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red chamber dream
hmm i guess i don't remember thinking they were bad at the time

xy is the gen i've played least though
red chamber dream
well, besides iii which i've never played
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Idkbutlike2: 2016-11-28 10:56:05 pm
Quote from Serris:
What do you mean by awful controls? Unless you only used skates it was just the old controls with diagonal movement

That's exactly it. I don't know why they narrowed down walking and running to 8 directions when they were perfectly capable of implementing 360 degree movement on the circle pad. The OG 3DS's d-pad is rough as hell on your thumb and using the circle pad with only 8 directions of movement feels really flimsy.
red chamber dream
get bigger thumbs bro do you even lift
red chamber dream
do beast balls never fail to capture, or can you get more?
Well because it was still a grid-based world I suppose.

I just found out Beast Balls are 10 times worse than a normal Pokeball for non-UBs. Time to get some Tapus.
red chamber dream
use dusk balls

always start with a quick ball though obv
Quote from arkarian:
do beast balls never fail to capture, or can you get more?

You get 10 more for each new mission you're on.
They just have a massive catch rate of 5, and Looker gives you more if you run out
red chamber dream
ah ok
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arkarian: 2016-11-28 11:04:49 pm
red chamber dream
eh, the tapus have a rate of 3 and they were easy
I don't even know where to mass-get Dusk Balls
red chamber dream
i think route 8, same place as quick balls

i might be wrong though
Serebii says route 8.
red chamber dream
yup, at the pokemon center

love how they moved all the important shops to pokemon centers
red chamber dream
I'm your contact. You want to hear more about that monster, right?

Monster... so you're the one who contacted us!

Oh I thought it just meant there's 1 Dusk ball lying around there lol

Got the impression they were just from the festival
red chamber dream
nah most pkmn centers have a second sales guy with lots of good shit
I thought the portal at the sun/moon altar just allows you to change the time by 12 hours freely, but it seems to have messed up my the daytime change or something. And sometimes it doesn't let me go through. Like it's been daytime for 18 hours or something now and I haven't used the portal in 2 days
red chamber dream
wait, what? guess i haven't played far enough
It should always open at around 6 PM.
I don't get the point of a time-sensitive way to freely change time lol
Do you maybe need both cover leggies to go both ways whenever you want?
red chamber dream
maybe it's intended to let you make more or less permanent changes?

like if you have sun and want to see what it's like playing moon
I think it's supposed to be dimension hopping.