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I decided to open up my guide and see what's what.  I missed 4 shrines.  I have 352 korok seeds.  I have all pieces of armor except one that requires an amiibo I don't have.  I think I'm going to call this done until the DLC. 
You get an armor set from doing all shrines, and you're less than 100 seeds away from being able to get all inventory upgrades. Gogogo!
I must have missed that set when I looked through the guide.
red chamber dream
so i gotta be at least at 120 hours now. finished 115 shrines, all the divine beasts, 359 korok seeds so far. i still have one tower to unlock (akkala), and since it's snowing here today, i'm hoping to finish exploring the entire map.

the desert was awesome. i regret not going there earlier, because the snow boots would have been nice to have for hebra. now i'm focusing on upgrading all my armor. dang so many lynel parts needed. ;( at least they're super easy to kill now
red chamber dream
oh fuck yes, they added the jap audio track as free dlc. glad i haven't finished the game yet
That's better than everything in the first paid DLC combined!
red chamber dream
lol right? the details they announced for the second one sound pretty cool though. think i'll have to buy the season pass now
red chamber dream
wow, the latin american spanish audio is great too. i'll have to switch to it for part of my next playthrough
red chamber dream
finally finished! one of my favorite zeldas for sure. did all quests, 120 shrines, 500-ish korok seeds. pretty sure i got all the map locations and all the armor and upgrades that you can get without amiibos too. i think i'm done with the game for now - don't feel much need to get all the korok seeds. it'll give me something extra to do when the dlc comes out.
I heard that they're adding a mask that gives you hints to the seed locations.  Sounds like the more sane way to go for the 900.
100% in 34 hours! This better be at GDQ got 100% in 34 hours, or someone else did?  I'm stupid and I don't know what GDQ is
It's someone's speedrun time
speedrunning has gone to far
Indeed, we must go beyond too far
what the fuck?

did you just look for the longest speedrune time, or can you elaborate how that game can take so long?
I didn't look for it, that's just the longest I know of

I haven't played the game, but from what I understand it has loads of stuff that requires real time to pass
lmao why would you want to speedrun that...
Because you can of course!
I rescued my first divine beast! The elephant dungeon was pretty neat, especially the part on the nose. I've got no clue if my approraches to getting to the tip of it and on top of the dungeon were intended. It felt off ridingthe nose all the way up trying not to slip lol

Really liking the Zora armor. Hopefully I can find some pants and helmets that go along well with it.
red chamber dream
they're out there somewhere!
I was going to start a new file but the feature coming out in 2 weeks with the first DLC pack is making me wait.  I'm talking about the feature that traces your steps on the map so you can see everywhere you've been.  This will make coverage so much simpler.  And I really love how you can use a slider to trace the steps chronologically.  Super good idea, wish it had come with the original release.
Didn't the guardians in the shrines have some sort of weakness?

They take forever to take down with ordinary methods.
red chamber dream
all guardians take 2x damage from ancient weapons, as well as guardian weapons, i believe
red chamber dream
then the full ancient armor set also boosts your damage with ancient weapons, so i always wore that