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Gonna be streaming my stuff here. Mainly 3D Zeldas (OoT, MM, TP, maybe TWW if I ever get that) but I might stream other stuff if I'm willing.

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aren't you the starfox guy? why don't you stream starfox :psyduck:
that room with the hand used to give me nightmares (forest temple)
that reminds me of the TP water dungeon skip

also fuck this shit why do i have to talk to myself here fff
I'd like to know why you're doing the deku tree if you're an adult already anyways

is it needed to trigger something?
the fuck is going on here? adult Link? deku tree not dead?
dunno either some sb glitching or action replay abuse

haven't seen from the start myself
I like how link was just holding his bare hands up without having recieved anything
It'd be pretty game-destroying to get the Master sword without the spiritual stones. why bother getting them if you're already an adult? gameshark abuse, I reckon
wow salias flute
No major skips? You have the hover boots before you finished Goron Temple.
I've always pronounced it Vol Va Gee A
Impossible AND hard :o
Well, might be possible with max bottled Faries.

Wait wasn't that the Water Temple song and it brought you to the Forest Temple?
Interesting, you just replied to something I said, but I can't see what I said on my screen.

Dude that's TOTALLY like the TP Water Temple Skip.
I wish this was taped so I could show my brother that skip.
can you open your menu so we can see what you've gotten and not gotten? Cause form the logs here it sounds like you skipped being a Child.
I'm pretty sure ing-x is not in this thread right now btw
curses. you're right.
cool if he was
omg lol, that scream XD
is that ing-x talking? he sounds like he's 12.
that's my guess. And I just said the same thing