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I can't remember my best time, but my 1st time, getting 100% items, I got 5:06.  My best was something like 2:54, or 2:56.  All I remember was that it was nearly 3 hours.  If anybody has trouble finding a Gameboy, the game, or any type of emulator so that they can play this awesome game, get VisualBoyAdvance.  It's free, downloadable, and ROMs are everywhere.  Some of them Nintendo asked to be removed, but they're still out there, if hard to find.  I, personally, have VisualBoyAdvance Collector's Edition, which is also free.
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And many of us run TASvideo's VBA rerecording edition. Runs most ROMs pretty smoothly, and is the version of choice for Tool-Assisted Speeders. There are a lot of regular GB emulators out there, too.

Also, although ROMs are against the rules (and actually generally illegal most places), it's commonly realized that pretty much every game's ROM can be found online if searched for.
This was a few months ago, but I completed M2:RoS in right around 1:37 or so.  Not a 100% run, and it was about my 3rd or 4th run through the game, but still... not bad.  This is definitely a game that grows on you.  My first few times playing it, I was definitely unimpressed... but it has that feel of exploration/isolation/apprehension that some of the newer Metroid titles lack.
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3:03 (my first without cheats)
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2:32, 6 energy tanks (something got messed up, although it registered 5), 230 missiles, didn't use the Wave Beam, found everything else.
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Quote from playerman1230:
something got messed up, although it registered 5

If you're saying what I think then the 6th energy tank only refills your energy like some in the original Metroid.
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Wait, Metroid 1 had six energy tanks on the display, 255 missiles, Morph Ball, Bombs, Ice/Wave Beams, High Jump Boots, Varia Suit, and Screw Attack. Metroid 2 had five energy tanks on display, 250 missiles, Bombs, Spider Ball, Ice/Wave/Spazer/Plasma Beams, High Jump Boots, Space Jump, Varia Suit, and Screw Attack.
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I know, but metroid 1 had more than 6 energy tanks so the ones that don't fit in the screen refill your energy is what I've tried to tell you.
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Are you ready for some underwear music?
Don't you guys get it?
Metroid 1 had 8 energy tanks - 3 in Brinstar, 2 in Kraid and Ridley and 1 in Norfair - but the screen can only fit six so the last two only refill your energy and won't increase Samus' energy capacity
My latest time (for not having played in, oh, 10 years or so) was 2:15. Best moment was when I defeated the last Omega with 3 health and 2 missiles remaining.
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Sorry to make a bump, but 1:32, all items.
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my quickest run through is about first one was 2.31 and i never got more than that
First was 3:43 :) . Just found it around the house a couple of days ago and I'm almost finished it a second time.
Thanks to quick responses in the help thread, I completed this game for the very first time last night, with a time of 4:33. At the end, I had gotten all the energy tanks, and had 230 missiles.
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1:15, 100% run...
I just love bombing the queen's deepthroat grin new
Nice job! Faster! Faster!
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When I was younger and less used to other metroids(Super, Fusion and Zero Mission it was easier, but i always find myself trying to shoot diagonnally xD
And that limited motion is what makes the shooting in this game an art form of timing. It's a matter of figuring out the exact timing while running/jumping to pre-empt whatever's in your path. That's why I love the first section so much because it flows so nicely. The rest of the game also probably flows nicely... it's just a matter of figuring out the tango.
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That's what I still have to do, get all the timings out... Still, I think that I'm pretty good at this game
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My best time and 1hr.09m ...
But I do not know how I would be using TAS
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You could hypothetically use a tool-assisted speedrun to re-plan your route or to get strategies for Metroid fights or something.

Good time, though.
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But this  my time in the cartridge and I still have saved to date ...
I'm  last save point with 2 energy tanks and 190 missile...
Only to go forward with the death of the Queen Metroid ...
This depends only on my ability or I or she goes to the coffin

See You Next Time !!!

Sarabadá Guys !!!