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haven't found any ancient items yet, but a weapon with 52 attack. I used that on one of the tests and it worked well enough. the guardian dropped some crazy stuff like a 2H sword with 60 attack, so I used those items against the remaining tests of strength.

the difference in attack power made a hugew difference. i didn't expect that at all since stuff with atk power of around 30 barely scratched these things
red chamber dream
iirc you can only get ancient weapons as drops from higher level guardians or in chests
red chamber dream
easiest way i found to do the tests of strength (before i had good armor and 99 atk swords) was to alternate hitting them with ice and shock weapons. any hit from an ice weapon will freeze them in place, then you can switch to a stronger weapon (such as the master sword) and wail on them while they're frozen.

then just after they unfreeze, they'll have several frames of ice immunity, so i switch to a shock weapon, stun them, then back to the master sword. and repeat until it's dead. you basically never even have a chance of getting hit.
that's what I just did in a trial because i didn't have a strong weapon with me. better safe than sorry in a 5 minute fight.

just released the bird. now i'm strolling around in the snowy mountains north of tabantha because a quest sent me there. it's a murder trip lol

this game is great once you're into it. I can't stop playing. too bad my holidays are about to end :/
I beat the game a while back. review

Great game. Enjoyed it a lot, feels like a real adventure as much as OoT and MM. They could have done more with the map, though. I'm missing real caves and dungeons. Combat can be tedious with enemies that are real damage sponges.  Cooking is a pain because the inventory is such a cluttered mess. Why yo we have to select each ingredient one by one even when knowing the result? Game needs a quick cook option.
Looking forward to what's next. I'm not particularly interested in the upcoming DLCs though, tbh.
red chamber dream
the first dlc is out now! i'll def be playing it all weekend
Is it really out? Almost nobody talks about it. As if it's currently only available to press people.
red chamber dream
maybe the release date is different worldwide, but yeah i played some today
okay. maybe people are waiting for the next pack. the current one isn't too exciting unless you're REALLY into the game.

I don't really care for it too, tbh :/
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arkarian: 2017-07-01 11:18:53 am
red chamber dream
i think it's safe to say most people are really into the game lol

but yeah it's not like the first dlc adds new story or anything like that. i can see why some people wouldn't care about the master trials
red chamber dream
the master trials are pretty fun. it's interesting that speed runs of the trials are much longer than runs of the game. the dlc bonus gear is neat but i wish it were more useful. there's already better gear with the same effects. but then i suppose people would complain if the best items were only available in the dlc ...
I started a new game in master mode.  I'm about 20+ hours in.  Right off the bat nearly everything can kill you instantly.  There are lynels on the great plateau not far from where you start the game.  There's also a lot of silver enemies.  You can break every weapon in your arsenal and still not kill the silver guys because they have so much health.  So you have to avoid a lot of fights.  I did find majoras mask, korok mask, and travel medallion.  Travel medallion is amazing.  Can't believe  I ever played without it.  See a suspicious looking ledge far below but you don't want to investigate because it will take forever to get back up to where you are?  Use the travel medallion to instantly warp back.  It's also great to use if you're in a fight you're about to lose and you want to warp out of there to get potions and food and stuff and then come right back.
I still haven't found midna's helmet.  I found a couple of pieces of tinkle and phantom armor.
The hero's path feature is great too.

But it's kind of funny how I always wished they made zelda harder but now that they did I'm not sure I like it as much.  It's going to be crazy tough to beat this mode.
I never wanted Zelda combat to be harder because Zelda isn't about combat, so the combat isn't very good, and if it was harder it would just be more annoying

Hard mode would have to make all enemies at least as engaging as Lynels, otherwise I don't see the point. I don't intend to replay this game as it is and incentive to avoid combat is lost on me because I've already been doing that lol

I don't care about pointless new items and I always hated the combat gauntlet things so this is basically the worst DLC ever
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arkarian: 2017-07-03 02:04:47 pm
red chamber dream
i don't care about master mode either, and i never liked the gauntlets in other games, but i'm really enjoying the master trials. it's not like they're all about combat, they're more like a microcosms of the whole game. it almost feels like playing a traditional zelda dungeon except without the puzzles. plus you power up your master sword which is nice, but kind of useless for me since i've already beaten the game. i'm sure it'll come in use for the second dlc though.

what i really need to do is start a new game.
The combat is actually deeper than it appears at first.  They give you so many different ways to deal with enemies in different situations.  They try (sometimes too hard) to force you into thinking of new ways to fight, like by using things in your environment (roll a log or boulder), explosives (explosive barrels and bombs), knocking enemies off of cliffs to end the fight, heck even using bees or baiting lightning strikes at enemies works. 
It is fun to scope out a group of enemies and form a plan of attack instead of just rushing in.
red chamber dream
totally. i have to say i disagree with anyone who doesn't think the combat is very good in this game. it's probably the best part when i really think about it.

3d zelda has always had good combat, it just hasn't been very deep. it's still not all that deep but it's a huge step up from any past game. more so than deep, it's wide, i'd say. there's so many options all the time, and that's why it's fun
I've killed a couple of lynels in master mode so far.  But not a silver or gold.  Heck, I haven't even seen a gold yet.  I have seen gold bokoblins and have steered clear since the silver ones are so hard. 

I'm glad I started a whole new game.  I feel like I'm discovering another layer of the game as the first playthrough was more of an introduction.  I've found a couple of places that I didn't know existed.  One area had a diamond circlet in a chest!  I thought that was something you had to buy, I didn't know you could find one.

The path of the hero feature is helpful because I can see at a glance if there's an area that I overlooked.  It should have been included with the original release.
For me this game is all exploration and new content that doesn't play to that strength kinda misses the point. Same for content that's useless for people who have completed the game and are most likely to buy DLC. I can only hope whatever the "new story" in the 2nd DLC is has a bunch of new areas.
I hate that enemies have so many HP.

otherwise the combat is cool
red chamber dream
eventually the amount of hp enemies have becomes laughable though. after about 60 hours i had so many fantastic weapons and bomb arrows that i found myself wishing enemies had more hp. maybe i will try master mode when i play a second time. i figure i'll start my second playthrough on switch when i get one
Quote from arkarian:
maybe i will try master mode when i play a second time.

do it! do it!

Quote from arkarian:
  i figure i'll start my second playthrough on switch when i get one

I'm hoping I can wait for whatever Prime 4 ltd ed switch that they'll make.
red chamber dream
mario odyssey is enough for me to buy one in the fall, can't wait for that game. i'm looking forward to it way more than prime 4 at this point

This video has a few things in it that I didn't know before.  You can drop bombs while paragliding?! 
I was able to use the travel medallion INSIDE hyrule castle. 

<3 <3 <3
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arkarian: 2017-07-05 12:55:24 pm
red chamber dream
you didn't know you can drop bombs while paragliding? heh i've been using that since day one. useful in a ton of situations

i remember hoping it would be possible, since you can drop seeds while hovering in majora's mask, was quite pleased when i was right