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red chamber dream
oh yeah i meant to post that. i was fucking with our last night
yeah my left joycon is completely dead lol

wow. also had to send my 3DS in for repair the day I bought it. wtf nintendo...
the repair form doesn't have switch related products listed yet
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arkarian: 2017-03-19 08:22:24 pm
red chamber dream
so i've explored almost all of the southeastern part of the map. everything south and east of the great plateau at least. it's not even a full quarter of the map though, which is just crazy. man this game is huge. i've been trying to cover every inch of the map, so i guess we'll see how close to 100% i end up with.

the only part of this section i haven't been to is mount lanayru. seems like i'm not ready for it yet. sam with eventide island. think i need more hearts for that shit lol

i'm in zora's domain now. gonna keep pushing north to find the korok seed dude.
I went to Mt Lanayru really early in the game, like right after I reached Hateno Village, and I didn't have an issue. 

I'm up to about 180 korok seeds now.  There's still at least 5 sections of the map that I haven't even revealed yet.  I kind of regret that day when I just went around activating every tower I could see because the borders between the sections disappear when you do that, and it's been really hard for me to keep track of what I've explored and what I haven't.

I did my third divine beast today.  I kind of wonder what the intended order is, if there is any.  I did the desert first, then zora, then death mountain. 

I went into Hyrule Castle already just to see what it was like.  Wow! I just kept going, telling myself that I would just warp out if it got too crazy.  It never got too crazy, but I went pretty deep in, and I didn't want to keep going.  Then I realized that you CAN'T warp out.  I was pretty high up so I thought I would just fly out, but as soon as you take to the air you get laser sights fixed on you.  I had to walk out and it seemed like it took forever.  Got some cool shit in there though.

Quote from ryu:
yeah my left joycon is completely dead lol

wow. also had to send my 3DS in for repair the day I bought it. wtf nintendo...

That sucks. Yeah really - WTF nintendo.  I've been lucky I suppose.

red chamber dream
that's why i'm taking it super slow. i know i won't remember where i've been if i reveal more than one new area at a time. so i've only visited 4 or 5 total towers. i bought the strategy guide, but i don't plan to open it until i've done everything i can on my own.

thanks for the lanayru tip, i guess i figured it was part of a big quest or something. i'll check it out next
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arkarian: 2017-03-19 11:00:10 pm
red chamber dream
i want them to make a metroid game with this engine. hell, it could be a very similar game, just with a sci fi theme. i'd love the same sort of open world, but maybe with more metroidvania-style items that let you progress further. can you imagine spider ball tracks zig zagging all through a world like this? or flying your gunship around, no man's sky style? i love botw but i think i'd like a metroid version even more
Hmmm I don't know if I would like a metroid game like this.  I really like the idea of unlocking the next part of the game with an ability.  I would like a more complicated map though.  Kind of like Redesign, where at any given time you have many new places to go but only one of them leads to the next crucial item/area.

I also bought the strategy guide but haven't read any of it.  The one I bought came with a big poster-sized map.  I don't even want to look at that map until I'm done with this game the first time.

Right now I'm just farming for some rare materials so I can upgrade some of my stuff even further.  The highest defense I can get atm is 60.  I have the first row of hearts plus two more on the second row, and I have 1 3/4 stamina wheels.
red chamber dream
i've heard you need at least 13 hearts to get the (potentially a big spoiler)
master sword

so i started out by getting a full second stamina wheel, and now i've switched to hearts. i only have 7 right now though

it's good to know i'll need rare minerals. since i climb mountains so often, i've gotten sooo many, but i've been selling them. i have 13000 rupees lol. i'm not worried about finding more since i marked a ton of locations of rare deposits on my map.
You can warp to the entrance while inside the castle and then warp to wherever from there
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Opium: 2017-03-20 08:01:40 am
I don't even know where the entrance is.  (and don't tell me!) I just went to the map screen and saw that I couldn't see the dozens of warp points or even the option to travel.
The legend tells you how to warp out, pretty sure it's X
red chamber dream
glad i went to mount lanayru. that was awesome
I <3 big chinese dragon  :)
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arkarian: 2017-03-21 04:30:58 am
red chamber dream
played my first dungeon tonight. it was
divine beast ruta

man i was not expecting that sort of design. what a cool dungeon, and i'm assuming that's meant to be the first one you go to, so the others have gotta be even more complex
It seems like that's the one most people go to first.  I went to the desert first.  I don't know which would have been better to do first, but the gift I got from the desert beast is pretty awesome so I'm glad I didn't do it last.
red chamber dream
hmm perhaps i'll head there next. all those lynels are scary though !
Desert definitely feels like it's meant to be last more than anything else
I'm playing it backwards heh

Quote from arkarian:
hmm perhaps i'll head there next. all those lynels are scary though !

Now they're more of an annoyance than anything.  Once I got the flurry attack down then they didn't scare me anymore.
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Opium: 2017-03-22 09:42:56 am
Opium: 2017-03-22 09:42:31 am
I watched a video about how to fight the Lynels this morning.  Not sure if this is spoilery, but putting tags on just in case.  It's just different things you can do with combat.
The flurry attack has made the fight cake for me, but there's tons of other things you can do to fight them that I never even tried because the flurry did it all.  You can parry almost everything.  You can even get on their back!  When they use fire, you can use the updraft to glide over to them, which is something I've done plenty of times but I assumed it was so you could jumpstrike down on them, but you can also land on their backs and attack them from there or you can get out your arrows mid-air and do the whole slow-mo arrows-to-the-face routine.  Loving the versatile combat options.
red chamber dream
i haven't used dodging or flurry attacks much because i haven't really needed to. definitely want to get better at them though.

just discovered hyrule field last night. i'm 30 hours in lol. love this game so much
I like to practice combat moves on weaker enemies when there's just one of them left.

It is a great game.  I still don't even have a good grasp of the layout because it's so large.  There's only a couple of landmarks that I have a general understanding of where they are.  I want to hang the map on the wall so I can kind of get a better feel of it but I still have a bunch of areas that I haven't filled in so looking at the map would cause spoilers.  I think I'm going to wait until I have the whole map filled in before I pin it up.
red chamber dream
same here. i haven't even unfolded mine
I forgot how fun it was to play a new zelda game at the same time as someone else.  My sweetie and I took different paths in the game long ago, and we try not to look at each others screens and see the things they found that we haven't found ourselves yet. 

I remembered when I was playing MM for the first time and I ran into a friend who was also playing it.  We rekindled an old phone relationship, and her and I talked about the game all the time.  She told me that she found the Dancing Shoes, and I looked everywhere for them for days before she confessed that they didn't exist.  Well, I pulled out the old Dancing Shoes trick on my sweetie.  I told him that I found the Singing Sword.  He kept asking me about what it does, and I kept saying shit like 'Oh, you'll see.'  After a couple of days I told him there was no Singing Sword, and now he doesn't believe me about anything!  lol
lol that's mean