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red chamber dream
fuuuuck i can't wait
Are you imlying they wrote a worthwhile plot for once?
Yeah, it's alright. You kind of care about the characters this time around. That being said, though, I'm not sure if a super-involved plot would actually benefit a Pokemon game that much; especially considering how the first island went about.
Wow, my other friends who're playing the games aren't pleased at all. Only complaints about inconsequential dialogs and cutscenes all the time and extreme handholding in our chat.
Is this their first Pokemon game? lol
Not at all. They're huge fans.
red chamber dream
the handholding is only on the first island, and the series has been doing that for a while now. i didn't really mind it in sun/moon because it actually has halfway decent characters
red chamber dream
also, it's an rpg and those have cutscenes. and it's important to remember it's aimed at literal children
earlier games without handholding and hours of boring inconsequential dialogue were aimed at literal children too :/
red chamber dream
yeah but i think they're going for even younger kids now
that might be thing
There's just more shit to these games than there used to be.
Red and Blue are a no brainer, not to mention way easier than Sun and Moon.
red chamber dream
yeah i mean i don't know what genwunners want. i like how the series is evolving, sun/moon are easily the best games in the series when you look at the total package and remove nostalgia
red chamber dream
sun/moon really feels like an rpg instead of just a "pokemon game"
I dunno, I still have a soft spot for Heart Gold all these years.
And I don't think it's all nostalgia. There's a lot of things that game did right... LIKE HAVING A GODDAMN AUTO RUN FEATURE.
red chamber dream
that's true lol

for some reason i didn't get into soul silver very much even though gsc is my favorite gen. no idea why but it didn't click with me
red chamber dream
palossand is my favorite new mon so far. i tend to favor ghost types though. its stats are pretty good, but its movepool is great. earth power, shadow ball, psychic, sludge bomb, and even giga drain make it pretty fun to use in-game
This whole "1 buffed OP totem mon vs your whole team" thing isn't really an idea that fits into a Pokemon campaign. Does GF know what a sweep is? I just want to use whatever and not find and train some counter :/

Maybe people asked for this but I couldn't care less for the campaign to be ""challenging""

Also like how the fire starter doesn't get any physical fire moves between 15 and 55, mainly because there's apparenty still no generically good physical fire move for everyone

And then it gets a physical dark signature move because there's a real shortage of those! >_>
red chamber dream
tbh i haven't had much trouble with the totem fights so far, but then i play thoroughly and spend time building a balanced team that can take on anything ... i've just started the fourth island and i've clocked 40 hours lol
red chamber dream
i share your complaints about incineroar not getting any good fire moves for a looong time ;(

but i did just get flare blitz, and the combo with leech life to heal off your recoil is pretty cool
Finished the story at 20 hours, I just think it's limiting playstyles, having it be trivially easy guarantees people can use any garbage they like

Really dislike recoil in the campaign, Swords Dance+Thrash was good though and helps save PP, unless of course every trainer in the area only has 1 mon again
red chamber dream
man the game's music is on fucking point ... best in the series in a long time
All these years, and I still don't value buffs and debuffs in Pokemon.