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always move fast
lol, costed.

is still more than id be willing to spend. >.>
but your vcr could flex its gbp-recording might! and verily, the whole of m2k2 could partake in the bartendorsparky-on-gameboy.
red chamber dream
Quote from bartendorsparky:
lol, costed.

Heh, I wasn't sure if it was "cost" or "costed." Was going to look it up, but then I forgot. But yeah, "costed" makes me sound like a fucking retard.

Quote from njahnke:
and verily, the whole of m2k2 could partake in the bartendorsparky-on-gameboy.

Nate, you're making me cream my pants...
always move fast
woo, finished.

time was 2:47, with 6 energy tanks (though it only shows 5?), and 230 missiles.  how close is this to 100%?
everybody knows it's true
Couple missiles away. Make sure that you have all the items. I know that I always forget the springee >_>.
always move fast
k, finished it a second time today:

5 energy tanks, 220 missiles, and all upgrades except screw, in 1:21 (with 5 saves, so that alters it a little).

now to take a peak at radixs map, and come up with a route that utilizes sequence breaks, and learn those along the way...
250 missiles is max, btw. 6 energy tanks, 22 missile expansions, and all the upgrades. I'm pretty sure you've already seen, but for 100% runs, it's kind of required to pick up all the beams at one point or another to claim that you had every item at one point.

Good luck with the sequence breaking. The only real route diversion discovered is the lava dipping, which saves loads of time if done correctly. Most of the time is saved just by how you maneuver through the areas, since it's fairly linear as to how you need to progress.

Secret worlds are fun, but don't count fortunately. :p
always move fast
thanks carl.

got 1:04 (with 5 saves) following your vid (made a .txt with the route).

good enough for me for now
Sparky >>>> me.  I should say that 1:04 is QUITE good enough.  I figure that if I really applied myself, really practiced and got my route optimized, went for very good segments w/o mistakes before saving, and was willing to spend a month on a M2 run, I could probably do something in the 1:10 - 1:20 range.  Maybe.
Looks like carlmmii's got a little competition.  I've watched his 0:59 run, and there are VERY few mistakes, at least to my eye.  I could see a 0:57 or 0:58 using that same route, if all moves were executed perfectly.  Going much lower than that would require some sort of as-yet-unknown sequence break, or the grabbing of fewer expansions along the way (and praying for missile refills as you go).
Sparky = 2:47 to 1:21 to 1:04.  Or, for a more direct comparison: 167 minutes, then 81 minutes, then 64 minutes.  The WR is 59 minutes and change.  Although, sparky's 64 minutes with 5 saves is likely to be more like 66-68 min, if the seconds gained by saving (resets seconds to :00) are accounted for.  Still, that's AWFULLY fine work for only 3 playthroughs of the game, done in pretty rapid succession.
always move fast
well, technically, its my fourth playthrough.  on friday night/saturday i was doing a 3-item run.  got up to metroid queen before i deemed it was too hard and quit, and then started .txt'ing carl's route.
The :59 can be beaten by probably a full minute, maybe even two. The second segment especially, with all the metroid fights. That's where most of my time is lost.

There's probably a few spider throws I didn't see either that could lead to a new route in some of the ruins. Or something else. I dunno.

I'd be interested to see what kind of route you come up with as your final, since I never was too sure of mine.
Armor Guardian
I'm surprised this topic hasn't been stickied yet. *cough*
everybody knows it's true
Your wish has been grantednot by me.
always move fast
well, unfortunately the game is ridiculously linear.  i have on or two very minor changes, but nothing much...
I did a 1:01 single-segment many many months ago... quite sure I posted that at some point, but meh guess not.
Mister ...
Best Time, (though this is a little late to post... ohwell)

2:35 (Hours:Minutes) With most/all items.

Was only my second time playing through, was also determined to not lose a life/die, thought that was how you got the best ending. If I died, I would re-set the system and continue like nothing happened.

WORST MOMENT IN GAME: Saving with only 40 points of health in in area with OMEGA Metroids... really bad move.
Quote from carlmmii:
Metroid (fusion?) nintendo artwork

Actually, it looks like an artwork from the European edition of Super Metroid booklet (mine's written in Spanish, and that kinda amused me when I was 10). I think I have it somewhere near…

BTW, I'm in the process of beating M2 for the first time! I've successfully compensated the lack of real GBC by upgrading my iRiver H320 to Rockbox firmware. Their Rockboy (Gameboy emulator plugin based on GNUboy) has just received sound and simultaneous button pressings support. Basically, it works like a real GBC, but with 20 GBs of storage to fit with ROMs, hehe. Love it.
Second run through the game : 1:41
I don't have any good explanation why, but this is my favorite Metroid game.  It might be because of how scared I got and how much of a rush it was at first when I found some of the metroids  :)

The music when you're on the main path may be my favorite music in any game :) except for Mt. Tamarach in Zelda Link's Awakening.

My first play through was way over 8 hours (!) but my best ever (fifth or sixth time through)  was a 1:21, the closest thing I ever did to a speed-run.  That was with the in-game timer, very very any%.  I don't think I ever got 100% in this game.

:( But now I haven't played this game in years  :(
(user is banned)
My very first (and only) time 02:36. What a waste of time...
I just got m2 yesterday and finished it tonight with a time of 2:49 though i saved near the omega rooms with almost nothing so i had to go back and recharge. :x
Armor Guardian
I finally decided to beat this game.


All upgrades
21 Missle Tanks
5 Energy Tanks
Armor Guardian
100%, 2:25.

Wouldn't have been so long if I hadn't a) been forced to play in fifteen-minute chunks, and b) been pwned so hard by the zetas. I hate zetas. If Queenie hired two omegas to be her bodyguards, it'd still be easier than one zeta.
Metroid II is officially like, the... fifth?.. video game I've ever beaten in my life. Even with Metroid I, which is one of my favourite games ever, I usually don't bother beating the final boss because bosses are lame and boring and I'd rather explore.

  Not so with today's runthrough of Metroid II; I actually enjoyed running through the Tourian lookalike place and bombing the Queen's inner entrails. It was easy, which helped, because nothing's worse than being challenged by a final boss. >_< I just want to play with the Hatchling, thx Queenie.

  My time, if you care, was 2:30, and I don't (care, that is) because that's not what I was playing for, but I figured I'd mention it since when I saw it come up on the screen I thought of this place. :P