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Gonna be streaming my stuff here. Mainly 3D Zeldas (OoT, MM, TP, maybe TWW if I ever get that) but I might stream other stuff if I'm willing.

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There's a pattern to her that he apparently doesn't know.
there's a pattern?
does he not realize it's three and three of each?
Was it ever explained WHY the Mirror Shield can an absorb magic?
3 of one, then it swaps
1 of the other, 3 of one, swaps.
2 of the other, 3 of one, swaps.

And that "hit noise"...
O face.
love the way this kid accents certain words.
damn why's he still so angry about this
you guys are right he certainly needs to chill the fuck out
I can't understand him because I#ve turned my speakers down. don't wanthim to wake my whole family when he starts screaming again
i'm waiting for him to throw the controller at the console
at the tv
the funny thing is... that wouldn't stop the stream.
yeah he could just look at ustream and still play, albeit with a little lag
You know, Ing-X is bound to read this thread at some point.
my feed keeps crapping out periodically
Yeah he's going to read it at some point. But this run was fairly impressive. It's not like we're saying he isn't good.
I'm still not getting the NO MAJOR SKIPS part, but i guess I just tuned in late and missed most of the run
We're just raggin on him raggin on himself.
I'm not sure what No Major Skips means either.

I mean he skipped a shitton of items "required". I'd call that a major skip.
I think the "No Major Skips" refers to that RBA stuff.
wtf he has none of the emblems to get at the master sword

Look behind Link
Did I just hear him sob?