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Really don't know why we can't change skin color or gender for a price

I'm missing out on half the fashion
red chamber dream
you have to buy both versions ;)
red chamber dream
jk though i would never play as a dude
Well maybe I would if you couldn't get so much other-version stuff! Bad move Nintendo
So how exactly does getting shit from the Festival work? Are they prizes from those booth mini games or something?
red chamber dream
Quote from Idkbutlike2:

reminds me of

which has made me laugh more than anything else in the past few weeks
Haha. That image is classic.
red chamber dream
their faces rotfl
Nah that's all services where you spend currency

Talk to people who have red text over them and play the games starting at level 4 or something

If you're online you can join other people's games which doesn't cost tickets

You only get 3 tickets a day
red chamber dream
i just use it for wonder trading
I like how Alolan Exeggutor's head is off-screen in the box menu lol
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Idkbutlike2: 2016-11-29 10:12:45 pm
Oh yeah, fellas, I forgot. Make use of the QR codes I linked. Totally forgot about those.
red chamber dream
oh nice, thanks - all the ones i've seen online are on these bullshit sites where you have to page through them all
I just caught a Deino and it's not even available on the current Dex. Guess the National update is coming later or something.
red chamber dream
yeah it's coming with pokemon bank, january i think
Yeah I noticed my scanned mons not showing up in the dex, that's so bizarre

I guess they didn't finish writing new grimdark entries for all of them in time
These games just became Nintendo's fastest selling launch in the Americas (and the UK). Guess Pokemon GO and the changed up formula definitely got people's attention.
red chamber dream
yeah, i'm really glad too. i'm hoping vgc gets a lot more players this year, especially because it's a brand new format

last year's was so meh
I'm curious which gen7 mons are making it in OU, aside from all the legendaries. As a very casual observer, the power level seems unusually low this gen.
red chamber dream
i think it'll be awhile before we find out, but the ultra beasts and tapus are looking like a sure thing right now

well, some of the ultra beasts anyway, and some of those will be banned to ubers
red chamber dream
there's some cool stuff though. i'm excited to see how ou changes ... oras was fun but just got old
I didn't look at anything Pokemon between XY and SM, but apparently ORAS had some silly stuff.
red chamber dream
mega lopunny <3
red chamber dream
the fairy type alone made xy/oras enjoyable for me ... watching clefable's rise was pretty fun