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Hold and combine items in the menu, then throw them into the pot
Quote from Serris:
Did you find the old man's house?

No... thought I'd been everywhere. Gotta look for it
ok, thx
Quote from Opium:
^^ this.  You can also cook something up that has cold resistance. Carrying a lit torch or wooden weapon will also provide some cold resistance, but you're in trouble if it goes out.

You can also just have a fire sword or rod equipped for the same effect. Combined with 1 piece of warm clothing you can withstand the coldest weather, which is really useful since you can play dozens of hours without finding a second piece of warm clothing.
that sounds convenient, yeah
I've found 9 cold-resisting items so I can withstand any level of cold at this point without meals or elixirs.  Can't say the same for heat resistance....yet
You can usually just take your clothes off, but actual heat resistance I've only found on the circlet from the jewel shop
I have all the circlets, all upgraded once except the diamond one
Oh, and there's a guy in hateno village who tells you about a spring on Mt Lanayru.  I checked it out, and it was pretty awesome.  One of the most memorable parts so far.
Finding that thing again is a pain though
A Hylian Bass just ran away from me onto dry land

Pretty good game
Quote from Serris:
Finding that thing again is a pain though

There's a fast-travel point there
Nah I mean the thing you freed
Oh. I saw it once since then, and I was kind of surprised to see it. 
You can shoot it and the other variants to get materials
I think it's great that they added actual combat to the game.  It was pretty much missing from previous Zeldas, but I didn't mind because it's Zelda. 

It's great to have to actually strategize and pull off moves.  The flurry attack is great.  I also love having to think about which foods/elixirs to use.  I plan on which weapons to use by considering elements, damage, and durability.  The right weapon makes all the difference.  It's cool to plan around weapons breaking in order to free up slots and pick up new weapons laying around.  Like, if I see an enemy drop a weapon I want then I switch to an item that's about to break and then throw it at them for double damage. It breaks, and now I have a free slot to pickup the one that was dropped.
red chamber dream
so much for no spoilers i guess
I didn't see any.
red chamber dream
eh, it's my fault for not playing enough. i'm still only a few hours in, haven't played in days. i guess i don't want to know anything about dungeons or upgrades or even locations, but that's just me lol
Found a full heat resistance set. That was quite the journey.
Since I beat it I allowed myself to look up some info, and apparently there's 900 of a certain collectible. Yes, that's nine hundred.
well, the map is pretty huge.
Not 900-huge though. I've found so many of these basically next to each other.
I bet it's korok seeds.  I have so many of those.  I did encounter a character that took some from me in exchange for something good, but they left.  They told me where they were going, but I have no idea where that is.  I hope that when I finally find them they still offer the same thing that they offered before, because I really need it.
Don't tell me anything!  I want it to feel really good when I finally find him.
Well yeah I just didn't want to use the name because spoilers >_>