kinda know how biosp4rk felt when I got 1:06 100% #Kappa