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red chamber dream
i don't know either. i haven't found the green tunic yet either, but i have a feeling you get it by upgrading the otherwise useless hylian clothes. guess i'll find out!
red chamber dream
i gotta go get the master sword, finally have 13 hearts <3
Is that the magic number?  If so, I waited way too long to get it.
red chamber dream
yeah think so, accidentally got spoiled by a video

i guess i don't know 100% for sure though
I think the requirements are reduced based on some things like dungeons completed, not sure though
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arkarian: 2017-03-26 05:59:31 pm
red chamber dream
oh wild, that would be interesting

i actually have 12 hearts and 5 spirit orbs and was originally going to wait until i beat the second dungeon. maybe i'll just do that
When I found the forest I did all of the Korok Trials there that the one guy says will help me grow up, but afterwards I still couldn't pull out the sword lol. Maybe they contribute to the reduction too, not sure why else he would say that
The first time I tried to pull it out, I failed.  Then I came back with four more hearts and I swear it came out when I still had 6, so WTF?
I explored Rito village finally.  First I looked everywhere around Rito Stable for a shrine, because afaik every other stable in the game has a shrine right next to it.  I didn't see one near this stable though.

Got a cool new set of threads :)
red chamber dream
there are like a million shrines in the general vicinity of rito village though

took me way longer than i thought to explore that section of the map. it's absolutely packed with shit to find. i'm only just now starting the divine beast quest.
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Serris: 2017-03-26 10:18:03 pm
The first time you go through an area it takes you like 5 hours and at the end you think you've been really thorough

And 100 hours later when you reexplore just for Korok seeds you load up a map and see that you missed like 50 of the damn things

If there's anyone in the world who 100%s this without ever using a guide, now that would be news worth reporting

In the form of an obituary
red chamber dream
holy crap vah medoh is awesome
red chamber dream
well having 60 bomb arrows made that boss fight a piece of cake ...
red chamber dream
my idea for the sequel:

the map is significantly smaller, and the whole rightmost fifth or so is entirely water. when you venture out to sea, the map expands and reveals a whole ocean as big as the mainland. the king of red lions rolls up. boom. wind waker of the wild.
It would be cool for them to do an ocean that was as alive as the hyrule they made for BotW.  Wind Waker's ocean was dead.  There was the fish who filled in the map, and the occasional shark, but other than that it was a barren sea.  There could be whales, dolphins, manta rays, schools of flying fish, jellyfish, - the possibilities are endless.  I also hate how there were no waves in that ocean. There were small swells when the weather changed but there were no actual waves anywhere.  Miles of beaches but not one wave?  Lame.
red chamber dream
yeah i think a majora's mask -style sequel that lets link either swim underwater or otherwise explore the ocean would be cool. a focus on water would give us something we didn't get much of in breath of the wild
red chamber dream
i wouldn't mind seeing some of the older items come back too. like a hookshot that attaches to anything? although i'm sure they tried that and decided it didn't work for whatever reason
Still waiting for a deep sea game where you walk around the ocean floor. Might as well be Zelda that does it
All divine beasts done.  The desert one was definitely the biggest one, but I really had nothing to compare it to when I did it since I did it first. 

I'm a little frustrated because I have several questions on my mind and I thought they might be answered once all 4 divine beasts were done but nope.  *sigh*
I killed ganon.  Never did find hylian shield.  Also sure I didn't see all of hyrule castle even though I left and reentered multiple times from different entries.  Just sitting through credits now wondering where I'll be when I go back into my file.
YAY!  I just found the Hylian Shield!  So unexpected
I really don't understand the ending I got.

Zelda said that the Rutah beast wasn't working, and that I should go talk to the Zora king.  I did, and he didn't say anything different.  I also checked out the divine beast - nothing.  WTF was she talking about?
They're just talking about their plans for the future now that Ganon is dealt with, at which point you don't have control anymore. When you resume your file you're back before Ganon. It's story, not an instruction for the player.
Lame.  Thanks.
red chamber dream
mmm i love being able to thrash the major tests of strengths now

also revali's gale seems like it'll be hard to top in terms of champion powers. i still have the desert one and death mountain to go, but this is definitely the one i'd go for first on a second playthrough. makes climbing soo much faster