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red chamber dream
well, it could also just be a really dumb 14 year old
That's what I mean lol

Then again how would he end up here and not post in the Metroid section

He also hasn't reacted to anyone else's posts yet

So mysterious
I don't know if it's just me being dumb, but I think trainers tend to be less predictable with their choice of Pokemon in this gen compared to the others.
red chamber dream
nah, i definitely agree. so far i think this might be the most challenging gen yet (still quite easy though, unfortunately)

i've only completed two trials though
red chamber dream
my three mains so far (torracat, cutiefly, trumbeak) got too overleveled, so i caught a wishiwashi at lvl 17 and starting using only that. helps make it a little more challenging. wishiwashi is a beast, too

i don't want to turn off exp share because i want my mains to learn their best moves asap. that way i can have fun with them for a while before switching to different mons ... want to try out as many of the new ones as i can
red chamber dream
aand i just found a shiny magby

time to sell it on the black market!
red chamber dream
lol people who care about "real" shinies are nuts

just hack that shit
red chamber dream
omg caught a timid comfey with triage on my first try, not bad ... gonna use it for my sun playthrough
Quote from arkarian:
lol people who care about "real" shinies are nuts

just hack that shit

Using hacked pokemon is no fun though. The entire point is getting them yourself :(

Congrats btw
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Idkbutlike2: 2016-11-21 02:12:30 pm
QR codes for the game.
Quote from Idkbutlike2:

Looks like filthy fucking cheating to me
It... doesn't do what you think.
oh, I thought it was a way to get free pogermons
Nah, you scan 10 of those and some random Pokemon shows up in random location in the region and you have an hour to catch it.
X called for help.

Why is this fucking shit allowed? I *LITERALLY* cannot catch a Magby because the fucker can call for help infinitely. He even gets to call for help on top of his move. It's good for grinding but makes actually catching anything a fucking nightmare.
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Idkbutlike2: 2016-11-21 07:09:04 pm
Yeah, you have to just have to pray that calling for help fails on the occasion. At least it's not like Dragon Quest or Earthbound where multiple enemies can call for help successfully in a single turn.
red chamber dream
i noticed they tend to call for help less often on the turn you make one of the mons faint

not always, but usually they won't call for help on that turn, then you can throw a ball the turn after
red chamber dream
agreed it's kind of an annoying change, but it's also a good way to get extra xp
red chamber dream
also, there's one mon (mareanie) that only appears through being called by a corsola ... there's no other way to even see it in the game

caught that one last night
red chamber dream
omg toucannon is a god

i did not know about beak blast, damn that's a great move in-game
So uh... you get an Aerodactyl completely for free in this game. Nice, I guess?
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arkarian: 2016-11-22 09:41:46 pm
red chamber dream
heh nice

i just started the third island. love this game so far. right now i'm wonder trading a bunch so i can get more trainer ids in my boxes for the lottery

edit: just got 2 littens out of 6 trades. not bad
Well, that's definitely not how I expected the legendary Pokemon plot to go. Nice one, Game Freak.