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Gonna be streaming my stuff here. Mainly 3D Zeldas (OoT, MM, TP, maybe TWW if I ever get that) but I might stream other stuff if I'm willing.

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lol. dunno if i can watch with this commentary.
i mean i screw up shit in fusion sometimes, but i don't get mad.
I find it hilarious. It's like a Let's Play
lol yup
You're about to ragequit that's what's wrong.

Calm down and you'll do it XD
low self esteem
I'm pretty sure, yup. He was jumping too close to the snake. And that's why he was failing the jump
yeah, he did the exact same thing over and over again and kept saying he sucks.
his profile says he's 15, which seems fitting
i don't remember being that whiny when i was 15.
dunno, it seems being whiny on microphones is some kind of teenie fad on teh internet anyways
everyone's that whiny at late teens.
woah, that was actually pretty cool.
I'm not whiny, less I have reason to. I'm close to 17.
o rite
but i've still never been that whiny :P
well I guess it's just playing competetively and being on a mic, if you just play to chill out you'll obviously not rage baout anything, but if you're trying to succeed it's different
Why does he need to use the bomb?
I'm pretty sure it's tiidiikei btw
Hookshot against a rock. It works.
he should turn up the spirit temple music