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Gonna be streaming my stuff here. Mainly 3D Zeldas (OoT, MM, TP, maybe TWW if I ever get that) but I might stream other stuff if I'm willing.

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I just wanna know how to get out of the forest w/o Kokiri emerald. Is there a Zelda SB/speedrun site like m2k2?
try zelda wiki
I hate those wiki sites. Can't put my finger on why.
zeldaspeedruns.com is the big one. it's run by sda members iirc.
it's the only zelda site I know of having infos on glitches and sequence breaks :p
I looked up getting out of the forest and, as well as from finding out how to complete Pocket Monsters Green in 5 minutes, getting out of the forest looks pretty easy, actually.
Sasuke was right, OoT has crazy breaks.
I never knew :/
Though last time I checked there I was unable to find any really good breaks for OoT, only MM stuff. Guess I'll have to check that site out again sometime.
the site doesn't have all the breaks since most are obsolete because of the route (RBA is just that bad) and also because it would take a lot of time to list them all.

i think it would be far easier to ask what can't be skipped.

these OoT tricks started being discovered and becoming more popular around late 2005 because of speed running and SDA so it makes sense people who only played OoT back in the day never knew. these tricks are actually what made me replay the games a lot since the big Zelda threads of SDA.
This is the most frustrating part of the entire game for sure.