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red chamber dream
gen vii bitches.

ima start playing when i get home!
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4 more days hype!
red chamber dream
red chamber dream

after two gens, fucking finally
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Now one-handed people can play again?
I feel like the Melemele arc was a bit too railroaded, even for a Pokemon game.
Restrictively linear.
red chamber dream
Quote from Poision Envy:
Now one-handed people can play again?

or anyone who likes playing with one hand. i find it really useful
red chamber dream
i'm really taking my time with moon ... this might be the most excited i've ever been for a game

4 hours in, just finished the training school. i definitely want to fill out the alolan pokedex, so i'm catching every new mon i see. love all the touches gf has added, like your house (mom finally has a room!), and that buildings are a lot closer to realistic proportions. fucking route 1 is massive too ... are they all going to be like this? this game is huge
The towns feel like a more polished variant of towns from Tales games.
red chamber dream
hmm yeah you're right

i wonder what tales of hearts looks like in comparison
You guys playing on old or New 3DS? Heard old has framerate problems
red chamber dream
old, thinking about buying a new one on black friday though
Old.. and yeah, it does at times. Mostly in battles, though, so it's not terrible.
red chamber dream
i haven't noticed many frame rate issues yet, but i'm still super early

definitely notice the load times, but i've heard they're not much better on the new 3ds
Is it in battle generally or during attack animations? Does it help to turn them off?
It's more like special battle scenes with dialogue and stuff.
red chamber dream
even if it did, i would never turn off attack animations my first time through a new pokemon game ... i love watching how they've changed them, and what the new ones look like
red chamber dream
cutiefly is a bad ass mon ... fighting the first kahuna, he activates my red card, then goes for fakeout with the pokemon he switched into. but it doesn't flinch me because of shield dust. finally they gave that ability to a decent mon!
Club 27 Goals
yeah pretty much everywhere is going to have the New 3DS for $99 for black friday
Totem Mimikyu is by far THE fucking most annoying Totem in the entire game. I costed by all of the others but this one holds back no punches and wiped me the fuck out with its faggotry.
Haunter used Hypnosis!
Mimikyu used Play Rough!
Grimer fainted!
Go Metang!
Mimikyu used Shadow Claw!
Metang fainted!
Is Nacho Fur the most advanced forum bot in the world or what?
red chamber dream
i have no clue at this point lol
It's so advanced that it's banking on the fact nobody can tell the difference between the nonsense of a bot and a 14-year-old!