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SMT is a subseries of Megami Tensei, although with the way Atlus marketed them abroad, people forgot there was a difference, lol.

Basically, most of those games are like Pokemon for grown-ups, I guess? The central gimmick to them is that you can talk to your enemy rather than kill them. Doing so can convince them to give you money, items, or to join your team. The problem is that a lot of those conversations are RNG-based and can go seriously wrong at times, making the enemy call in multiple waves of reinforcements and shit. Also, certain bosses, like the Matador and Minotaur, are infamously hard.
red chamber dream
ah weird. never knew anything about the megami tensei games but that sounds interesting. just heard they were really hard so i've stayed away
red chamber dream
asfikrghskfjr the mount lanakila music is amazing
Battle Royal is like the perfect RNG nightmare
red chamber dream
oh my god everything is so much faster on the new 3ds

scrolling through menus is actually smooth, for one, and loading times are 50% or less all around
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Idkbutlike2: 2016-11-28 06:23:45 pm
Finished up all the Ultra Beast missions today. Time to catch the Tapus, Cosmog, and Necrozma.

Also, the whole Lillie plot was adorable.
red chamber dream
heh opposite for me, i've got all the tapus and now i'm starting on the ultra beasts

i'm using tapus koko and bulu on my team. bulu in particular is awesome. his grassy terrain + horn leech is godly
red chamber dream
holy shit if you spin the circle pad for long enough, your trainer starts doing pirouettes
Now mash B while walking!
red chamber dream
rotfl i've had that happen once before but didn't know why

red chamber dream
and actually i think the pirouettes were in xy too
Maybe, I never used the circle pad in XY though
red chamber dream
oh yeah that's right, it was optional then

i remember now, i only really used it for the roller skates
red chamber dream
which i kind of miss ... tauros is great for traveling quickly through routes, but i wish a faster general movement option than running
Wasn't circle pad roller skates only? They were just a slower and less precise bike so I didn't care
red chamber dream
don't see why they couldn't have included the skates too
red chamber dream
oh, could be
red chamber dream
i primarily used skates for getting around cities, it was the best way
Probably just thrown in to prepare people for off-grid movement in SM lol
red chamber dream
was there not off-grid movement in xy? or hmm maybe it was just 8-way
8-way but the skates made it look like off-grid
red chamber dream
ah ok, probably why i liked them so much

man it's crazy what a big step up sun/moon is
XY had awful controls, which is kind of unthinkable for a JRPG.
red chamber dream
for pokemon at least ... would be totally normal for any other series >_>
What do you mean by awful controls? Unless you only used skates it was just the old controls with diagonal movement