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yeah it's a great looking game even now
ratatosk is p. terrible
this is making want to do a clips vid of this game set to pyt
i don't really think of it in terms of graphics at all though
same ol' same ol' or something
except to make fun of it
well it worked for msi so why not pyt rite
and yeah i don't blame you for not thinking of r.tosk in terms of graphics lol ...
it's like they were trying to make an aliasing demo
"don't do this"
every wii game suffers from that to a greater or lesser extent ... i remember the first time i saw tp i was shocked by how bad it was
but ratatosk is like a showcase of it or something
i think tp is one of the worst though
don't jump the gun on that fire there son
there are great looking wii games
wario land 5 in particular
we need to get carc in here so we can make him pause and shoot the shit with us every five seconds
they shipped my new psu today so hopefully i'll be streaming again by the end of the week
probably going to start the first test run tonight
just to get rough segments and timing
oh nice
eager to see the game ripped to pieces