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I still don't understand why we don't go by the in-game timer like all the other metroid games.
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Prime Hunter: 2011-12-24 01:53:46 pm
To be honest I don't know either, but I'm guessing because it's hard to tell what gets cut off and where. Guess it's simpler to just use the total time like with the NES Metroid since that doesn't have a timer at all. Unless of course I don't know some different way times are calculated with the original as far as recorded/official runs go.
As long as the timer screws all the players equally, I don't get why it shouldn't be used.
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TheOthin: 2011-12-24 03:33:25 pm
Except it doesn't, because of the saves cutting off seconds. Just the transitions not counting isn't an issue; it just means the time is based on most of the time played instead of all. The seconds being removed means that even for the parts of the total time that are being measured, it's not even an accurate measurement of that.
ah ok, so there's a way to cheat the timer.  Now it makes sense.
Yeah basically segmented runs have to be timed in real-time due to the saving issue. So to keep completion times fair, single segment runs will also be timed in real-time.

If the saving problem never existed then both categories would be timed with in-game time instead just like most other games.
Ok I finally managed to do a speed run without dying or running out of missiles while recording in real-time with a clock. The results surprised but also leave me slightly disappointed.

54 minute in game time - real-time - 56:19.

I was expecting the in-game time to be 53 on this particular run as it seemed like a good run. Obviously it wasn't stern. So perhaps a great run of around 53:30 in-game time could offer a real-time of say 55:30/40. So Carlmii is right about there being some two minute difference.

I remember looking at the clock after triggering the last metroid hatchlings to be killed before the queen and was shocked when it said 53:xx. I thought no !!, the times crap and this run has been good, wtf !. But alas the last portion was only a few minutes long. Still, having more than 20 seconds to shave off the real-time is good goal to aim for now I would say, to get my time into the 55 real-time bracket.
so im not up-to-date with the current goals of this game but i was just wondering... what is the last known "record" an d how close are u to beating it?? (i saw u said sub-55 min real time, is the current goal to achieve the fastest completion time of the game??)
SDA rules mean this game is timed in real time because of ways to cheat the in game timer using the save totems.

The last record was by Carlmii and that was 59:49 in a segmented run. So I've already beaten it by about 3 and a half minutes. But when I attempt my run whilst recording I'll try and get at least 4 minutes faster than the record and get a 55:30/40 real time. Also of note is my run is a single segment run.
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Yay! 3 1/2 mintues is already a great accomplishment. Yet I fully understand your eagerness to get the optimum out of your new techniques. Go for it! Still looking forward to see a full record of this! :)
Go go go! Now those are some impressive numbers. Dancing
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Behemoth: 2012-06-12 02:22:23 pm
I been practicing hard and getting back into shape for my speed run. Just now done a run, 56:04 in real-time, beats my old one by about 15 seconds. For some reason I didn't check the in-game time, (turned it off during the credits d'oh!) but it was probably 53 which matches my best record which I already got about 5 times. I certainly could have done many parts better, and some of my gamma fights didn't go to plan. Also a lot of time I lose by simply being sloppy with morphing. I press too gently or too quickly (or mixture of the two) and don't morph at all, wasting about one second each. I definitely believe a time of 55:30-40 to be my perfect time.
That's really good news! Hope you get the run soon. Good luck!
Haha, just went and done the cleanest run ever: 55:31 ! That's the kind of time I'm aiming for when recording. Just a couple of things I wish didn't happen but overall that's how I want it. I somehow repeatedly messed up a perfectly simple jump right at the end which wasted about 5 seconds lol

The Omegas don't seem to be cooperating with me lately. Positioning themselves in the spot I don't want them in which means I have to jump to get shots in which wastes time so they turn round and slow the fight down. Think it's back to the drawing board for these bastards Brick wall
That's a crazy time! Was the in-game time still 53? Anyway, it seems you can still shave some seconds from the run, but do you think you can shave enough to get a 54:59 at least? Also, i wish you look and keep going! I'm really looking forward for this run, although i never played the game.
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Behemoth: 2012-06-15 12:14:34 pm
yep the in-game time was still 53, and I'm guessing another 20 or so seconds better would make it switch to 52, which I think is too tough a task for me and not really high on my agenda since SDA isn't timing it with in-game time.

It's maybe possible to get 54:59 real-time however it would really need to be flawless. I think even if the run was flawless it would only just about meet that kind of target, so I only lost about 30-35 seconds in the run. I'm gonna make my recorded target 55:25 or lower. That should be a great goal and a satisfying run from my perspective.
That's interesting. Yeah, i know this game is more about realtime anyway, i was just wondering how much you would have to shave to hit 52. It's amazing how you already beat the SDA segmented record by 4min and 17sec (iirc). It seems it would be almost impossible to shave enough to reach 54:59, but your run will probably stay on SDA for a long time if it will ever be beaten. Keep going!!

Thought I'd post this here too even though I made the thread Razz
This is not a 'good' run but and is probably nearly as much as a minute from my personal best. But I thought it would be a good idea to post a run to show my route and strategies nonetheless. My thread will update with better runs in the coming weeks.
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i got 4:24 last month. missed 4 items since i didn't find 3 missile expansions and 1 e-tank.

might try later for a faster time without getting every expansion since it is sort of a waste if i can't get 100%.
ok so i have been doing 100% runs for a little over a month and my current in game pb is 1:19 (rta estimate since i don't use a real time counter yet is probably close to 1:30:xx)
my first time was a 2:06 in game time so i have greatly improved I'm hoping to get a 1:15 in game time and i will be totally happy with that
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Emptyeye: 2013-11-24 05:02:38 pm
As I mentioned in the Speed Running topic, I have a 1:09:12 by SDA timing 100% run of this game. 1:05 in-game. I may be wrong, but given Behemoth's lack of interest in the category, it looks like I'm the first serious challenger to Carlmmii in years in 100%.

One thing I found interesting looking through the topic is that going counter-clockwise and back through the loop (Where there are 6 and then 5 Metroids left) is apparently faster than clockwise and back. I'll have to do more testing on that. I also plan to incorporate the Alpha damage boost up to the ceiling in the area where you have 26-16 Metroids left (I get to this particular Metroid with 21 left). Route-wise, my main change is doing early Spring Ball and using that to make a massive Spider-Leap-of-Faith over to the Alpha to the left of that--I think Spring Ball makes the area with the High Jump Boots a bit quicker as well.

Haaria, that's a great time for only working on this for a month. I think I started seriously working on this in March or April, to give you an idea of how long it took me to get down to 1:05 in-game.
Well, it took a bit, but I now have a 1:04:32 or so by SDA timing 100%. This beats carl's old run by about 50 seconds, and as a bonus, is (I think) the first 1:01 in-game time 100%. While in-game time is pretty much useless in this game, it still felt pretty cool to see. :) As you can see, my early-game (The first ten minutes or so) is actually the weakest/most inconsistent, and there's still a bit of time to be gained late-game too.
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Hello there! I'm someone of no note trying to catch up to EmptyEye up there, for one wanted to say that he's improved the world record by over a minute since his last post here, and also to post my own time, here of 1:12:10 (05 by SDA timing, all runs from now on have fixed timer stuff). I'm coming for you man!
What'd you say?
Quote from KentaKurodani:
I'm coming for you man!

Ooh... I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
Metroid 2 Ho! (and Zm soon to come!)
It's not like I'm mad, him and I get along well. :P Just some friendly competition