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Gonna be streaming my stuff here. Mainly 3D Zeldas (OoT, MM, TP, maybe TWW if I ever get that) but I might stream other stuff if I'm willing.

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srsly, why?
He must have read the topic. >_>
Dude... ING-X when you read this, you really don't need to take it so seriously.
I think he's crying because he think he hasn't done well dunno

but he sounded pretty normal when he just talked, wtf
I only brought it up because ING-X has a history of overreacting... or am I thinking of someone else?
you might be right, I remember how he got somewhat overly defensive over the starfox cummunity once
I'm remembering something happening during festivus where he took the grievances seriously and said he was leaving... was that him?
shit that looks creepy. mannequin zelda D:
there's no fucking way I'd be able to do HALF the things you did.

the next revolution gaming needs are emotional sensors that allow games to break the 4th wall and make fun of the people playing
Damnit I missed the making of the brdge?

Okay something is seriously lagging this feed.
huh? he's been in ganon's tower for a while
Quote from 072:
I only brought it up because ING-X has a history of overreacting... or am I thinking of someone else?

There was a thing about the framerate of games and how that affects reaction times... that dragged on for a while. You might mean something else though.
Yeah, I found it:


Though he would have been 12 then, so no reason to think he's still like that.
I'm not trying to fight with you or anything. I'm just letting you know that nobody's going to forget this.

seems he was right :p
I#m off to bed, n8
I hope Toozin never changes, doesn't look like he has since '07
Well he hasn't really tried to ban anybody since then, so I'm not sure
just as a clarification, all the glitches he pulled are possible on console. no gameshark or shit like that. OoT is far more broken than even metroid prime 1 and 2 combined and you can do really weird shit like entering the deku tree as adult, skipping the stones to get master sword really early, skip most medallions to get light arrows (the game checks only for the last 2), skip every temple with RBA, skip all bottles, etc.

concerning the "no major skips" thing, it refers to completing all dungeons in the game regardless of the glitches used (imagine as if the items were actually required to fight the last boss). i and several others from the Zelda community actually argued that the name was misleading and a run completing all dungeons should be labeled "Medallions Stones Trials" (MST) to make the goal more clear and at the same time not mislead people since "no major skips" is actually a a very stupid term because they skip lots of shit in the run. several people adpoted the MST term but a few stubborn guys like ing still use the old term. MST would be the equivalent of "no SWs" in a game like mp1 or mp2 since not using them stops a few routes and speed tricks.
holy shit, a FUCKLOAD of people from here were watching this yesterday O_o

yeah, i'll be the first to admit, i do overreact a lot to pretty much everything. i also have an inferiority complex, where if i don't do everything right i feel like i can't do ANYTHING right. that's something that really gets me when i'm trying something like this.

as for me using the name "no major skips", i do use the term MST most of the time, but since this community doesn't know what MST means i decided to just call it no major skips so people would have somewhat of an idea of what i'm talking about. although i guess mst would make more sense than "no major skips", hahaha.
explaining MST doesn't take more than 5 mins after all.
Explaining MST would have been a faster route.

And seriously, don't think bad about yourself, there's no ****ing way I'd pull off half the things you did.

I just wish I saw you get the MS early. That'd be interesting to skip Young Link entirely.