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red chamber dream
i did learn something new last time i played, forget what it was... hmmm
I like watching videos of people fighting the really strong enemies like silver/gold lynels because I see new ways of fighting them.  I tend to rely mostly on dodge/flurry but I'm having to mix it up on Master Mode due to the fact that their health regenerates if you stop attacking them for more than a few seconds.  This means that you never want them to gallop away from you.  Stunning them with arrows to the face stops them from getting away from you.  I also need to do perfect guards more often as those do stun them for a moment.

I tried something today that works well.  Stun them and mount them.  Attack them while on their back but before they throw you off, press X and jump off, get out your bow in mid air, and put an arrow in their face to stun them and repeat.  As long as you have enough weapons to go through, you can rinse and repeat this without them ever regenerating any health.
Attacking while on a Lynel's back used to not deplete weapon durability. Did they patch that?
red chamber dream
i didn't know that, cool. riding lynels + arrows is my preferred way to take them down as well. i've never really practiced perfect guarding, and i find most of their attacks hard to parry. but i'm really good at shooting arrows!
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tbh I had no idea that it didn't break your weapons.  I'd like to think that I would have noticed if I used the same weapon for the whole fight.

I've decided that the hardest enemies by far in Master Mode are the stone talus who have a sweet spot that's very low to the ground.  The ones that have a sweet spot on their head are easy because you just climb on and take them out that way.  The other ones are almost impossible.  I've killed two so far and each one took me a VERY long time with multiple deaths and using up every potion I have, restocking, then using them all AGAIN.  There's just no way to hit them.  You can't climb on them because the spot for you to hit is too low.  In normal mode, I would chip away at them with bombs or bomb arrows.  This method takes a long time but it works.  You only have a moment in which to hit them with a bomb arrow, and if you place a bomb on the ground and lead them around so that the bomb is under the sweet spot and detonate it, then that works too.  The problem is that in master mode you have to beat enemies quickly or their health fills back up. Even using a triple attack potion, the amount of health that comes off just regenerates before you can even think about getting in position to hit them again.  I went through all 80 of my bomb arrows on the first one (and all my bows too), so the second one I just had to use regular bombs.  It took nearly 30 minutes of just constantly throwing bombs at it while running around it in a circle and just using blind luck, hoping that each blast at least makes a small dent.  Oh and I tried stasis too but it's no help.  Did they intend for these guys to be the new worst enemy in the game?
red chamber dream
man i found those pretty tough in the main game too. sounds like a lot of work!
I don't know if it still doesn't break your weapon, that's why I asked lol

I stopped playing the game before any of the patches came out
red chamber dream
they don't seem to be patching anything like that, at least not lately

the only combat related patch i know of was getting rid of the infinite arrow exploit, which yeah, fair enough
Holy crap. I looked up a farosh horn farming method on youtube because you can use them to make 30 minute potions, and in just 30 minutes I have 29 horns, 18 claws, 14 scales, and 20 fangs.  They fall out of the sky like rain.  I don't even need any more but I can't stop lol
I think the video says 72 per hour but it's much faster than that
red chamber dream
are you doing anything different than just sitting by the fire until night near the respawn point? that's what i did, but man it gets boring
red chamber dream
you can also make a 30 min def or atk potion with a monster extract + the normal ingredients, like ironshrooms or mighty bananas
Oh I didn't know that about the monster extract.

The farming method is used involved no waiting.  That's why I got so many. You rest until night, then the dragon spawns right next to you immediately after you rest.  You just fire and rest, fire and rest, fire and rest.  Then when there's a shitload of pieces on the ground you can go collect them all at once.  It's in Faron.

I think the video says 3 per minute.  Yeah I guess that's about right.

red chamber dream
ah ok, i must not have been in a close enough spot

for me it was rest, then look up at the mountain and wait for the dragon to fly down. i should have realized they always spawn in the same spot, regardless of where you are
Pretty sure they have more than one spawn point, sometimes I was camping their spot and they didn't show after multiple resets
red chamber dream
like with star fragments, you have to be looking at the spawn point for them to show up. i was definitely getting them consistently every morning or night (depending on the location)
I know spawn places for each dragon. What's so good about this one is that the spawn TIME is 5AM and 9PM, both of which are times that your clock goes right to  when you rest.  I chose night every time I rested and woke up to him spawning right next to me, where I could just aim, fire, and rest again.  In one minute I would have 3 or 4 shards on the ground to pick up.

Every other spot involves waiting.
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I didn't even bother. I was slightly annoyed when I learned the dragons are actually resource deposits.

I completely ignored them for 99% of my playthrough because I mistook them for super bosses.
red chamber dream
one of them is actually a boss though!

but yeah it was weird that the other two have no quests associated with them
I'm like 70 hours into master mode.  Having a lot of fun fighting gold lynels, it's my fav thing to do in the game.  Master mode puts you in a lot of situations where you really need to be do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible.  Enemy's health regenerates if you go for longer than a few seconds without hitting them, so if you have a group of enemies you have to focus on one at a time or use a tactic that hits them all at once over and over.
So far I've found the most devastating attack you can perform is to have a two-handed weapon that does a lot of damage, then equip all three pieces of fierce deity armor that has been upgraded to at least +2 so the set bonus is activated. You also need to have Urbosa's Fury ready.  Just hold down the attack button and spin around and around for as long as you have stamina.  Then be sure to release the button for stamina runs out so you can finish it with Urbosa's fury.  This will stun the enemies long enough for your stamina to refill and you can repeat.  Doing this three times can take out a gold lynel without them even having a chance to attack you. 
It does help to approach the lynel wearing majoras mask and then shoot an arrow right in their face to start the fight out, as long as you remember to immediately put on the fierce deity mask afterwards. 
If anyone wanted the Majoras Mask amiibo but wasn't able to snag one before they were sold out, it looks like they're back, for now.  It's a Best Buy exclusive.